Sunday, February 14, 2010

The journey and work continue

Chris Campbell called me on Friday. Amongst other things, we discussed Peter. A couple of weeks ago, he was flown back to his doctor in New York City. That doctor was also unable to find the cause of his illness that had started while they were doing their humanitarian work in Darfur, Africa. Fortunately, during the past couple of weeks, he has been able to get Peter's fever down considerably. Peter's appetite and energy level have returned. Earlier last week, they flew to their home in Santa Rancho in California. They have been taking in the film festival there and have also been out to see if they could find any wineries for sale that they may be interested in purchasing.

Along the way, they have been given authorization to go to Haiti to help with the clean-up issues, etc. At this point, they are planning on going there sometime this week.

Your prayers would be very much appreciated for them!



  1. I may be able to assist your friends locate a winery for sale. I am a real estate broker specializing in the sale of California wineries. I would be happy to see if i can be of help with their search if it is sincere. I was linked to your blog from a Google Auto search on "Wineries for sale". That is how i found you. Katie Somple, WineryX Real Estate

  2. Thank you very much, Katie! I am sending that information to them right now!

    Hopefully, you did not find my blog to be too dry...

    Leoti, Kansas


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