Sunday, February 28, 2010

SIMPLE and INEXPENSIVE kitchen and bathroom counter perk-up.

I am a MAJOR lover of home renovations! Homeowners are quite aware of the fact that it doesn't take much of a project to ring up a large bill to do any fix-ups.

Several years ago, I was sick and tired of continuously having to look at our kitchen Formica countertops. The kind that our house was born with was the white with gold specks kind. At that time, I was a great fan of the LYNETTE JENNINGS SHOW. No matter what renovations she did, I LOVED THEM!!!

One day, she gave a demonstration of covering the Formica or any other laminate countertop with the color of your choice paint followed by several coats of high gloss varnish. SHAZAM!!! That was EXACTLY the facelift that our kitchen needed.

So, I went down to the lumber yard and bought a quart of OIL-based black paint. (For some reason, water-based paint will not work for this application.) After a few days, our counters were ggg-gorgeous! unfortunately, they didn't stay that way for very long. Anytime, we placed our crockpot on them, the countertop wrinkled. Even when you placed pot holders on the counter before placing hot pans on it, the countertop wrinkled. Not good.

Well, last night, I found out that a major paint company has come out with a paint made especially for countertops!!! You just apply it with a small hand-held paint roller. Ta-da! That's about it. No extra muss or fuss... Ask your local hardware or lumber yard if they carry it. If they are not able to bring it in, the larger hardware stores in larger towns carry it. People have also discovered that this same paint can be used to paint over the smaller 3" x 3" or 4" x 4" tiles that have been used on countertops, on walls and in shower and bathtub applications. Sure beats having to pull all of those off so that you can put something else up. To top it all off, they look beautiful! Now, people who have bought homes with the un-lovely pink or green tiles, etc, can have a fast and beautiful fix right now at a must lower price!

Now, we are getting ready to lay BEAUTIFUL 12" x 12" ceramic tile that looks just like stone with a Tuscan flavor to it on our kitchen countertops. I had just thought that we could lay it out on top of our counterops the way that they are now. WRONG!!! Now, I have to go in and scrape all of the paint and varnish, wrinkles, etc off BEFORE we can lay the first tile. Otherwise, the tile will not stay in place. Ughhh! So, now I know what I will be doing this week. It looks like the preparation is going to be alot more work than the fun part!!! Oh, well. It'll be worth it!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Scott County All-School Reunion

The reunion will be held on July 2nd, 3rd and 4th of this year. ALOT is planned for the 3-day event! I suggest that you go to the website: for all of the information. Everything from meals to the parade to various sports to the Poker Run, etc is listed there.

The senior classes of 1973, '74 and '75 will be combining a get-together.

If you are a member of the class that graduated in 1973, please contact Karen Gibbs.

Karen Gibbs
1211 Jackson Street
Scott City, Ks. 67871

Seniors of 1974, need to contact Susan Duff.

Susan Duff
980 W. Road
Scott City, Ks. 67871

Class members of 1975, please contact Carol Schmidt.

Carol Schmidt
708 Terrace
Scott City, Ks. 67871

Each class will meet on Friday at 7:00 to decorate their own float for the Saturday parade. Meet at Mike Ellis' Shop at Bellevue and Washington.

Meet at Palen's to board float for SCHS Alumni Parade, all three classes will meet at Palen's for a pre-party gathering (Bring snacks, drinks and lawn chairs.)

At 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, bring your family back to Mike's building for a barbeque. Everything will be provided. COST: $5.00 per person. RSVP to the above persons AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

One more thing:

It has been suggested that the classes of 73, 74 and 75 go together to purchase a plaque in honor of Mr. Ken Jones, former vocal instructor, for the SCHS Alumni Wall. The cost is $1,000. If you are interested in donating, please contact Linda Dunagan.

Linda Dunagan
1204 Kingsley
Scott City, Ks. 67861

The money must be in no later than March 30th.

Thank you!


OUCH!!! That really hurt!

I already wrote that I was really looking forward to going to tour the Washington-Ames House yesterday. What I did not write was what happened to me as soon as we got there...

Before I left home yesterday afternoon, our Brutus, a mixed-breed dog who is really not all that big, about 2-2 1/2 feet tall, same length and a brain that must not be any larger than a peanut, jumped into our van with me. What makes him so enduring to us is that his heart must fill up his entire interior. He is just a real sweetheart!!!

Since he asks so very little of us, I just couldn't ask him to get out of the van, so he got to go for HIS idea of a thrilling car ride!

Of course, when I got to Seaboard to clean, he remained in the van. About a half an hour after I arrived, our daughters walked from school and met me there. Abigayle took her book bag to the van. I had never thought to tell her that Brutus was in there. As soon as he saw one of his favorite people, HER, he exited the vehicle and was ready for play!!! Of course, Abi knew that this was not the perfect scene for fun and games so she did everything that she could think of to coax him back into the van. Nothin' doin'. He was already out and that was where he was gonna stay!!!

Fortunately, he stayed right there until we were ready to leave. As soon as I opened the van door, he jumped right in. From there, we went to the Big House in Leoti. As I was getting out of the van, he decided that he would also. I had to tell him to stay put. At the same time, I gathered speed so that I could hurriedly get the door closed. That was my downfall...

It seems that though the rest of my body had really sped up, my right hand had not gotten the message that my brain had sent out to every other portion of my body. Yeah, you got it, The door met the rest of the van with my poor middle finger on my right hand wedged between the two VERY HEAVY pieces. Oh, my God! I just knew that my poor finger would never be normal as before! As soon as I was able to open the door and retrieve my poor little finger, I discovered that when I instructed it to bend, it wouldn't. It just stayed straight out in front of me and shook with pain and shock. It had received a fairly deep cut just above my large knuckle.

I cried out to Stan that my finger was broken. I say 'cried' but no tears appeared on my cheeks. Stan came right over and tried to maneuver my finger manually to make it bend. Why in the world did he do that??? The poor thing was already in a state of extreme pain and shock!!! LOL!!! I and my finger managed to survive.

Stan told Karen that he thought that he better take me to the hospital and have it checked. I was COMPLETELY against that idea!!! Afterall, the poor EMTs had just transported me to the emergency room once this week only to find out that I had a bad case of the common, everyday FLU! No, I thought that I would just tough this one out.

So, we went on our tour of the house that I just adored!!! It took most of my mind off of the aching finger. Ya' know, it is actually hard to believe that someone as big as me could still notice the pain in such a little tiny portion of my body...Go figure!

Eventually, most of the pain in my finger went away. The cut is still in place along with two bruises. One little one next to the cut and another one on the left side of my finger. What I don't understand is why the injury there has caused my arm to ache clear up past my elbow and into the flabby part of the arm... Oh, well. At least my finger is still connected to the rest of my body and it once again bends whenever my little brain tells it to!

And, as for Brutus, he is going to be spending more time at home than he had originally expected... LOL!!!


Important information on the fair and reunion!

I asked and you answered!

First of all, I gave you incorrect dates on the Wichita County Fair. Please plan on being here on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, July 28th, 29th, 30th and 31st. And stick around for Sunday, August 1st! Your help in putting away the rides and booths and good ol' general clean-up would be much appreciated! LOL!

Okay, here's the scoop on the Wichita County All-School Reunion...

It will NOT be this year. It is held every 4 years. The next one will be here in 2012.

Thank you to whomever gave me this information!!!


Friday, February 26, 2010

What a thrill Indeed!!!

Today, was one of those days for me. You know the kind where you have some highlights but you also have the same amount of lowlights. I was sooo excited about getting to be present at the historical ground breaking for our new school. I also got to see our eldest daughter be one of the very few who got to actually dig in the dirt!!! I got to look forward to seeing the same daughter get awards for excellent state tests from last year for Writing and Reading! (Our other daughter is not old enough to take those tests yet.)

The lowlights were that respiratory problems began settling in after my other flu symptoms moved down the road. I am very lucky to have jobs of cleaning the Leoti Seaboard Mill Offices along with their downtown offices. Today, just as my husband, daughters and I were leaving the downtown offices, I heard someone calling my name. My family and I looked and looked to see who was calling to me. FINALLY, our eyes landed on one of my absolute favorite people of all times--Mrs. Karen Walk!!! Oh, how I love and admire that lady!!!!!! What beauty, creativity and fire in one body!!! Oh, mercy!

She was just getting ready to take a small group of people to tour the Washington-Ames House a short block away from the museum. She knew that I was wanting to see the house so much! (I had planned on going on the tour earlier this week but didn't get to because of illness.)

Of course, my family and I jumped at the chance!!! Lets just say that the house really surpassed my dreams on how the interior would look. Even though there are some age-related problems, the house is just an absolute GEM!!! I can just hardly wait to help the other volunteers on restoring the Painted Lady to her former glory!!! I cannot think of a better person to head in that journey than the amazing Karen!!!

Thank you so much to the children of Mrs. Marge Ames-Taggert for such a WONDERFUL gift to the Wichita County Historical Society!!! This house has beauty and charm all-in-one!!!


Wichita County All School Reunion???

Can somebody help me??? I have been hearing rumors that since there is a "zero" at the end of 2010, there will be an all school reunion this year at fairtime. Others say "no". Which is it???

The Wichita County Fair will begin the last two days of July and the first two days of August. Don't forget to mark these dates on your calendar so that you can join us here!!!


Wichita County Restaurant Schedules

A few of you have asked me about when our local restaurants are open in Leoti.

Route 96 is open EVERYDAY and closed ONLY on Monday evenings. They serve breakfast every morning and Sunday evening!

Charlie's is open in the evenings everyday EXCEPT for Sunday and major holidays.

The Dairy King is open from 11:00 to 7:00 everyday except for Sundays and major holidays.

