Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Blau Moment in Time

Yesterday afternoon, I discovered that our Buick was low on gas so we went to the convenience store to take care of that problem. For some unknown reason, I parked closer to the tanks than I ordinarily do. No problem. I can still get in and out without too much of an issue.

I was wrong. Getting out was a PAINFUL experience. I discovered that I had body parts that I had long forgotten existed. LOL!

I finally was out with all of my body intact. I fueled the car. Sent one of my daughters in to pay for it and began getting down to business...getting back INTO the car. Though I couldn't imagine that getting into the car would have been any more painful than getting out of it, I soon discovered that I was mistaken! I tried this and I tried that. The only thing that I almost succeeded in was giving myself a do-it-yourself mastectomy. Oh, mercy! Did that ever hurt!!! Still, I was located on the OUTSIDE of our car. Ugh...what should I do next? Vehicles were starting to pile up behind me so whatever the solution, I had to come up with it SOON!

As Gomer Pyle used to say, "SHAZAM!!!" Let my 12-year-old daughter do the driving!!! Normally, she would have been thrilled with the prospect of getting to drive. (One Sunday afternoon, we let her drive for a mile or two on a country road.) She nor I felt like she was a 'professional driver' yet but I had run out of other options. Leighlyn scooted over into the driver's seat and took the bull by the horns, so to speak. Unfortunately, she only thought that she had the car in DRIVE. The car did not move even when she floored it! Oh, my gosh!!! Don't ever floor it!!! Eventually, she found the DRIVE gear. Even though I only needed her to move the car forwards for 2 feet, she once again floored it! Fortunately, about 10 feet from where she needed to be, she put on the brakes and stopped the car.

At that point, my robust body was able to once again fit through the door and into the car.

Just thought that you might be interested in a chuckle today... Believe me! You probably would have been rolling around on the floor if you could have actually seen the whole incident in action!!!



  1. Oh Lynn! Only you could make a hysterical situation into a HYSTERICAL story! Love it! What about the sign at the pumps that say "Smile! You are on camera"??? Thanks for the laugh!

  2. OH, MY GOSH!!! I NEVER even thought of the cameras!!! LOL!!!

    I've learned through the years that mixing humor in with the serious, makes everything MUCH better! I learned that from my parents. I, in turn, am trying to pass that on to my children. Life can be way TOO serious withut a laugh here and there.

    Thanks for the comment! I really appreciate it!!!

  3. Are you sure you want to publicize this information. Your insurance agent might read it.

  4. Oh no, George! You caught me! LOL!!! Give our love to Shelley!


  5. I'm so glad that you can see humor in this. I've done some things that would make you all laugh but thought I couldn't live with it. Thats one thing you have taught me is to laugh and go on. It really has helped me understand my self and not to dell on the not so inportant things in life. You are a life saver in every since of the way. THANKS

  6. You just managed to bring tears to my eyes. You don't know how much your words have just blessed me! Life is way too serious if we allow it to be. It is a proven fact that daily laughter actually IMPROVES OUR HEALTH--both mental and physical. It is even capable of bringing down high blood pressure.

    Oftimes, in Leoti, I see a certain person walking all alone. You never see a smile on this poor soul's face. I feel sorry for him/her as I can only see sadness and despair when I look at this person. Occasionally, I actually meet this person in a store, on the street, etc. I make it my goal to say something that will brighten the day for this person. Sometimes, I succeed in hearing the person laugh at what I say. When that happens, I feel like my day has been fulfilled, for me at least. Thank you so VERY much for your wonderful words!!! VLE-B


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