Thursday, February 25, 2010

A wonderful customer service person in Garden City

More and more, I hear people complaining of how poorly customer service people are treating their customers. Many times, customers are not spoken to when they enter businesses, After that, they may never be asked if they need any help while they are in the store. Store clerks "forget" to thank their customers for the business that they just gave to the store, etc.

Stan and I were married in 1981. Soon afterwards, I took my first "public" job as a grocery store clerk. Back then, trainers really stressed to the new employees that the customers should ALWAYS be treated with respect and dignity. After all, without the customers, the clerks, managers, etc would not be needed. Therefore, the clerks, managers, etc would not have a job!

Today, many clerks, etc just stand around their cash register and wait for you to come to them. They MIGHT speak to you when you are ready to check out. Maybe not. As a result of that, Stan and I are reluctant to shop in those businesses again.

This morning, I made a phone call to Home Depot in Garden City to make a purchase over the phone. Before I go any further, Stan and I believe in shopping at home whenever possible, however, this time we depended on H.D. because our local hardware store does not carry the merchandise that we were in need of. It is stupid for people to believe that our hardware store should be able to stock each and every item available today. Our local hardware store is a major asset to Leoti and they are willing to order in the items that they normally do not carry in stock. However, they do not have access to what we were needing. I checked on that earlier this week.

Anyway, I called H.D. and asked for someone in the ceramic tile department to assist me. A lady named Marie Gilchrist answered my page. She was just totally AWESOME!!! Our business spanned over two phone calls. She was able to get me all of the information that I needed plus some that I didn't even know that I needed. LOL! She was kind, considerate and extremely enjoyable! It would be nice if our other service people could take a class from her!

Thank you, Marie!!!



  1. Marie is an 'old' friend of mine! I was so surprised to check your blog and see her name! She used to be a probation officer and was here in Leoti at least once a month. I'd heard she was working at HD, and I am not surprised you had a good experience with her. She is an awesome, fun person. How about emailing Home Depot at G C to give her a commendation??

  2. Forgot to say, she retired from her State probation job...and she always seemed to care a lot for her clients.

  3. She is just great, indeed!!! She told me yesterday that the two of you are great friends! She asked me if I knew you and I told her "yes" and that you, too, are an extremely special person, Janelle!!! She wanted me to let you know that she is working there part-time now. Being retired was too boring for her. LOL!!!

  4. Oh, and I forgot to tell you that I mailed a letter to her boss to let him know just what a jewel he has in her. It is too bad that more people don't have the passion that she has in serving her customers...



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