It is so nice that finally, Leotians, etc can eat out every day for every meal if they are so inclined!!! That has not always been the case here.

The convenience stores are open every day of the year.

Wichita County is very fortunate to have each and every one of these eateries here!!!



Wichita County School Awards

Tonight, February 26th, parents and relatives of students in Wichita County Schools, congregated in the WCHS gym just before the Wichita County Indians took on the Elkhart basketball players. Many of those people were there to watch as their child/children were awarded for Standards of Excellence with Kansas State Testing. Only students from third through twelth grade were eligible for the awards as children in kindergarten, first and second grades do not take these tests.

I was expecting around 50 or 60 honorees. Instead, I was flabbergasted when somewhere around 100 kids lined up to receive their documents and medals! The awards were given for Science, Writing, Math and Reading. A bunch of kids received one award. Others received two or three. I also noticed that at least one student, a fifth grader, received ALL FOUR!

State testing was implemented several years ago when the United States began noticing that students of other countries were educated better than most kids here at home. Therefore, the No Child Left Behind program was born. More than ever before, tests scores are really being counted.

I have heard that one school district in Kansas that is comparable to Wichita County in size, etc., usually gives out 10-15 of these awards annually. What a difference between them and us!!!

Sure, we can brag on the great intelligence of our kids but there is something vitally important that we should NEVER forget or discount. That is the quality of our teachers. The information just does not suddenly appear into the minds of our children. Our teachers are required to get the information to the children.

I have been a Wichita County resident for 44 of my 48 years on this world of ours. Never ever have I heard anything but the fact that our teachers are superb--in a class of their very own. I would never want our daughters to be educated anywhere else but Wichita County.

I would also like to commend our School District 467's school board, our principals and Superintendant Dr. James Hardy for allowing all of our deserving students to be honored tonight! By doing so, I believe that all of the students will be more determined than ever to do well on their tests which will be starting again within the next few days.

There are a few things that parents of students can and should be doing to help our children excel in their tests:

1. Make sure that the student(s) get plenty of RESTFUL sleep. No TVs should be turned on in the child's bedroom during testing schedules.

2. Feed a good breakfast in the mornings.

3. Be positive for your kids. Let them know that you are sure that they will do a good job. Don't be negative.

4. Take away as much stress as possible during these times. The students need to be able to concentrate on their tests--nothing else.

5. I've heard some teachers say that students should NOT study for these tests the night before the test. I would advise that you ask your child's teacher.

6. Some people recommend that the students eat or suck on a mint just before testing. The mint sensations "wake up" the brain, so to speak.

7. DO YOUR UTMOST BEST to make sure that your child is at school if at all possiblewhen the class testing is being done.

8. Make sure that your kids wear comfortable clothes and shoes to school. Send them with a sweater or light jacket in case the testing atmosphere is too cool for your child to concentrate.

To sum it all up, I would like to congratulate these outstanding students AND our outstanding teachers who go out and give their absolute best!!!

I also want to stress that the other students did NOT necessarily score poorly on their tests. Not so. The awards that were given tonight were for the very highest scores. There were still many kids who acheived scores considerably higher than the average score. Only the highest scorers were honored tonight.

By the way, our daughter, Leighlyn, received an award for Reading and a second award for Writing. Way to go, Leighlyn!!! Our Abigayle is still in the first grade so she has not been through the state testing phases yet.


Ground was broken!!!

Today, at 12:15 CST, the first scoops of dirt were removed from the lots that will be soon covered by our new grade domed school in Leoti.

Even though it was a brisk and windy day here, many people still came to be a part of the festivities.

Dr. James Hardy, Wichita County Schools Superintendant, School Board President Kathy Bangerter, and Lonny Busch, manager of Cargill Feeders (Caprock), gave a very nice and informational talk to all in attendance. This week's students-of-the-week from Kindergarten through fifth grade were bussed to the construction site to dig some dirt. The school also selected two students from the 6th grade to have fun in the dirt. I hate to say this, but the only two kids who I recognized were Brannon Burch, son of Werner and Adrienne McRae-Burch, and Leighlyn Blau, daughter of Stan and Lynn Elder-Blau. They represented the 6th grade. As soon as THE LEOTI STANDARD comes out and announces the names of those other children, I will post their names also.

Dr. Hardy introduced the powers-that-be of the construction company who are building the domes and Mark Jones and Leif Christensen who are in charge of doing the dirt work required for this amazing project.

After all of the years of great bitterness from the people who were in favor of the new school and their opponents who wanted to continue to use the existing grade school, this was a monumental day in Wichita County history. I was proud to be a part of it. I seriously doubt that the project would be underway if it weren't for all of the hours, days, weeks, months that Dr. Hardy put in to finding a compromise that all of us could live with. Kudos to him!!!

The first dome should be ready for inflation next Thursday or Friday. It is located just north of the high school gym. Dr. Hardy promised to try to get the word out so that people can be there to watch the inflating. You can count on me to try to get that information to you as soon as I know anything!

A great many thanks are due to Dr. James Hardy, the Wichita County Schools School Board, and the many Wichita Countians who stepped forward and voted YES last year when it really counted!!!



As you know, I was taken by ambulance to the Wichita County Health Center on Wednesday. I told everyone how great our EMS and Fire Deptartment personnel are, however, I never even mentioned the staff at the hospital and clinic!!!!!!! I guess that that shows just how sick I was! Well, let me say right now that we are so very fortunate to have them working in Leoti.

Not so long ago, when a member of our families was ill or injured, we felt it necessary to drive that person to Tribune or Scott City for health care. That all changed when very competent doctors, nurse practictioners, physician assistants, etc arrived on the Wichita County scene. The nurses who help them carry out the loving care are also just superb! It is such a comfort knowing that very efficient health care is just a few minutes away!

Thank you to all of you out there!!!


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Coming Movies

As I already reported, THE EDGE OF DARKNESS starring Mel Gibson is playing the last weekend of February. Here are the following two movies which have also been very popular with moviegoers.

On Saturday and Sunday, March 6th and 7th, THE TOOTH FAIRY, a comedy starring Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), Ashley Judd and Julie Andrews will be playing. It is recommended for people of ALL ages! I'll write a longer synopsis on this next week. It is rated PG.

On Saturday and Sunday, March 13th and 14th and Wednesday, the 17th at 11:00 a.m. CST, DEAR JOHN will air. It is a romantic drama/war drama/drama and is rated PG-13 because of some sensuality and violence. More on all of that later.

See you at the movies!!!!!!!!!!


A wonderful customer service person in Garden City

More and more, I hear people complaining of how poorly customer service people are treating their customers. Many times, customers are not spoken to when they enter businesses, After that, they may never be asked if they need any help while they are in the store. Store clerks "forget" to thank their customers for the business that they just gave to the store, etc.

Stan and I were married in 1981. Soon afterwards, I took my first "public" job as a grocery store clerk. Back then, trainers really stressed to the new employees that the customers should ALWAYS be treated with respect and dignity. After all, without the customers, the clerks, managers, etc would not be needed. Therefore, the clerks, managers, etc would not have a job!

Today, many clerks, etc just stand around their cash register and wait for you to come to them. They MIGHT speak to you when you are ready to check out. Maybe not. As a result of that, Stan and I are reluctant to shop in those businesses again.

This morning, I made a phone call to Home Depot in Garden City to make a purchase over the phone. Before I go any further, Stan and I believe in shopping at home whenever possible, however, this time we depended on H.D. because our local hardware store does not carry the merchandise that we were in need of. It is stupid for people to believe that our hardware store should be able to stock each and every item available today. Our local hardware store is a major asset to Leoti and they are willing to order in the items that they normally do not carry in stock. However, they do not have access to what we were needing. I checked on that earlier this week.

Anyway, I called H.D. and asked for someone in the ceramic tile department to assist me. A lady named Marie Gilchrist answered my page. She was just totally AWESOME!!! Our business spanned over two phone calls. She was able to get me all of the information that I needed plus some that I didn't even know that I needed. LOL! She was kind, considerate and extremely enjoyable! It would be nice if our other service people could take a class from her!

Thank you, Marie!!!


Ruth Evelyn Betlach

Mrs. Betlack was the new year's baby in Leoti of 1921 when she was born on January 1st. She passed away at the Wichita County Long-Term Care Unit on Saturday at the age of 89. She was the only child of Robert Sumner and Emma Sanderson-Garnes.

Mrs. Betlack was the 1939 class valedictorian in Leoti.

In December of 1939, she married Otto Betlach in Cimmaron. He passed away on JUly 20th of 1985. Their entire married life was spent in Leoti except for a few years when they worked on an Oregon Mink Ranch.

Through her life, she had been a switchboard operator until she married, a devoted homemaker and mother, she was very active with her children and attended their school and sporting activities, etc. Mrs. Betlack was a piano accompanist for many musical groups in the Wichita County area and played for many weddings including ours. For over 35 years, she was the church secretary and organist for the United Methodist Church in Leoti.

She is survived by one daughter, Carol and Herbert Lindsley of Leawood, Ks. 4 grandchildren and their spouses, 5 great-grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her son, Jess.

Private graveside services will be held at the Leoti Cemetary. A celebration of her life will be held at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, March 6th, at the United Methodist Church in Leoti. There will be no calling times.

Memorials may be given to the Music Ministry Department of the United Methodist Church in care of Price and Sons Funeral Home.

Obituary information courtesy of Price and Sons Funeral Homes of Garden City, Scott City, Leoti and Tribune,


Tomasa Zuniga-Perez

Mrs. Perez was born on December 21st, 1921 in Kenedy, Texas and passed away on February 8th, 2010, at the Central Kansas Medical Center in Great Bend, Ks. at the age of 88.

She married Rosendo Perez, Sr. in 1940. He passed away on July 23rd, 1994.

