Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday Violence in Garden City

I am always shocked with dismay when I hear of the catastrophies at various stores in the United States on Black Fridays. Stores around the nation offer extreme sale prices on various much-desired products. Large groups of customers often stuff themselves against the stores locked doors of stores so that they can be the "first" customers in to grab up all of the bargains. Consequently, much pushing, shoving, grinding, etc takes place. People end up being knocked to the ground while other customers trample them, etc. Every year, people die at the result of this stupidity and greediness. There have also been instances where customers have carried guns and/or knives with them, pulled them out and used them against other customers who are fighting with them over such items as video games, TVs...

Well, the girls and I were in a popular convenience store in Garden City last night while a store employee and a Garden City Police Department Officer were visiting. They were conversing about a large group of customers who got into a knock-down brawl at a nationally-known variety store in Garden City yesterday morning. Several police officers were brought in to break up the ball of adults who were pulling and tugging at products and actually punching other customers in their faces and stomach areas! We're not just talking about a few people who were involved in this violent non-sense. The officer said that there was a large amount of people involved in this particular altercation. Ridiculous!!! To my knowledge, no one was seriously injured.

I hope that your Black Friday was peaceful...


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