Friday, February 26, 2010

What a thrill Indeed!!!

Today, was one of those days for me. You know the kind where you have some highlights but you also have the same amount of lowlights. I was sooo excited about getting to be present at the historical ground breaking for our new school. I also got to see our eldest daughter be one of the very few who got to actually dig in the dirt!!! I got to look forward to seeing the same daughter get awards for excellent state tests from last year for Writing and Reading! (Our other daughter is not old enough to take those tests yet.)

The lowlights were that respiratory problems began settling in after my other flu symptoms moved down the road. I am very lucky to have jobs of cleaning the Leoti Seaboard Mill Offices along with their downtown offices. Today, just as my husband, daughters and I were leaving the downtown offices, I heard someone calling my name. My family and I looked and looked to see who was calling to me. FINALLY, our eyes landed on one of my absolute favorite people of all times--Mrs. Karen Walk!!! Oh, how I love and admire that lady!!!!!! What beauty, creativity and fire in one body!!! Oh, mercy!

She was just getting ready to take a small group of people to tour the Washington-Ames House a short block away from the museum. She knew that I was wanting to see the house so much! (I had planned on going on the tour earlier this week but didn't get to because of illness.)

Of course, my family and I jumped at the chance!!! Lets just say that the house really surpassed my dreams on how the interior would look. Even though there are some age-related problems, the house is just an absolute GEM!!! I can just hardly wait to help the other volunteers on restoring the Painted Lady to her former glory!!! I cannot think of a better person to head in that journey than the amazing Karen!!!

Thank you so much to the children of Mrs. Marge Ames-Taggert for such a WONDERFUL gift to the Wichita County Historical Society!!! This house has beauty and charm all-in-one!!!


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