Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Children in Need of Christmas Gifts

As you know, I posted ages of kids in Wichita County last year who were not going to have any Christmas gifts unless we pulled some together for them. Several of us came through for them. I later received reports that the kids (and their parents) were just thrilled with what they received!

This year, I am once again asking for some help for area kids whose parents cannot afford to give them anything because of a lack of money due to joblessness, etc.

So far, I have received names of three children who need our support. Here is their information:

8-year-old girl

9-year-old boy

10-year-old boy

Something that I want to share with you about these particular children is that until we stepped forward and gave them the joy of Christmas gifts last year, these particular kids never expeienced their own Christmas gifts besides the gift that they received at their school Christmas parties. (The family is NOT Jehovah's Witnesses.) It still breaks my heart whenever I think of them...

If you think that you can help me with these children, please let me know as soon as possible. These kids are from the same family. If you would prefer to buy them a group gift such as a game instead of buying individual gifts, that would be great also! If you prefer to give me cash for me to purchase gifts with, that is fine also. I hope that you understand that I will not be disclosing their names on my blog. I do not want anyone to say anything to these children or their parents which could damage their pride.

Please send me an email to slblaus@gmail.com or call me at
620-375-4584 or 620-376-8922 if you want to help.

Thank you!!!



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