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Time has come to a very near close for a beautiful SPAYED,so that she cannot have puppies, Labrador in Leoti. She is in the dog pound. She has all of her shots even. If you are interested, PLEASE call Lori at 620-375-5674 or 874-0715. Please pass this information on to family and friends who may be able to give this sweet dog a happy hope!!! Labs are the best dogs for families. They are very kind and generous dogs. Don't wait another moment on this. Two moments may be too late...


Willa Kleymann formerly of Leoti

Willa Kleymann who used to live in Leoti passed away this week. I do not have any additional information except for the fact that the family is requesting that her family and friends join them at the Wichita County Golf Course in Leoti on Saturday, May 1st, in the afternoon. If I get any additional information, I will post it here.


Donald Haxton--Scott City

Mr. Haxton was the first baby born in Randall Hospital in Marysville, Ks. on June 30th of 1930 and passed away on April 29th at the Scott County Hospital at the age of 70.

On September 6th of 1953, he married Beula Walz. He was a newspaper writer for 39 years.

Mr. Haxton was a lifetime member of the VFW, Elks, PGA Tour of Patrons Club and a member of the USGA. He was an avid golfer and enjoyed big band music.

He is survived by two sons; Rod and Kathy of Scott City and David and Sherri of McPherson. 1 daughter, Jody and Randy Pottberg of Salina, 5 grandchildren, 2 step-grandchildren, 1 sister and many nieces and nephews.

His funeral services will be held on Monday, May 3rd, at Price and Sons Funeral Home in Scott City. Inurnment will be at Logan County Cemetery in Oakley.

The family requests that memorials be given to the Ryan Haxton Fieldhouse Memorial Fund of Scott City or the Scott Community Foundation--both in care of Price and Sons Funeral homes; 401 Washington, Scott City, Ks. 67861.

Obituary courtesy of Price and Sons Funeral Homes of Garden City, Scott City, Leoti and Tribune.


Have you made your final plans yet?

For most of us, one day, our bodies will die. Then, of course, something must be done with them. For most people, the bodies are placed in a very expensive coffin that is eventually placed into an expensive vault and then dropped into a 6-foot grave and covered with dirt. Hmmm...that doesn't exactly sound like a good time, does it?

A few decades ago, KU Medical School began asking for donations of bodies so that greatly important research could be done that could lead to major advances in the medical field. Therefore, many other lives could go on longer than they would have otherwise.

Daddy's brother, Lewis, who was just 11 months older than Daddy, passed away shortly before Daddy. Before he died, he made arrangements to donate his body to KU. Daddy was so impressed with the idea, that he did it also. Daddy believed that if by doing so he could save even one more person from going through the hell that his cancer had produced for him, was well worth it. After that, both of Stan's parents, John and Joyce Blau, followed suit. I am proud of all four of them for the giving of so much!

Soon after death, a mortician places the body into his hearse and transports the body to the research center. After that, the research can be done for anywhere from a few months to two years depending on what kinds of research are done. In Daddy's case, his body was used for 1 1/2 years. When all is done, the body is cremated. The family is then sent a very nice thank you letter and advised as to when the ashes should be arriving to the family. (Usually, the mortician brings them to you.) Then, the family makes the decision as to what becomes of the ashes. Some are kept in urns at a home. Some are buried in small vessels in cemeteries. I know of one family who put most of the ashes in a cemetery but kept out just enough to be placed in small locket-type necklaces for the man's wife and daughters to wear everyday.

In addition to the much-needed research that is done, the family does not have to spend thousands of dollars to bury their loved one. I simply cannot think of a better idea than this.

If you are interested in doing this, I would suggest that you notify your family doctor and family of your desire to do this. If you have an attorney, please tell him/her also. Your doctor can give you all of the written information that you need to bring this into reality. Your mortician will have to deliver your body to the med center. I have heard of a lady who attempted to transport the body of her husband over state lines to the center via camper. Along the way, she had a minor accident. Once the police found out about the body in the camper, she was in a lot of trouble.

In Daddy's case, he wanted Stan, Rob and Leif to accompany him to the research facility. The mortician was very happy to accomodate Daddy's last wishes.

Maybe you do not live close to KU. NO problem. Do some checking. I am sure that you will find at least one local facility in your own state.