Mrs. Perez had been a cook at the Wichita County Hospital and Nursing home for a long time. She moved to Hoisington in 1996 from Leoti.

She was a member of the First United Methodist Church of Hoisington, Ks.

Survivors include 4 sons: Rosendo, Jr and wife, Diane, Garden City; Ovidio and wife, Glenda of Oakley, Ks.; Noe and Cecelia of Garden City; Willfido "Willie" and wife, Christi of Salina. One daughter, Viola "Vi" and Harold Glanville of Great Bend, 2 brothers, 21 grandchildren, 37 great-grandchildren, 7 great-great grandchildren, 3 step grandchildren and 7 step-grandchildren.

She was preceded in death by her son, Cipriano Perez, 6 brothers and 4 sisters.

Her funeral was held on Friday, February 12th at 11:00 a.m. at the Bryant Funeral Home in Great Bend. Interment will be held at the Leoti Cemetary at a later date.

Memorials may be given to the Elder Care or Hoisington United Methodist Church or High School Atletic Fund in care of Bryant Funeral Home.

Condolences may be sent and notice viewed at Arrangements by Bryant Funeral Home;1425 Patton Road; Great Bend, Ks. 67530


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Carol Beasley and Sandra Lonneberger

There are two girls who were in our class for a short time. One was Carol Beasley who was here during junior high. Sandra Lonneberger was with us in grade school. Does anyone out there happen to know how we can cntact them?

If memory serves me well, Carol was a foster child in Leoti.

Sandra was from a fairly large family. They lived next door to us when we lived across the street from the grade school. The Lonnebergers eventually moved from Leoti to Ulysses. They had another daughter named Lynell whom was two years older than me. We were very good friends. Shortly after they moved to Ulysses, cancer took her life.

If you happen to know anything about them, could you please let me know?

Thank you!


Update on me

This afternoon, EMTs took me to the hospital via ambulance. I had been sick since late yesterday afternoon. I had steadily gotten worse. This afternoon, pain became too much for me to handle.

Once at the hospital, a battery of tests was run on me along with an EKG. Fortunately, my heart is fine! Turns out I have a severe case of flu. I was able to come homelate today.

I would be lying if I told you that I am all better now but I can say that I am better than I was for sure. My sister, Lori, came and stayed with me at the hospital until I was released. My very dear friend, Cecelia, was here at the house waiting for me when I was discharged from the hospital. She stayed with me and took excellent care of me until this evening.

We are soooo very blessed to have our local Wichita County Fire and EMS Department!!! Unfortunately, I have had to rely on their services many times since 2002. I TOTALLY have faith in each and every one of them! They are so very well trained which is a major asset but just as importantly, they are so very kind and compassionate. I don't know how many responded at our house today, I am going to guess that there was an absolute minimum of 10 people here who left their jobs or whatever else they were doing to help me. In many communities, I have heard that help gets to the sick or injured too late. Here in Leoti, they have an amazing record of getting where they need to be extremely quickly. Then, to top it all off, they are one of less than a handful of fire departments in the state who charge not one penny for their services!!!

Thank you, WCFD, Lori and Cecelia!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Correction on Alumni Class Information

Earlier, I posted on the Wichita County Alumni organization. I forgot to mention some very important information. Sorry about that! Here is the ACTUAL website information:

Thank you!!!


Awards Ceremony

For all interested, a mini awards assembly will be held at this Friday, February 26th, high school basketball game in Leoti.

Several years ago, the federal government introduced its No Child Left Behind program to schools. SRA Tests and tests like them have been dropped and state tests have taken their place.

Before, the tests showed how well or how not-so-well, whichever the case, each student had learned the year before. Now these tests are much tougher and have greater impact than ever before. Base levels are set up. No one is to score below the bottom level. Then certain percentages of the higher scoring students are set. If the school does not meet the state's high standards, sanctions are put into place. State moneies can be deducted for the following year. And eventually, local teachers and administrators can be taken out of the school and state teachers brought in. Not a good thing. In Wichita County's case, the schools have done VERY well and succeeded above the base level.

The students who had outstanding scores are then given awards. Until now, those awards were presented at the end-of-the-year award assemblies at each school along with music, sports, citizenship awards, etc. Now, those state dictated tests award winners will be honored at Friday's basketball game. I think that that is just grand!!! These kids deserve a pat on the back for what they have done! These tests are anything but simple. (On a personal note, our 6th grade daughter will be one of the honorees!!!) These awards are not given until third grade.

Hopefully, you can come to the game and show your appreciation for these winners!


Monday, February 22, 2010

Comparison ticket "shopping"

All of you out there know that I simply adore the theatre in Tribune! Even before it's renovations were done, it was the favorite theatre for many of us including me. Since it's remodeling, it stands in a class all of its own! Gorgeous!

Today, small town movie theatres are having to really struggle to "keep us" as customers because of the availibility of the bigger theatres in larger towns. Some just cannot handle the strain and end up having to close their doors for good. Thanks to the many kind people in Greeley County, they have gone above and beyond to keep their historic movie house up and going!

Whenever I write my synopsis, etc of what is going to be playing in Tribune from week to week, I always include their ticket prices which I just cannot hardly believe anyone can outdo. Today, I took it one step farther and called the theatre in Garden City just to see what they are charging for their moviegoers. This is what I found out:

Adults pay $6.75 and children from 3-11 pay $5.50 for all evening movies. Plus, if you are going to be watching a 3-D movie, an extra $2.00 is tacked on per ticket! Prices are abit more reasonable if you go to an afternoon mattinee movie. Then, adults pay $5.50. Irregardless, the tickets are still cheaper in Tribune.

Most of us who enjoy going to the movies end up buying refreshments. In Tribune, the prices are excellent. Not so, at the big movie theatres. Expect to pay a large amount of money for just a box of popcorn and a coke in the city theatres.

Besides the ambiance that we get to enjoy at the Star Theatre, we know that our children are safe when they are there. Not necessarily the case in the bigger towns. Plus, armed police are at the theatre in GC during all movies now. It has been years since I have seen a show there but I have been told that the police have to go into each mini theatre, circulate around to make sure that no one is doing anything that they are not supposed to be doing. Mercy! It really scares me that times have come to do that in the bigger towns.

Come on out and enjoy a movie in Tribune!!!


Tribune's Mic Night

Last Friday, the powers that be of the Star Theatre, decided to sponsor a Mic (microphone) Night for anyone who wanted to come in, sing a song, play an instrument, etc. It went well and people had a very good time! They are preparing to have another Mic Night in April. Anyone is welcome to come in and take advantage of this. A freewill offering is taken to help with the Theatre's expenses.

I will try to keep you posted of the next event.



EDGE OF DARKNESS will be playing at the Star Theatre on Saturday and Sunday, February 27th and 28th, at 7:30 CST.

This Crime/Mystery is rated R for Restricted Audiences Only and runs for 1 hour and 48 minutes. Be prepared for strong bloody violence and language for this movie. Mel Gibson, Bojana Novakovic, Catarina Scorsone, Danny Huston and Gbenga Akinnagbe star in this emotionally charged thriller.

EDGE OF DARKNESS is set in the intersection of politics and big business. Thomas Craven (Gibson) is a veteran homicide detective for the Boston Police Department who is looking into his political-activist daughter's death and uncovers layers of governmental conspiracies in the process...

People from 13-years-old and older pay $5.00 each. Everyone else is $4.00 each. Refreshments are also VERY fairly priced.


Heart attack symptoms

In 2001-2002, I had terrible chest pains while I was pregnant with our youngest child, Abigayle. To make a long story short, I had a major heart problem that was complicated by an aneurisym in my aorta. Five weeks after our Abigayle was born, I was life-watched to a hospital in Denver. I was given a mechanical heart valve which saved my life.

The pain that I went through was comparable to heart attacks. Since then, I have paid close attention to cardiologists both in person and on TV. Plus, our daughter, Leighlyn, is planning on becomeing a cardiologist!

Today, I was watching a news program where a well-known and respected cardiologist was being interviewed. He was asked about the fact that men and women have symptoms different from one another. Some people complain of chest pain that they compare to as an elephant sitting on their chest. Many complain of being breathless.

He said that the "Hollywood" version of a heart attack is that the patient grabs his/her pain-filled chest while experiencing great breathing difficulty. For some people, that is the way heart attacks can be described. However, women usually have varying symptoms from their male counterpart.

Women who are having these attacks often complain of being intensely tired, having great sweating episodes. Many women also have severe pain in their jaws. Some said that they just felt like something wasn't "right".

The doctor commented that he remembers talking to a lady with no symptoms other than she woke up in the night and was soaked with perspiration. She had no pain or any other symptoms. Fortunately, she called the hospital and went to the emergency room where she was diagnosed with having a heart attack.

My advice to you is that if you are going through any of these symptoms, call your local hospital as soon as possible.


Late in the day on Saturday, we began receiving freezing drizzle here. What ice we received is nothing compared to ice storms that we have had in the past. I doubt if anyone lost electricity. At some point, snow began falling. It continued to fall off and on on Sunday, last night and still is this morning. I'd say that we have received 3 or 4 inches since it begain on Saturday. There has been very little wind with this storm so it is staying put where it falls.

As you can imagine, the real issue here is the fact that there is ice underneath the wet snow which is making roads and streets very slippery and dangerous. My husband drives a semi for Seaboard Foods here. He called this morning and told me that even the country roads are bad. He drove past a car on Double C Road that has wrecked and is lying on it's side.

If you feel that you must be on the roads today, PLEASE be careful! Originally, I was to take my mom to a doctor's appointment in Hays this afternoon. We are postponing that until later.


Wichita County Alumni

If you are interested in reading the latest edition to the Alumni newsletter and are not already signed up for it, please go to the following address:

I think that you'll enjoy it!


