Monday, February 15, 2010

Fire Pits

In the past couple of years, fire pits have really become the rage across the United States. Some people are digging deep and wide holes so that they can center the firepit down low and then a couple of feet higher, they make seats for people to sit on that are complete with backs.

Of course, there are lots of people out there who do not want to or cannot afford to spend that much time or money in a major project such as that. Instead, those people choose to construct their own "above ground" pits. This project is relatively easy. The home-owners who are doing this usually build the outer and lower walls out of brick and mortar. Fine sand is then placed in the bottom before wood is added for burning purposes.

For many of us, it is much easier and less time-consuming to make a trip to a home supply store or variety store to purchase a pit. The pits are then taken home and placed wherever you want them. You then load them with wood, add a bit of barbeque fuel and strike your match. Walla! You have your very own fire pit! Some of these pits can be very expensive. If you cannot afford to put out the cash for them, maybe you should consider putting one on law-away now so that you will have it when the warmer weather arrives. People also have chosen to build a brick or stone wall around the pit and then to put a layer of brick or stone all around the edges of the pit. Of course, this is not necessary. It is just a matter of individual preference.

About 2 years ago, we decided to see just how much we would use a firepit before we spent money on one. Stan found a very old metal bucket. Over and over again, we used it as a fire pit. We loved it so we decided to purchase a REAL one. Last summer, we bought a copper pit that is supported by a metal ring on legs. It also has a metal mesh that goes on top to keep ashes from getting out of the pit and causing something else to catch fire. Our family and friends have throughly enjoyed it. We have roasted marshmallows and made smores many times. We have really enjoyed going out on weekend evenings, starting our fire and sitting around and enjoy looking at the stars.

In our case, we placed the pit on our brick patio which we constructed the earlier summer out of old bricks that had once been used in the Scott City, Kansas main streets.

Of course, whenever little children are going to be around, I advice that extreme caution be used! And always, make sure that the fire is out and NO hot embers remain before abandoning the fire pit!!!


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  1. These Firepits will bring beauty for any outdoor living space.


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