Sunday, February 14, 2010

Our observation

Midway through last week, our daughters came down with colds. At first Mussinex with Cough Formula handled their symptoms well. However, their nighttime coughs are much too bad for that alone. The doctor has now prescribed additional cough medicines for the night otherwise they, nor us, get any rest. From what others have told us, this cough is becoming prevalent in our part of the country and others are also having to use prescription cough syrups at night.

Something else that has struck is a nasty stomach virus. Victims of it have VERY little notice that they are sick. It happened to one of our daughters at a Scott City restaurant on Friday, she never ate anything while we were there. Soon after we got there, she decided to go to the car to sleep. As soon as she stood up, she immediately sat back down and had no other choice but to throw up on her coat. The place was full so I expected a chain reaction to occur. Fortunately NO ONE ELSE had observed it.

Along with the vomiting, people are complaining, of severe stomach pain, diarrhea, fevers, headaches. Our daughter has had the whole thing. I understand that there have been a considerable amount of people ill in our town. Fortunately, the school was closed for four days because of a teacher in-service on Friday and Presidents Day tomorrow. Hopefully, people will be much better when school resumes on Tuesday.

Anyway, if you or your children develop a bad cough, be prepared to purchase prescription cough syrups...


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