Grade School Ground Breaking Ceremony

Last evening, Dr. James (Jim) Hardy, Superintendant of School District 467, sent out a mass email notifying the public that things have progressed enough in the construction of the new grade school that a ground breaking ceremony has been scheduled for all who want to join in the festivities. It will be held at 12:15 on Friday, February 26th, just to the north of the 1928 building (old junior high). Following the ceremoney, anyone and everyone is invited to go through the multi-purpose dome which is going up just to the north of the high school.

Dr. Hardy always invites people to call him at 620-375-4677 if they have any questions about the construction of the new domes or school in general.

On a personal note, I would like to thank Dr. Hardy for all that he has done to bring this dream to reality and to our county voters who voted in favor of the new school! To begin with, when this issue first came up, I voted against it because I did not think that it was necessary. Later, after I had had the opportunity to tour the grade school and see the evidence such as very large, gaping holes that went from the floor clear down to the dirt beneath, I knew we had to do something.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Margaret Caroline Morgan--Tribune

Mrs. Margaret Morgan, 86, passed away on the 30th anniversary of her husband, Merle's, death which was Saturday, February 20th. She passed away at the Greeley County Health Center in Tribune.

She was born on August 17, 1913 in Omaha, Neb.

She moved to Greeley County from Arapahoe, Colorado in 1935. She married her husband, Merle H. Morgan, on June 6th of 1935 in Tribune. During her life, she was a homemaker and retail clerk. Mrs. Morgan was a member of the First Presbyterian Church of Tribune, the Busy Bees and the Grandmas' Pitch Club also of Tribune.

She is survived by three daughters--Mereta and Clyde Stone of Dodge City, Ks., Venita Tippin of Irving, Tx., and Joyce and Jack Robinson of Mojave Valley, Az. Her three surviving sisters are Mildred Waldren and Edna Grubb, both of Tribune, and Dorothy Hull of Hutchinson, Ks. She had seven grandchildren, 13 great-grandchildren and 18 great-great grandchildren.

Funeral Services will be held at 2:00 MST on Tuesday, February 23rd at the First Presbyterian Church in Tribune. Burial will be in the Greeley County Cemetary.

The family requests memorials be given to the First Presbyterian Church in care of Price and Sons Funeral Home.

Obituary courtesy of Price and Sons Funeral Homes of Garden City, Scott City, Leoti and Tribune.


Mark Your Calendars!!!

The Wichita County Arts Alliance is presenting its annual theatre show on Saturday and Sunday, March 26th and 27th! The community of Wichita County and anywhere else are invited to join in the fun!!!

The cast under the direction of Carol Crowley-Laws, has been working diligently over the past several weeks so that they do anything but disappoint their audience. This year's comedy is FOIBLES AND FOLLY.

On Saturday, the production will be held at 6:30 CST. Everyone is asked to bring a carry-in-dish to share with everyone. On Sunday, the comedy will be shown at 3:00 CST. This time, everyone is asked to bring a dessert to share.

The Wichita County Arts Alliance requests that each person pay $5.00 when they enter the door. However, no one monitors this so that everyone can watch the play if they want to. The money that this production makes is used to help support the work that they do in our community. For instance, a few years ago, the government was already beginning to have problems paying all of their bills. To help alleviate this issue, various "non-necessary" projects were shut down. Many schools lost the money that was needed to pay an art teacher and pay for the art supplies. Here in Wichita County, the Arts Alliance stepped up and offered to hire and pay for the teacher and to purchase the necessary supplies. Without their assistance, our students today would not be having art at school.

The Alliance hired Mrs. Paul (Martha) Myers to be the teacher at RBSES. She has done an outstanding job! Without the community's help, there would be no art class offered at RBSES (Robert Bruce Stewart Elementary School). If you want to leave a larger donation at the door or want to just send another donation to the Arts Alliance, you are more than welcome to do so! The only people whom I am aware of who are currently in the arts alliance are Janelle Downs and Carol Laws. I will contact one of them and find out who you should send your donation to.

Once again, the play will be held at the First Presbyterian Church in Leoti. The church has a lovely social room with a stage that they generously share with the Arts Alliance for this event!

Through the past several years that the theatre has been produced, I have heard nothing but wonderful reviews from the public!!!

Hoping to see you there!


Information on posting comments on my blog

As I mentioned earlier, people have been emailing me because they are unsure of just how to post a comment or message on my blog. Being computer ILLITERATE as I am, I requested the help of readers. I need to thank DOC and Anonymous for passing their advice on to us!

Here we go!!!

After reading a post that you wish to comment on or leave a message,

1. Click on the COMMENTS link at the bottom of any post. The box will open to POST A COMMENT.

2. Write your comment. At this time, you can type in your name or initials if you want me and the others to know who you are.

3. When finished, you will be instructed to answer "PREVIEW". At this point, it is just easiest to select ANONYMOUS.

4. Hit PREVIEW if you want to read your comment.

5. Hit EDIT IF you want to change something that you wrote.

6. When you are happy with what you have written, the computer will present you with a box with a few letters in it. Type those letters. This is called Word Verification. It is something new on computers to make sure that an actual living, breathing person is on the computer instead of a computer somewhere. It is nothing to be afraid of.



Walla! Your comment has now been added to my blog! From my standpoint, I LOVE to hear from you so PLEASE post your comment!!! If for some reason, you do not want others to see your comment, please send it to me at .

Thank you!!!


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Scott City's Shop Hop

Sorry, Sharla! I just found this in email this morning.

Scott City is having a Shop Hop yesterday and today, Friday and Saturday, February 19th and 20th.

Prairie Flower Quilt Company of Leoti will be there today from 9-4:00 CST. At 11:10, they will be holding their own demonstration on the newest Quilt-As-You Go Cathedral-Window-Rulers. PFQC is also taking ALOT of quilt kits and samples with them for others to purchase if interested. Unfortunately, there was no location in my email. I am ASSUMING that it is probably being held in the Wm. Carpentar Building on the fairgrounds. IF I LEARN OTHERWISE, I WILL POST IT HERE!

The shop in Leoti will still be open all day today as they have way too many fabrics to take with them to Scott City!

For those of you who do not know, the quilt company is located in the original JJ's Country Store building directly south of the Wichita County High School. You can call them at 620.375.2044 or go to their website at . I can tell you that their shop is quite impressive!


I am trying...

I am trying to get more information on what my readers need to do in order to leave comments or messages on my blog. I have just had several people recently email me and tell me that everything is way too confusing to do so. I have gone on to see if I can so that I could help the others. Shocker!!! I wasn't able to do it either! I am ALMOST but not quite as computer literate as a banana in our fruit bowl... Ugh!

In the meantime, if any of you can give us the instructions to do it, PLEASE let us know!

Thank you!!!


Friday, February 19, 2010

Giant Fish Uncovered by Leoti's Bonner Family!

PLEASE bear with me on this posting! This is the first time that I have transfered an article from email to blog. It may be a bit rocky. There is a portion where you can click to read more. Click on it and you will read an amazing story on the Bonners. If the post is a mess, please contact me and I will email the article to you.

This was in from the Wichita Eagle.



Ancient giant fish uncovered in Kansas

In Science magazine this week, paleontologists are announcing the discovery of a new genus of ancient giant fish, uncovered in the chalk deposits of Kansas, Britain and elsewhere. And with that discovery comes the story of the relentless Kansas family that solved a fish science mystery.
The scientists named the new genus after the Bonner family of Leoti, Kan., who found the breakthrough specimen, a family who for decades hunted fossils in the bone-rich Niobrara chalk to relieve the grief over the death of their mother.
Bonnerichthys the scientists are calling it; and it’s a lot of fish for them to love: 20 to 25 feet long, eyes six inches wide a mouth that could have swallowed the eight children of the Bonner family in one or two gulps.


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Ancient giant fish uncovered in Kansas

In Science magazine this week, paleontologists are announcing the discovery of a new genus of ancient giant fish, uncovered in the chalk deposits of Kansas, Britain and elsewhere. And with that discovery comes the story of the relentless Kansas family that solved a fish science mystery.
The scientists named the new genus after the Bonner family of Leoti, Kan., who found the breakthrough specimen, a family who for decades hunted fossils in the bone-rich Niobrara chalk to relieve the grief over the death of their mother.
Bonnerichthys the scientists are calling it; and it’s a lot of fish for them to love: 20 to 25 feet long, eyes six inches wide a mouth that could have swallowed the eight children of the Bonner family in one or two gulps.


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Ancient giant fish uncovered in Kansas

In Science magazine this week, paleontologists are announcing the discovery of a new genus of ancient giant fish, uncovered in the chalk deposits of Kansas, Britain and elsewhere. And with that discovery comes the story of the relentless Kansas family that solved a fish science mystery.
The scientists named the new genus after the Bonner family of Leoti, Kan., who found the breakthrough specimen, a family who for decades hunted fossils in the bone-rich Niobrara chalk to relieve the grief over the death of their mother.
Bonnerichthys the scientists are calling it; and it’s a lot of fish for them to love: 20 to 25 feet long, eyes six inches wide a mouth that could have swallowed the eight children of the Bonner family.

Ancient giant fish uncovered in Kansas

In Science magazine this week, paleontologists are announcing the discovery of a new genus of ancient giant fish, uncovered in the chalk deposits of Kansas, Britain and elsewhere. And with that discovery comes the story of the relentless Kansas family that solved a fish science mystery.
The scientists named the new genus after the Bonner family of Leoti, Kan., who found the breakthrough specimen, a family who for decades hunted fossils in the bone-rich Niobrara chalk to relieve the grief over the death of their mother.
Bonnerichthys the scientists are calling it; and it’s a lot of fish for them to love: 20 to 25 feet long, eyes six inches wide a mouth that could have swallowed the eight children of the Bonner family in one or two gulps.