In my case, I had originally planned on donating my body parts to whomever needed them. Because of my Tachyasus, doctors do not want my organs to be given to others. However, my disease is quite rare so they are very interested in taking my body for researching to see if any cures can be done someday.


A tough day to get through

Yesterday, April 29th, was a tough day for my mom, sisters, Lori and Lona Sue, and me. You see, it marked the 15th anniversary of when we lost Daddy, Pat Elder. My mom went to school as always in the morning. Lori busied herself with city council business, Lona Sue continued to deal with legal problems (not her own) as she works in a major law office in Garden City, and I spent a good portion of the day working in my flower gardens as memories of Daddy went through my mind and heart. Eventually, Mama and I went to Lori's house to eat tamales before Mama went with me to the cemetery so that I could plant a beautiful Blue Daze plant at Daddy's gravesite. Last night, Stan, the girls and I took Mama and Grandma (Neva Kiefer-Duncan) to Scott City to enjoy some good ol' Chinese food.

I am sure that many of you knew my Daddy but I want to pass on some facts about him that you may not have known.

Pat, not Patrick, Duane Elder was born on October 23rd, 1932 to Roy and Helen Graham-Elder at their home in Southwest Wichita County. He was the youngest of 12 children--6 girls and 6 boys. When he was 2-years-old, he lost his father to pneumonina. He had no recollection of him. When he was 5-years-old, he lost his mother whom he loved so very much to a liver that had "turned to stone". That is how the doctors phrased it. Today, we assume that that was in fact, liver cancer. Some of her sons including Daddy had liver cancer which is defintely an inherited disease.

During the Great Depression, Daddy's mother had moved her last daughter and sons from the farm into Leoti. After the passing of his mother, Daddy went to live with one sister to the next. He had lived with the 5 older sisters. After Grandma had married, he was brought back from a sister's house in Colorado Springs to live with her and her husband on a farm in Wichita County. He then worked the farm and went to school in the county. When he went to high school, he became very involved in sports. He was a very good football player and was also good in track. He was also in basketball but he told us that he was not that good of a player. Eventually, college recruiters came to Leoit and offered him a full scholarship to play football. It had always been his dream to become a doctor and he definitely had the intelligence to do that but he ultimately turned the scholarship down in order to join the U.S. Air Force. He was involved in the Korean Conflict.

The Air Force gave all of the troops really nice jackets. One day, he was walking down a sidewalk in Biloxy, Mississippi, I think, when a professional photographer stopped him and asked him to pose for photographs to be used for advertisement purposes. (Daddy was a very handsome red-headed man.) To this day, Mama possesses an 8 x 10 of this picture. A few years ago, my Aunt Thelma brought me an 8 x 10 picture of his senior pictures.

Eventually, his days in the Air Force reached an end and he returned to Wichita County to family and friends. He intended to be a farmer. For awhile, he worked for brothers and other farmers. His other dream of being a farmer with his own farmground never came to be. While he was farming, he met my lovely mother and began dating her. Of course, she was a teacher at that time, fresh out of college in Hays. Back then, teachers were to have flawless reputations unlike today when anything goes. For example, today, if you want to live with a person whom you are just dating, that's fine by our current standards, (not mine). But, then, that was totally NOT accepted. Mama was definitely NOT living with Daddy but members of the school board instructed Dr. Robert Bruce Stewart, the school's principal at the time, to instruct Mama to cease dating Pat Elder IMMEDIATELY as he was a well-known drinker and wild person around town. Dr. Stewart did talk to Mama but he refused to tell her to drop Daddy. Instead, he told her that he knew that Daddy had had a tough life so far but that he could see great potential in her boyfriend. Years later, many of those school board members apologized to Daddy and Mama for their harsh judgement of him.

They continued dating and on November 22nd of 1959, they were married in Johnson, Kansas. After their honeymoon, they came back home to Leoti. Their marriage was not always great in the beginning. Daddy had begun smoking and drinking in high school. These habits followed him into the service, back to Wichita County and into their marriage. I was born in 1961 and I remember that Daddy continued to drink until late May of 1971. My mom had grown tired of Daddy's drinking. One evening, she packed suitcases for herself, Lori and I so that we could move to Stanton County with her parents for awhile. When Daddy arrived home and saw this, he broke down in tears. It was the first time that I could ever remember seeing Daddy cry. He begged Mama to stay. He promised never to take another sip of an alcoholic beverage if she would not take his daughters and leave. Mama gave him just one more chance. That chance was all that he needed. From 1971 until his dying day of April 29th of 1995, he kept his promise and never drank again. Lona Sue was born on June 3rd of 1971. His world was complete.

