Sunday, February 21, 2010

Information on posting comments on my blog

As I mentioned earlier, people have been emailing me because they are unsure of just how to post a comment or message on my blog. Being computer ILLITERATE as I am, I requested the help of readers. I need to thank DOC and Anonymous for passing their advice on to us!

Here we go!!!

After reading a post that you wish to comment on or leave a message,

1. Click on the COMMENTS link at the bottom of any post. The box will open to POST A COMMENT.

2. Write your comment. At this time, you can type in your name or initials if you want me and the others to know who you are.

3. When finished, you will be instructed to answer "PREVIEW". At this point, it is just easiest to select ANONYMOUS.

4. Hit PREVIEW if you want to read your comment.

5. Hit EDIT IF you want to change something that you wrote.

6. When you are happy with what you have written, the computer will present you with a box with a few letters in it. Type those letters. This is called Word Verification. It is something new on computers to make sure that an actual living, breathing person is on the computer instead of a computer somewhere. It is nothing to be afraid of.



Walla! Your comment has now been added to my blog! From my standpoint, I LOVE to hear from you so PLEASE post your comment!!! If for some reason, you do not want others to see your comment, please send it to me at .

Thank you!!!


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