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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Paul E. Krause--Scott and Wichita Counties

Mr. Paul E. Krause, 86, passed away on Wednesday, February 17th, at St. Catherine Hospital in Garden City, Ks.

Born on April 19th, 1923 in Abilene, Ks., he moved to Scott County in 1937. On June 7th of 1952, he married Merilyn J. Keener in Norton, Ks. He made his living as a farmer.

Mr. Krause was a very strong member in the United Methodist Church in Scott City.

He donated his body to the KU Medical Center.

He is survived by his wife, one son, Rick and Lori Krause of Modoc, 2 daughters--Starla Krause of Minneapolis, Minnesota and Robin Krause also of Minneapolis. One grandson, Bram Paul Krause of Edinburg, Virginia and one brother, Merle Krause of Plains, Ks.

A celebration of life will be held at the United Methodist Church in Scott City at 2:00 on Monday, February 22nd.

Memorials may be given to the United Methodist Church or Camp Lakeside in care of Price and Sons Funeral Home.

Obituary courtesy of Price and Sons Funeral Homes of Garden City, Scott City, Leoti and Tribune.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Phuock Dat

No, I am NOT trying to be nasty. Phuock Dat is a popular supermarket in the very east portion of Garden City on Highway 50. Years ago, Jack Rodrock built a convenience store in that part of town. Soon after, he built a strip mall on the north and west side of the convenience store. Today, Phuock Dat is in that mall.

Over and over, we have driven by the superstore but never stopped. That all changed this afternoon. While in Garden City for business today, Stan and I ate lunch at the Golden Dragon which is a popular Chinese restaurant. While we were there, I noticed one of the restaurant's employees sweeping the floor with an unusual-looking broom. When our waitress returned to our table, I asked her for more information on it. It was the first broom that I have ever seen that requires only ONE hand to operate efficiently.

The waitress went back to the kitchen and returned with the broom so that we could take a closer look at it. There is NO wood or plastic in it except for a handy plastic tab at the top of the broom so that it can be hung in a convenient location. The rest of the broom, including the handle, is constructed of some kind of broom GRASS. The handle is thicker than most brooms that I have ever seen before. It is very soft. As you look towards the very bottom end of the broom, you notice that there is a curve in the structure. The grasses are then braided at one point. It actually resembles the notorious brooms used for witch transportation. LOL! Anyway, it is actually considered to be an unusual work of art in the United States, I found out. They are sold alot in places like Chinatown where if fo no other reason, people purchase them to hang on their walls for decorative purposes.

We bought ours for practical reasons. When we were still in the restaurant, I tried it out. It flowed so easily. Once we were home with it, I used it on our ceramic tiled kitchen floor. Our particular floor tile was constructed with pits throuout it. The new broom cleaned the floor easily and quickly. I'm totally impressed with our new broom! It is lightweight and easily maneuvered.

So, the broom brought us to Phuock Dat. Once inside, we found MUCH more than just brooms. We found lots of meat and fresh seafood, a bounty of beautiful and LARGE fruits and vegetables. There were all kinds of noodles and pasta made out of rice which is healthy. By the checkout counter, you will find many FRESH farm eggs. Some were your basic everyday white and brown chicken eggs of a large size. But right next to them, were gigantic eggs that I believe are probably turkey, geese or duck eggs. All were beautifully clean and waiting for you to take them home! They sell candy and pastries that I have never even seen before. They also have a nice selection of dried and candied fruits.

The store not only sells groceries of all sorts, they also sell beautiful pans, bowls, dishes, fireworks, bedspreads, floor mats that we call area rugs, oriental religious items as we see at the fronts of Chinese restaurants. You know what I am talking about, they hold fruits for their god, inscense, etc. They sell toys. The thing that rather creeped me is that they also sell paper clothes to dress their dead before they are buried.

Anyway, prices are more than fair, they're really good. Only one man was working while we were there. He spoke very good English and was very friendly.

They are open 7-days-a-week from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., CST.

This was not our last trip there. We'll probably be returning often.

Check it out. I think that you'll be impressed!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A note to Mrs. L.A.W.

Just wanted to let you know how MUCH I THROUGHLY enjoy your comments to me!!! I just received your comment on FACEBOOK. As almost always, FACEBOOK will not allow me to leave a comment for you. I am sure that it is probably my own error. Anyway, I want you to know that I LOVE hearing from you!!! You provide bright sunshine to me every time that you write!!! You're just delightful!!!

Thank you sooo very much!!!


A Blau Moment in Time

Yesterday afternoon, I discovered that our Buick was low on gas so we went to the convenience store to take care of that problem. For some unknown reason, I parked closer to the tanks than I ordinarily do. No problem. I can still get in and out without too much of an issue.

I was wrong. Getting out was a PAINFUL experience. I discovered that I had body parts that I had long forgotten existed. LOL!

I finally was out with all of my body intact. I fueled the car. Sent one of my daughters in to pay for it and began getting down to business...getting back INTO the car. Though I couldn't imagine that getting into the car would have been any more painful than getting out of it, I soon discovered that I was mistaken! I tried this and I tried that. The only thing that I almost succeeded in was giving myself a do-it-yourself mastectomy. Oh, mercy! Did that ever hurt!!! Still, I was located on the OUTSIDE of our car. Ugh...what should I do next? Vehicles were starting to pile up behind me so whatever the solution, I had to come up with it SOON!

As Gomer Pyle used to say, "SHAZAM!!!" Let my 12-year-old daughter do the driving!!! Normally, she would have been thrilled with the prospect of getting to drive. (One Sunday afternoon, we let her drive for a mile or two on a country road.) She nor I felt like she was a 'professional driver' yet but I had run out of other options. Leighlyn scooted over into the driver's seat and took the bull by the horns, so to speak. Unfortunately, she only thought that she had the car in DRIVE. The car did not move even when she floored it! Oh, my gosh!!! Don't ever floor it!!! Eventually, she found the DRIVE gear. Even though I only needed her to move the car forwards for 2 feet, she once again floored it! Fortunately, about 10 feet from where she needed to be, she put on the brakes and stopped the car.

At that point, my robust body was able to once again fit through the door and into the car.

Just thought that you might be interested in a chuckle today... Believe me! You probably would have been rolling around on the floor if you could have actually seen the whole incident in action!!!


Monday, February 15, 2010

Fire Pits

In the past couple of years, fire pits have really become the rage across the United States. Some people are digging deep and wide holes so that they can center the firepit down low and then a couple of feet higher, they make seats for people to sit on that are complete with backs.

Of course, there are lots of people out there who do not want to or cannot afford to spend that much time or money in a major project such as that. Instead, those people choose to construct their own "above ground" pits. This project is relatively easy. The home-owners who are doing this usually build the outer and lower walls out of brick and mortar. Fine sand is then placed in the bottom before wood is added for burning purposes.

For many of us, it is much easier and less time-consuming to make a trip to a home supply store or variety store to purchase a pit. The pits are then taken home and placed wherever you want them. You then load them with wood, add a bit of barbeque fuel and strike your match. Walla! You have your very own fire pit! Some of these pits can be very expensive. If you cannot afford to put out the cash for them, maybe you should consider putting one on law-away now so that you will have it when the warmer weather arrives. People also have chosen to build a brick or stone wall around the pit and then to put a layer of brick or stone all around the edges of the pit. Of course, this is not necessary. It is just a matter of individual preference.

About 2 years ago, we decided to see just how much we would use a firepit before we spent money on one. Stan found a very old metal bucket. Over and over again, we used it as a fire pit. We loved it so we decided to purchase a REAL one. Last summer, we bought a copper pit that is supported by a metal ring on legs. It also has a metal mesh that goes on top to keep ashes from getting out of the pit and causing something else to catch fire. Our family and friends have throughly enjoyed it. We have roasted marshmallows and made smores many times. We have really enjoyed going out on weekend evenings, starting our fire and sitting around and enjoy looking at the stars.

In our case, we placed the pit on our brick patio which we constructed the earlier summer out of old bricks that had once been used in the Scott City, Kansas main streets.

Of course, whenever little children are going to be around, I advice that extreme caution be used! And always, make sure that the fire is out and NO hot embers remain before abandoning the fire pit!!!


Garden Tips from the Garden Club of Home Depot

I just received these tips that we can do right now to ready our gardens for Spring!

1. Start pruning FRUIT trees now. Cut the dead branches and remove the sprouts from the trunk, then thin the canopy by removing crossed or crowded limbs.

2. Begin seeds INDOORS. Slow growing plants such as onions, leeks, impatiens and pansies take months to reach transplant size, so it is important to start them now.

3. Plant tuberous begonias and dahlias inside. Use potting mix and containers with drainage holes. To avoid rot, keep soil moist but NOT WET. Move the container outside when weather is warm.

4. Scatter quick-germinating COLD RESISTANT flower seeds such as larkspur, nigella, cleome, cosmos and poppies onto your garden so they'll bloom in spring.

5. Plan your upcoming landscaping projects. Decide what you would like to add to your garden in spring, such as a fire pit, arbor or fountain, then get the tools and materials you need at Home Depot.

Tips courtesy of Home Depot's Garden Club.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Our observation

Midway through last week, our daughters came down with colds. At first Mussinex with Cough Formula handled their symptoms well. However, their nighttime coughs are much too bad for that alone. The doctor has now prescribed additional cough medicines for the night otherwise they, nor us, get any rest. From what others have told us, this cough is becoming prevalent in our part of the country and others are also having to use prescription cough syrups at night.

