Sunday, February 7, 2010

What a way to spend Sunday afternoon!

Our 4-year-old clothes dryer was making some squeaking sounds and was not drying as well as it once was so Stan decided to do a basic overhaul on it. He tore it apart so that he could apply some white grease in a few places and also tore out the entire dryer duct to make sure that it was clear. He discovered that the duct that goes below the floor was half-way full which is a definite fire hazard plus it slows down the drying process which explains why the dryer wasn't drying as quickly as it once did.

When he was putting everything back together, he somehow managed to ruin the drying element. Given the fact that we had serious doubts that we could buy one in town to replace it, we called various stores in Garden City. None of them had any in stock. On a lark, Stan decided that he would see if DJ's Appliance Store in Leoti had any in stock. We were thrilled to find out that they did have one! Stan bought it and brought it right home and installed it! But...he made a mistake in his installation and destroyed it as well. Ugh!!!

With a family of four, laundry mounts quickly so, today, we washed our laundry at home and hauled it to the laundramat for drying purposes. A few years ago, Jess and Zelda installed a lovely extra-large washing machine that people all around town use to wash large bedspreads, rugs, etc. Since we were going to be there anyway, we took our bedspread up and gave it a good washing.

While we were doing our laundry, we commented on just how fortunate we are to have a laundromat in town. There are alot of small towns that no longer have any so their citizens have to carry their dirty laundry to other towns to get it washed and dried.

Thank you, Jess and Zelda, for providing such a much needed and appreciated service in Wichita County for so many years!!!


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