Today, we hear of alcoholics checking into alcohol rehabs to got off of "the juice" or at the very least, joining Alcoholics Anonymous. Daddy had the strongest will of anyone I have ever known. The day after he promised Mama to never drink again, he went to his one and only AA meeting. That was it. He was done drinking forever.

Since Daddy's death, more than a few people have come to me and told me that Daddy had saved their lives and their families from alcoholism. Daddy was a major mentor in their lives. Did we know it at the time? No. That was a very private subject for Daddy. His cigarette usage continued until 1984. Stan and I had just been transferred from working in JJ's Country Store in Tribune to JJ's in Garden City. When we arrived in Garden City, we discovered a big box that was filled with outdated cigarettes and cigars. Instead of throwing them out, we gave them to Daddy to smoke. At that time, cigarette prices had reached an all time high price of $1.00 a pack. Daddy believed that that was ridiculous. He told us that once he had smoked the contents of that box, he was done smoking. He was right. After the last cigarette and cigar were smoked, he never smoked again. I only wish that I had his willpower! I would be a skinny Minny if I did. LOL!

Daddy eventually left farming and became a carpenter, electrician, plumber, etc. In other words, when he was contracted to build a house, he did the entire job himself. No other companies needed to be hired. There are still homes in Wichita County that he built. One of them is just a few doors north of our house where George and Debbie Eckert live today. As I drive past their home, I think of how Daddy constructed it all by himself and a couple of men whom he hired. He continued his business until after his health had failed in 1994.

Daddy loved dogs. He also enjoyed going to the dog races. So, he ended up purchasing a couple of greyhounds and went into the business of raising dogs for the racing industry. I don't know how many he owned but it was somewhere in the hundreds. Every dog of his who ran on the racetracks had the first name of Leoti. For instance, Leoti Buck, etc. He named many of his dogs after his relatives. Daddy's dogs ran in Mexico and everywhere in Colorado. It was such a thrill to get to watch our very own dogs at the racetracks!!!

To this day, people still tell me of how much they enjoyed seeing Daddy pull into the grocery store to purchase his dog food. He bought several 50 pound bags at a time. He always instructed the carry out boys to place them on the hood of his pick-up. Then he would drive home and unload them from there. That way, he didn't have to reach down into his pick-up bed to pull them out. But, dog food was not good enough for his dogs. Meat cutters in town gave him meat scraps that he mixed with the dog food. Oh, how his Leoti dogs loved that!

Our Daddy was the greatest father!!! We always knew how very much we were loved. There was nothing that he would not do for his daughters! When Daddy was alive, he awakened his daughters on their birthdays by seeing "Happy Birthday" to us. That didn't change after we had moved away from home. We always knew that Daddy and Mama would be calling us early in the morning to sing to us. To this day, when I awaken on October 29th, my birthday, I am saddened because Daddy won't be singing to me. After all of these years, Mama keeps up the tradition that Daddy began so many years ago. There are times that while she is singing, I can actually hear Daddy also. I don't know if this is my imagination or if God actually allows Daddy to sing along.

In 1989, Stan and I became foster parents. Daddy loved those children so much. He went out of his way to make these kids' lives as happy as he could. He played with them, etc. More than once, the kids came to our house with little more than the clothes on their backs. Daddy took the kids and me to Scott City's ALCO and used his very own money to buy clothes, shoes, boots for these little guys who had seen so much hardness and hatred in their short lifetimes. Those kids still remember Grandpa today.

Eventually, we adopted our first foster child, Adam. Shortly after that, Rob and Lona Sue delivered their son, Hunter, to our family. When Leif and Lori married, Daddy was blessed with four more grandchildren whom he loved much. Mercy, how Daddy loved and adored his grandchildren! Unfortunately, they would be the only grandchildren who Daddy would ever get to love. Lori was pregnant with Lars the day that he died but no one knew it at the time. Leighlyn and Abigayle came along later than that.