Something else that has struck is a nasty stomach virus. Victims of it have VERY little notice that they are sick. It happened to one of our daughters at a Scott City restaurant on Friday, she never ate anything while we were there. Soon after we got there, she decided to go to the car to sleep. As soon as she stood up, she immediately sat back down and had no other choice but to throw up on her coat. The place was full so I expected a chain reaction to occur. Fortunately NO ONE ELSE had observed it.

Along with the vomiting, people are complaining, of severe stomach pain, diarrhea, fevers, headaches. Our daughter has had the whole thing. I understand that there have been a considerable amount of people ill in our town. Fortunately, the school was closed for four days because of a teacher in-service on Friday and Presidents Day tomorrow. Hopefully, people will be much better when school resumes on Tuesday.

Anyway, if you or your children develop a bad cough, be prepared to purchase prescription cough syrups...


The journey and work continue

Chris Campbell called me on Friday. Amongst other things, we discussed Peter. A couple of weeks ago, he was flown back to his doctor in New York City. That doctor was also unable to find the cause of his illness that had started while they were doing their humanitarian work in Darfur, Africa. Fortunately, during the past couple of weeks, he has been able to get Peter's fever down considerably. Peter's appetite and energy level have returned. Earlier last week, they flew to their home in Santa Rancho in California. They have been taking in the film festival there and have also been out to see if they could find any wineries for sale that they may be interested in purchasing.

Along the way, they have been given authorization to go to Haiti to help with the clean-up issues, etc. At this point, they are planning on going there sometime this week.

Your prayers would be very much appreciated for them!


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Nonna Ellis-Burch

Remember Nonna Burch from Leoti? Her parents are Gary and Suzie Ellis. She is now married to Gary Burch. They have children and grandchildren and are now living in the Garden City area.

Today, as we were watching TV, a commercial for the truckstop in Garden City aired. The lady who you see and who is talking is Nonna!

I, for one, am very proud of her! In addition to her beauty, she exhibited a great deal of poise and calmness throughout the commercial. (If I had been asked to do the ad, I would have been stuttering and stammering all over the place! LOL!)

Good job, Nonna!!!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Partial history of Valentine's Day

Many, many years ago, on one day out of every year, mass ceremonies were held. Animals were brought into the center of towns where they were beaten and killed. The pieces of their bodies were taken and used as whips to beat the young women of the community. The animal blood was thrown on the women also. This horrid activity was believed to assure that the women would be fertile so that the human race could continue...

Many years ago, an emperor in Rome made love and marriage "illegal" so that his soldiers did not pine away for their lovers at home while they were at war with other countries. The emperor believed that this would cause the soldiers to be stronger and mightier. Saint Valentine, who had married many couples, took public offense at the new law. The emperor was angered and ordered his soldiers to arrest the saint and hold him in jail until the day when he would be punished with an un-natural death.

While he was in jail, many of the people whom he had married in his past would secretly visit him and support him in his beliefs that marriage SHOULD BE LEGALIZED once again.

During his prison stay, he met and fell in love with the daughter of the jailer. The night before his execution, he took a slip of paper and wrote of his undying love for her and passed it to her. Thus, the first valentine was written.

Happy Valentines Day!!!


Bi-Polar Disorder (BPD)

I am really sticking my neck out here so that I can communicate to people just what BPD is all about. In the past couple of weeks, a BUNCH of my peers in Leoti have talked about me and some of my recent subject matter in my blog. I have been told that I was and probably still am "BIG NEWS" that is being conversed about from one coffee (gossip) club to the next. Of course, most of those people meant nothing more than to laugh at me but there were a few people who were actually concerned about what was happening with me.

Ever since I began writing my blog, I have been straight forward about the fact that I am a victim of BiPolar Disorder. Now, I have decided to give you a BRIEF report on BPD.

Everyone feels moods such as happiness, anger and depression throughout their lives. There is a difference between that and the episodes of "severe mood swings" that victims of BPD face on an all too frequent basis.

More than 5 million adults an America today have BPD which was formerly known as Manic Depression. Children are not exempt of BPD either. Our mood swings can be frequent or extreme. These mood changes aren't as simple as transitioning from "happy" to "sad". People affected with BPD find a lowering of mood (depression) all the way to an exaggeration of elevation of mood (mania). These changes accur in cycles and are referred to as "episodes". BPD causes people to experience swings of 3 different forms: mania, depressive and mixed episodes.

BiPolar Disorder is a DISEASE that is caused by changes in the chemisty of the brain. The symptoms and the severity of the condition can vary, but with the proper treatment, BPD symptoms can be managed but NOT CURED.

Most BPD victims go undiagnosed for at least 10 years before finding out what causes their problems. Why? Because people are usually severely depressed by the time that they go to their doctor. Most people in the manic or extremely "high" mood do not seek medical care. Why not? Because when we have reached the extremely high mood, we basically feel like we have the world by it's tail, we THINK that everyone really, REALLY likes and appreciates us, we have super energy to get anything and everything done and normally need very little if any sleep during those periods of time. Why would anyone want to go to their doctor at this time to cut this euphoria short???

Because of this, doctors must make a very comprehensive look into the patient's history and if it all possible, the patient's family history. BPD tends to be passed around in families. But, just because someone in your family has BPD, does NOT necessarily mean that you, too, will be a victim of this disease. In my case, I was told in 1988 that I was "border-line bi-polar". By 1994, I was full-blown BPD. A few months after I was diagnosed as being full-blown, my grandmother was diagnosed. My doctor explained to me that BPD usually skips a generation. My grandmother had it, her sons and daughter, (my mom) did not, I was the grandchild who inherited the condition. Chances are that my biological children will not have BPD but there is a good chance that their children will.

Patients MUST be open and honest about their particular issues with their doctors if they want to have the best medical treatment possible. The treatments vary from self talk to group counselling to prescription medications or a mixture of two or three of the treatments. The earlier the diagnoses is made, the better. And, PLEASE, don't just tell BPD victims, to "get over it". We would if we could but life of a Bi-Polar person is anything but that simple.

Causes of Bi-Polar Disorder are still unknown. The symptoms are thought to be triggered by an inbalance of key chemicals in the brain. The brain is made up of billions of nerve cells that move a constant stream of information from one cell to another. To keep the information flowing, these cells release chemicals known as neurotransmitters that are needed for brain function. Many scientests believe that when the supply of neurotransmitters is either too high or too low, the BPD symptoms are produced. Those moods are extreme happiness, irritability, sadness or a lack of energy. I happen to know all of these moods way too well!!!

Bi-Polar Disorder can and DOES have a major affect on relationships, families, friends and personal goals.

BPD is a serious disease. Each person's symptoms are different. When a person with the disorder is not treated, people involved with the affected person become confused with the major mood swings that the person is exhibiting. Many families can benefit from having therapy with the person who has BPD. The counselor can explain why this is happening to the loved one and give advice on how to deal with the disease--both by the victim and the family. It can promote understanding and strengthen relationships.

Stability can be acheived through talk therapy, group therapy, prescription drugs or a mixture of two or more.

It is imperative that people with Bi-Polar Disorder communicate with their family, friends, co-workers about their disease so that those people can provide much-needed support in the occurence of the symptoms. Not only do I have BPD, but I am also friends with other people with the same condition. That is really a good thing because we can totally understand how each of us feel.

BiPolar Disorder is a tough disease to get through especially when the people around you find it to be humorous. BPD is about as funny as cancer. Many people with it eventually choose to end their own lives so that their pain will come to an end. Personally, I happen to have known a woman with it for my entire life. She died recently at the age of 84. She had had a very happy childhood but shortly after she was married, symptoms began appearing. Back then, no one knew what manic depression or bi-polar disorder was. Over time, she became worse. Still, no one knew what to do to help her so many of them chose to turn their backs on her.

I remember when I was a teenager, I had a long conversation with her. She was quite perplexed at the time. By this time, her husband had divorced her and all of her children were grown. Her son had chosen to live with her. One day, she went home to discover that all of her clothes had been "stolen" from her closet. She called the local police to come and make a report. When she and the police went into her bedroom, they discovered that the clothes "had been returned" to her closet. This continued to happen over and over. The poor lady was suffering with hallucinations at these times. In the early 1980s, she drove to Leoti and found my husband and I. She asked if she could spend the night with us at our home. Of course, we obliged. While at our home, she took me to her car to see the trunk of her car. It was FULL of her clothes that had just been thrown into it. They were not in suitcases, boxes or plastic bags. I asked her why they were there. She told me that she had not been able to sleep for the past several days because of a spaceship with creatures who were following her. A voice had told her that she needed to pack her clothes in the car so that when the spaceship landed, she and her clothes could be loaded into the flying ship to leave our world.

This poor lady was banned from major family events. People locked their doors and played like they were not at home when she came to visit. Even in church, she was forced to sit at the back of the church! Local cafes eventually refused to serve her. She became the laughing stock in her small community. As I look at her life, my heart breaks when I think of how much hell she lived in on a daily basis. People got to the point where they actually became mentally abusive to her just so that she would leave them alone. What a life! What a hell she was forced to live in!

Years ago,when the Garden City Wal-Mart was located at the Mall, a woman who was having a major BPD episode purchased every single purse that Wal-Mart had on the shelves that day. She then took them to the parking lot and ran around giving them to customers going in and out of the stores. Later, she told her doctor that she felt so good while she was doing her deed. But, later, she felt depressed when she realized how much money she had just thrown away. Right after she told her husband what she had done, her husband called the doctor who had no other choice but to hospitalize her until her new medications could "level her out".

