Sunday, June 3, 2012

It was just a matter of time...

Anyone who lives around here has probably gotten accustomed to my every day attire.  I spend much of my time doing "dirty" things.  Because of that, I seldom wear my good clothes.  On an ordinary day, it is normal to find me wearing what I refer to as my "painting clothes".  These are clothes that usually have lots and lots of different colors of paint all over them.  For years, it has diven my husband and mother plumb silly.   They've always said that some day I was going to forget what I was weaing and I would wear it somewhere I didn't want to be seen in it.

Well, that some day arrived yesterday.   I had dressed in more "paint clothes" that morning so that I could work in our gardens.  So I worked for the next few hours outside.  Then we went to the Dairy King for some lunch.  While we were there, a man mentioned to me that he was on his way to the Washington-Ames House for the afternoon tour.  Of course, our whole family did not want to miss that!  As soon as we finished eating, we drove directly to the W-A House.  We went through the house.  Afterwards, we came back home.  It was when I happened to look down at my shorts when we were exiting our van when I got a good glimpse of my shorts.  OH, MY GOODNESS!!!  They were red with M-A-N-Y paint splatters all over them!!!  My shirt was not that bad.

As we went through the house, I am sure that people wondered what in the world was wrong with me!

If you were one who saw me there, please accept my apologies.  I think I've learned my lesson now.


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