Monday, November 29, 2010

Read Week 2010

Today, Monday, November 29th, was the beginning of the United States Read Week. Teacher, Mrs. Marti (Lewis) Engel got the RBSES students off to a great start today!!!

All grade school students took their seats in the grade school's gym as they were entertained by the Wichita County High School Band directed by Mr. Allen Brockmeier. People were quite impressed with the musicians who played such songs as the Leoti Indians' fight song. There was an exception to our well-known fight song. At points where people would normally shout "FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!", the lyrics became "READ! READ! READ!!!"

USD 467 Superintendant Dr. James Hardy went on stage wearing his Dr. Seuss necktie. The kids loved listening to him as he read "GREEN EGGS AND HAM" which was written many years ago by Dr. Seuss. Terry and Carol (Crowley) Laws also gave a great production that everyone in attendance enjoyed a great deal!

100% of the students who I visited with after school told me that they thoroughly enjoyed the entire presentation this morning and are excited about other reading events this week!!!

It is such a delight and relief to know that our children are being educated in a school system that is just full of people whom go out of their way to provide the best possible education to our children of today and tomorrow!!! Not all school systems do this for their students...



  1. What's with Terry and Carol Laws? Do neither one of them have jobs? Doesn't the county pay Carol to work in the courthouse? I'm all for inspiring the youth, but let's be accountable to the taxpayers please. Call your Commissioners!

  2. I think that Carol only works 4 out of 5 days at the courthouse. I am sure that she probably has to clock in and out when she is working. Carol became quite connected to the students when she was elected to the school board years ago and since she "retired" from it, has remained quite interested in their continued progress.

    Terry is a lab technician at the Wichita County Health Center. He, too, must clock in and out.

    I appreciate your comment.



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