For me, I went through a "house decorating" mania. Actually, I have fallen prey to it more than just once. LOL! But the worst time was in the early 1990s. I went to a lumber yard and bought a gallon of Navy Blue paint and a gallon of dark red paint. I returned home and was all ready to paint the kitchen!!! Come hail or high water, NOTHING and NO ONE was going to stop me!!! My sister, Lona Sue still lived in Leoti at the time. She came over and we spent the entire night giving the kitchen a "facelift". Come morning, Stan awakened to blue walls and red cabinets. He was shocked at the sobering and oh so, depressing sight. Eventually, my doctors advised Stan and I to brighten our home as quickly as possible. In the kitchen, we just could not find a paint that would cover the blue walls. Eventulaly, we bought paneling that looked like wallpaper. It was a very light and pleasant color and design. As soon as our interior surroundings were light and airy, my mood once again lifted to a healthy level.

I also went through my curtain and bedspread phase where it seemed like I was always out buying them!!! That just almost resulted in Stan and me going to divorce court!

When things get out of hand, I spend money that I don't have on things that I usually don't need. The bills don't get paid. Again, while I am spending the money, I just feel great, but then, reality returns and so does the depression...

Of course, those are extreme examples. Another friend of mine told me that in the last couple of years before she graduated from high school, that her father had to go outside every night and make at least two trips around their house before she was convinced that no one was trying to break into their house. After that, she could find rest. After college, more symptoms began occurring. Eventually, she was diagnosed with BPD. Also in her case, hallucinations became a normal thing in her life. Somedays, she goes strong with the manic episodes but then, the nasties return. She'll go from not being able to sleep for several days to not being able to do anything besides sleep. She is like me, she lives on medications that help her to glide through her daily life more easily. She is a wife and a mother with a profession.

Fortunately, I do not have the issue of hallucinations with my BPD. Fortunately for her, she is able to work a full-time job and she is very good at it! Not me. My mind is always "busy". I have trouble keeping my mind on one thing at a time. Many days, I go from one project to another and then, eventually, I usually return to the projects that I had abandoned earlier. I am able to do my job which requires me to obtain public information from two seperate courthouses. That usually requires about 3-4 days every month. Five days a week, I am able to clean offices and break rooms in two local businesses. But, for me, working a 9-5 job is just an impossibility.

Normally, I enjoy being around people but occassionally, I pull away from the general public. During those times, I retreat to my home which is my own little corner of the world. I don't venture away from my property very often during those times. Oftimes, I pull down the room-darkening shades and draw the drapes closed. I turn the lights down low. When times are REALLY bad, I just lie down and go to sleep... I normally don't do much cooking, cleaning or laundry during those days. My husband is an absolute jewel! When I reach my breaking point, he takes over. He does whatever I am not able to do at the time and he NEVER complains. My daughters have never known me before Bi-Polar Disorder was diagnosed in my life. They realize that Mommy is a very happy person most of the time but they also understand that there are times when I am just about anything but a happy-go-lucky person. They are about the only two people who I never push away from me. They are my life. God gave me the most precious gifts when he brought them to me!!!

Friends? Well, when I am in my manic stage, EVERYONE loves me and thinks that I am just the GREATEST!!! Of course, that is not reality but it is what I PRECEIVE to be reality. Usually, shortly after I begin believing that I am the most popular person in town, my world tumbles and I hit a major crash. At that time, I begin thinking that NO ONE likes me and that NO ONE needs me.

Actually, I have a few friends here and there. Some are supportive of me no matter whether I am a giant or a mouse. Others kinda run and hide when they see that I am involved in yet another of my episodes. They normally don't call or come around until I am back to being their kind of normal.

At times, I become outspoken--TOO outspoken. Other times, I hide out. Those are the main times when I cannot find some of my friends.

Well, by now, I think that you get the whole concept of Bi-Polar Disorder in a nutshell. The main things that I want you to understand is #1--People with BPD are NOT freaks, we are NOT crazy, we DO have a PHYSICAL condition that just happens to have an affect on the stability of our moods and #2--DON'T give up on the BPD people in your life and DON'T run and hide from them.

If you ever want to ask me questions, PLEASE do! Through the lemons that have been cast at me, education has allowed me to make lemonade. I am only too happy to answer questions. If you have BPD issues, seek out others who also do. I feel such a calmness when I am able to converse about my problems with someone else who knows exactly how I feel...


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Results of Leoti Spelling Bee

Today, February 10th, 2010, 24 kids from Leoti's 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grades met at the RBSES gym to compete against each other in their spelling abilities. These 24 kids were chosen out of their individual classes in the past couple of weeks. The result was that Zane Ward and Joshua Clark ended up going at it against each other, over and over. Eventually, Zane was the winner who will represent Wichita County in Great Bend.

Here are the competitors:

Third grade: Dakota Fisher, Oscar Jimenez, Tessa Lutters, Sarah Martin. The alternate was Alex Chavez.

Fourth grade: John Biermann, Elian Dorantes, Jace Engel, Summer Smades. Alternates were Mareli Salazar and Guadalupe Penaran.

Fifth grade: Abbey Fischer, Jorge Gallegos, Abby Ridder, Addison Ridder. Alternates were Kinzie Bangerter, Ariana Rodrigues, Matt Schumacher.

Sixth grade: Leighlyn Blau, Ezekiel Castillo, Brie Koops and Evan Ridder. Alternates were Hunter Hassell and Billy Taylor.

Seventh grade:Jacob and Joshua Clark (identical twins, Austin Groves, Linda Rempel. Alternates were Kirsten Kearns Yoanna Trevizo.

Eighth grade: Jantz Budde, Parker Hassell, Joshua Keltner and Zane Ward. Alternate was Destynee Hahn.

Pronouncer was Marti Lewis-Engel. Judges were Donna Lou Elder, Birdena Pridey and Judy Grusing-Woods.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Looking for a cuddly Valentine's Day gift???

Ken and Sue Schwindt have a couple of beautiful and adorable kittens to give to good homes. One is a gorgeous white kitten. The other is a BEAUTIFUL calico. I do not know what sex the white cat is but calicos are usually female.

Irregardless of the sex, our community animal care society in Leoti offers monthly clinics. To neuter a male costs you $20.00. Spaying of females is only $25.00 Both are real bargains! It is very easy to keep cats at home after they have been neutered. The fertile ones usually like to roam around town...

I cannot tell you whether or not the kittens are litter box-trained. I've never had any problems training kittens and cats. They are very smart and learn quickly.

If you are interested in these kittens, please call Ken and Sue at 375-2874.

Thank you!!!


Monday, February 8, 2010

Frances Dale Simpson--Tribune, Kansas

Mr. Simpson was born on January 27th, 1927 in Scott City, Ks and passed away on February 6th, 2010, in Tribune. He was 83-years-old.

He was the retired owner/pilot of Simpson AERO and a lifetime resident of Tribune. He served in the U.S. Army Air Corp in World War 11.

He married Gloria Ortega in Tribune on November 26, 1966.

Survivors include Gloria, one son, Eric and Cheryl Meridan-Simpson, two daughters, Herlinda and Eddie Donelson of Olathe, Kansas and Delores (Dody) Leonard of Judsonia, Arkansas, 4 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren.

His funeral will be held on Wednesday, February 10th, at 11:30 CST, at the United Methodist Church in Tribune. Military Honors will be provided by the U.S.Army Honor Guard of Fort Riley, Kansas. Private graveside services will be held at a later date. There will be no visitation hours.

Memorials are suggested to the Dale Simpson Memorial Fund in care of Price and Sons Funeral Home.

Obituary courtesy of Price and Sons Funeral Homes of Garden City, Scott City, Tribune and Leoti.


Potluck Dinner

There will be a potluck dinner at the museum in Leoti on February 23rd at 6:00 p.m., cst, which will include a short meeting and a tour of the Washington-Ames House.

On a personal note, I can hardly wait!!!


The "Big House" in Leoti

Mrs. Karen Walk is amongst, many other lovely things, the curator at the Museum of the Great Plains in Leoti. Through her years at the museum, many great things have changed the entire museum. Changes that are just out-of-this-world! I mentioned before that the Margie Ames Family donated their mother's outstanding home to the museum just recently. Now, Karen has taken time out of her VERY busy schedule to write a story about the house, what is happening and how WE can help with the progress. Here it is:

In the city, if you say that you were going to the "Big House", you may be talking about going to a prison. But, if you said that in Leoti, you just might be going to "Margie's Big House!" The Wichita County Historical Society would like to announce that Margie's big house was graciously donated to them by Margie's families, Norman and Yvonne Ames, Dean and Lorna Wiegers, all of Leoti and Sandra Quartemont of Cudahy, Wisconsin. Margie's house will be "the beautiful jewel of Leoti," as it once was.

The house will be called the Washington-Ames house. As best we can put together, William B. and Julia Washington were the original owners. W.B. came here from Kentucky. He made his home in Leoti since May of 1886, and set up practice as a pioneer lawyer before the county had actually been settled.

As a young man, W.B. became a prominent attorney in Kentucky. His first case in the District Court of Henderson County was a suit prosecuted for carpenter work against a wealthy tobacconist. Mr. Washington won the case, although the trial almost resulted in a court room fight. He also defended Aaron Hooper, who was charged with arson of his jewelry store in Leoti by an insurance company. He secured a verdict in favor of his client. He was a tenacious defender of the law and for many years was active in Wichita County politics.

W.B. and Julia raised 4 sons, Herbert, Harry, William B., Jr. and Herschel, in this home. Julia passed away in 1926 and W.B. in 1934.There may even be someone out there that will remember W.B. or Herschel. We recently found pictures of both W.B. and Julia and another of the four children at our court house. We are looking for anything from the family to put on display at the house.

The big house is located on the corner of J and 3rd Streets. In early photos, the house was painted a dark color with light colored trim and had decorative gingerbread trim which will be replaced. Our plans are to paint the exterior of the house like one of the Victorian "Painted Ladies" of that era. It will catch the eye of traveling on both highways 96 and 25 and our hope is that they will stop in Leoti for awhile. We will have signs about the restoration work in the yard.

