Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas Hits Leoti!!!

One of the main things that children look forward to at Christmastime is the decorative lights and decorations inside and outside of homes and businesses. Here in Leoti, the Christmas street lights are in place but have not yet been turned on. That hasn't stopped other people in town from plugging in their own lights.

Last night, the girls and I did some minimal hunting for Christmas yards in town. Here are some addresses that we thought that you might enjoy!

For viewing from a parked vehicle, go to Ellis and Janice Rewerts' home which is located at 211 South Wyoming Street. This is just one block straight south of the United Methodist Church. Once parked, turn your radio station to 88.7 FM. In case you forget it between now and then, you'll find the number on a sign underneath their tree in the front yard. You'll soon discover that the lights in their yard will dance to the rhythm of the Christmas music that you will be able to hear on your radio station.

Just a few blocks north and west of their house, you will find Tokoi and Shirley Hilton's house at 902 Broadway Plaza (caddy-corner from the First Baptist Church). You'll find a multitude of delights ranging from a toy train to a cold snowman who is trying to warm his behind next to a fire!

Robert and Linda Meyer have decorated their front yard at 303 North Second for Santa Claus to come and visit. The easiest way to get to their house is to go to the post office and turn west for 2 blocks. The house is the second house going north.

We drove past Kyle and Heather Leimkuhlers home before going home for the night. Everything seems to be set up but is not electricified as of yet.

I am sure that the bulk of the Christmas lights around town will come to life during Leoti's Christmas Open House on Thursday, December 2nd, or later.

Happy Hunting!!!


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