An interesting story is at the time of the Tornado of 1923, many buildings around the big house were were destroyed, but the big house stood firm. One of the photos taken at this time shows roofs, boards, mangled tin, etc. lying all around it. Another time, there had been a fire in the house. Every home has a story to tell of the sad and happy events that went on in the home, and it's like they say, "If only walls could talk." We would love to hear and dociment any stories and memories that people have of the house and it's owners.

After the passing of his parents, Herschel Washington rented the home as a private residence to the Cibluski family. Several years later, Marting Van Den Langenberg, a descendant of the Cibulskis, toured the museum and donated a lovely picture of the house taken in the late 1930s. The back porch had not been added on to the house at this time.

In 1943, the big house was sold to Pearl Burch, and in 1947, Tom Burch acquired a Hotel and Restaurant license and rented the upstairs bedrooms to teachers or high school students who lived in the country. One of the licenses was still hanging up on the back porch when Margie and Oren purchased the house. We believe that the back porch as added at that time. Does anyone remember anything about it?

Margie and Oren Ames purchased the big house in about 1958 from Tom Burch. The Ames Family lived there for many years. Sometime after the passing of her husband, Margie moved to a smaller home in Leoti. The big house was full of antique furniture and other collectibles, remaining that way until her passing in 2004.

One of the large displays at the Museum of the Great Plains is Margie's Boutique and Millinery Shop, which is full of Margie's favorite things-HATS! When hats became "out of style" and ladies were getting rid of their hats, Margie was collecting them at garage sales, auctions or anywhere else she could find them. Margie and hats are synonymous, she always wore a hat. Wouldn't she be happy to know that her hats were going back into her big house? I am excited about decorating Margie's Boutique and Millinery Shop in memory of her.

The Wichita County Historical Society plans to restore and preserve the home. The finished rooms will appear like they were at the turn of the century. The house needs a lot of repair, exterior paint, roof and the front roof needs repair. There is plaster work that will beed repaired, electrical wiring and wallpaper to hang, etc. It is possibly the oldest house in town and surely was the gradest in it's time. The interior is lovely with beautiful woodwork that has never been painted, which is a miracle in itself. It will be a lot of work, but it is not impossible. The house is very pertinent to the history of Wichita County.

We may make application for nomination to the Kansas State or the National Register. If we cna get it on either listing, we will be able to apply for grants. One problem is that it take close to two years to get that all done and the roof needs to be replaced right now. It is already leaking and ruining the plaster in some of the ceilings upstairs. Terry Haines Construction will be giving an estimate of a new roof. So, this means we need to make a plea to the community to make donations to the Washington/Ames Restoration Fund for the replacement of the roof. We would like the restoration of the big house to be a community effort. We can not do it without your help. I might also mention that this will be a wonderful educational tool for the children of the community.

There will also be items that we need besides cash donations, such as loaning special tools, or trailer, pickup, etc. And, we will need help with landscaping, grinding out stumps of the recently cut trees, artifacts for display, grant writing, fund raising, sign painting, strong backs to help move furniture, and donation of whatever your talents may be. We will keep the community aware of what is going on at the Washington-Ames House. We will let our needs be known in the "Check it out" section of the Standard.

We are looking for pictures of people that lived in the big house. Since we have none of the Washington family artifacts, we will do the next best thing and decorate the interior of the Victorian period with items donated by people of the community. There are some items that will be moved to the house from the museum. If an item is on loan, the owner will first be contacted for permission to move the item.

We need some strong young guys to carry several doors up out of the basement. We will be looking for large ornate picture frames, old paintings, lace or sheer curtains, draperies that can be remade into the Victorian style and pretty dishes. We are thinking of making a tea room, so will need several sets of wood tables and chairs.

We are excited to have everyone involved and also would like to have new historical society members. It's just $5 annually, $50 for a life membership, or even better yet, get the young ones involved and purchase the life family membership for $100, which includes the parents and all of the children under 18.

We sepecially want to thank the families of Margie and Oren Ames for their donation of the beautiful and historic "big house!" We sincerely are asking the community to help in the effort to save the Washington-Ames House.

There will be a potlucj dinner at the museum on February 23rd, at 6:00 p.m., which will include a short meeting and a tour of the house.

By Karen Walk

Dwight F. Krebs of Scott City and Logan County

Dwight F. Krebs was born on February 26th, 1953 and passed away at his home in Logan County on February 5th, 2010 at the age of 56. The son of Floyd and Georgia Corinne Whitham-Krebs, he was a lifetime resident of Scott and Logan Counties. He was a cattleman and rancher.

He is survived by one daughter, Christianne and Christopher Barnett of Colby, 1 grandson, Taxten, 1 granddaughter, Mariah, both of Colby, his ex-wife, Cheri Krebs of Scott City, his mother, Corinne Krebs of Scott City, 2 sisters, Debra Dallas of Denver and Dianne and Owen Unruh of Scott City.

He was preceded in death by his father, Floyd Krebs, of Scott City.

Funeral Services will be held at 2:00 cst, on Wednesday, February 10th, at the United Methodist Church in Scott City. Interment will be at the Scott County Cemetery.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests that memorials be made to the Dwight F. Krebs Scholarship Fund in care of Price and Sons Funeral Home of Scott City.

Obituary courtesy of Price and Sons Funeral Homes of Garden City, Scott City, Leoti and Tribune.


Father-Daughter Dance and Dinner

Last Saturday, Stan took Leighlyn, and I took Abigayle, and we went on seperate outings to just spend one on one time together. Later, Stan and I will switch "daughters" for a different outing.

Abigayle and I went to Scott City for dinner at Peking Gardens and dessert at Dairy Queen. After filling our tummies, we returned home for movies here.

Stan and Leighlyn went to Tribune for dinner and AVATAR at the Tribune Star Theatre. Originally, they planned on eating at the Burger Bar. Those plans were changed when they discovered that the Burger Bar was closed for the evening because they were catering Tribune's Father and Daughter Dinner and Dance.

I am so impressed with Tribune for the community wide activities that they offer on a regular basis. To my knowledge, Greeley County is the only nearby county who offers things such as a father-daughter outing.

Way to go, Greeley County!!!


Sunday, February 7, 2010

What a way to spend Sunday afternoon!

Our 4-year-old clothes dryer was making some squeaking sounds and was not drying as well as it once was so Stan decided to do a basic overhaul on it. He tore it apart so that he could apply some white grease in a few places and also tore out the entire dryer duct to make sure that it was clear. He discovered that the duct that goes below the floor was half-way full which is a definite fire hazard plus it slows down the drying process which explains why the dryer wasn't drying as quickly as it once did.

When he was putting everything back together, he somehow managed to ruin the drying element. Given the fact that we had serious doubts that we could buy one in town to replace it, we called various stores in Garden City. None of them had any in stock. On a lark, Stan decided that he would see if DJ's Appliance Store in Leoti had any in stock. We were thrilled to find out that they did have one! Stan bought it and brought it right home and installed it! But...he made a mistake in his installation and destroyed it as well. Ugh!!!

With a family of four, laundry mounts quickly so, today, we washed our laundry at home and hauled it to the laundramat for drying purposes. A few years ago, Jess and Zelda installed a lovely extra-large washing machine that people all around town use to wash large bedspreads, rugs, etc. Since we were going to be there anyway, we took our bedspread up and gave it a good washing.

While we were doing our laundry, we commented on just how fortunate we are to have a laundromat in town. There are alot of small towns that no longer have any so their citizens have to carry their dirty laundry to other towns to get it washed and dried.

Thank you, Jess and Zelda, for providing such a much needed and appreciated service in Wichita County for so many years!!!


Response to commenter

I was just making a funny about feeding a family of four for $10.00. I don't think that it is too feasable to think that a meal could be prepared at home for the same family for $10.00. I meant no harm to anyone.


My apology

Many out there deserve my 100% apology for my wrongdoings associated with my blog. Only I am responsible for things printed there--no one else. I took a blog that I intended for alerting people of things going on in our little corner of the world and ended up writing a blog with nastiness. I am so very sorry!!!

As you already know, I suffer with bi-polar disorder issues. In the past 6 months or so, I have gone from highs clear out there in outer space, LOL, to the depths of hell. Hell is what I am currently going through.

With mood ranges like that, I have been prone to saying some outrageous things. I never should have brought the issue of food eateries in Wichita County to my blog. My family and I love being able to eat at all three of the restaurants here in town. All three of them provide outstanding food and have excellent employees. Leoti is very fortunate to have the availability of these services in town. I realize that much of the reason that some of the food must be priced higher than what we would like, is because of the high cost of fuel. Of course, it would be great to see that a family of four could eat a full meal on a price of $10.00. That will never again happen in Leoti.

Though the fact that people throughout the community are angry with me for my opinion being voiced as it was, I also understand. I am hoping that with time, people will be able to forgive me.



Lenten Services in Wichita County

It is almost time for Lent. Here is the list of when and where the services will be held this year:

February 17th: Catholic Church at the Community Building with Rev. Mike Howard
February 24th: Christ Covenant with Rev. Gary Salmans
March 3rd: West Bethany with Father Ben
March 10th: First Presbyterian Church: with Rev. Bob Everest
March 17th: Assembly of God with Rev. Paul McNall
March 24th: First Baptist Church with Rev. Bruce Leisy
March 31st: United Methodist Church with Dr. Rev. Ralph Russo

Each luncheon will start at 11:30 a.m, cst.


Wonderful Occassion

Dick and Rosamary Sheets are celebrating their 60th Wedding Anniversary this month! This truly delightful couple has and are setting such a wonderful example to the rest of us!

Congratulations, Dick and Rosamary!!!