Leighlyn once told me that she feels like she knows her Granddad by the way that we all talk about him.

In 1990, Daddy became ill with lung and brain cancer. Doctors told him that he would have 6 more months to live. God had other plans though. Daddy lived for another 4 years. Daddy made the most of those years. He continued to work, dream and most importantly, he continued to love Mama and his family.

In late 1994, the cancer had taken it's toll on Daddy's body. He was racked with unbelievable pain. He was forced into retirement. He had tried all of the radiation and chemotherapies that were available to him at that time. At the beginning of this time, his family and many friends stopped by often to drink coffee with him. As his health worsened, fewer and fewer people stopped by to visit. It was too difficult for them to see Daddy in so much pain. Through these months, nurses dropped by on a daily basis to help with Daddy's care. He came to love them as family.

His last week on earth was probably the worst in his 62 year lifespan. By that time, Stan, Adam and I had moved in with him and Mama so that we could help care for him. He was no longer able to get in and out of bed by himself, etc. He became much worse the evening of April 28th. I called Grandma and Grandpa Duncan over to the house late that night. They, along with both of my sisters and families and us gathered around Daddy's bed for the rest of the night and into the morning. By that time, Daddy had lost the ability to speak. We sang hymns to him that he loved and told him just how much we truly loved him with all of our hearts. I remember watching as he looked from person to person of us. But, then, his eyes raised above our heads. He slowly went from side to side for a long time that night but we couldn't imagine what he was looking at. More on that in a bit.

God lifted Daddy's soul out of his tormented body and took him to Heaven with Him on the morning of April 29th. Our lives would forever be changed. A very large hole still exists where Daddy used to live. Thank God for all of the beautiful memories that we have with our Daddy!!!

Normally, after a person departs, his/her funeral is held three days later. In our case, that third day would have been on May 2nd--our wedding anniversary. Mama would not stand for that. She did not want Stan and I to have to blend such a wonderful day as our anniversay with the day that we formally said good-bye to Daddy. So, his memorial service was held on May 1st instead.

May 1st was a dark wet gloomy day. People made their way to the Methodist Church for Daddy's services. Before the service began, we learned that the sanctuary was filled except for where his immediate family was to sit. Then, the balcony filled, followed by all of the Sunday School rooms and the Fellowship Hall. Still, people were coming to the event. Even though the weather was not good, people gathered in the yards outside of the church. The mortician from Johnson was able to find a PA system at the church and set it up so that the people who were not fortunate enough to be inside the church could still hear what the minster was saying. Later, people recalled that it was probably the largest funeral in the history of Wichita County. Folks, that should tell you just how much my Daddy meant to the world around him. He had touched so many lives while he was here.

A week or two after Daddy had died, the Garden City Telegram published a magazine insert on the subject of Death and Dying. My family and I were sitting at Mama and Daddy's house as we read it. We came to a point in the magazine where it discussed what happens at the very end of a life. God never wants any of us to die alone so he sends not only angels, but our most treasured loved ones who have gone before us. For many of us, those numbers are great. I am sure that that is how it was for Daddy. Remember when I mentioned Daddy looking around his bedroom over all of our heads? Well, those were Daddy's family members and friends whom he was looking at. The magazine reported that for us looking in to a room of a person who is dying, the room may look totally empty, but, in fact, it may be bursting at the seams with loved ones. Isn't that just a wonderful feeling???

God, I just want to thank You for blessing me with such a fine man in my life as Pat D. Elder.

Daddy, if you are listening to my heart or reading what I am writing, I just want you to know that we love you so very much and our pain of not seeing your bright sunny, smiling face will never come to an end until you come with the angels and our other loved ones to guide us to Heaven...

Your loving daughter, Lynnie

Thursday, April 29, 2010

April 29th

You may have noticed that I have not been on my blog until this evening. I spent most of the day outside working in our flower gardens and planting a perennial plant at Daddy's headstone. You see, today marks the 15th anniversary of my father, Pat D. Elder's, death. Right now, I am not ready to write more of this outstanding and very remarkable man. Tomorrow, watch for me to write a brief story of my beloved father's amazing 62 years on earth...

If you have any memories of Daddy, would you please post it/them here or send me an email at

And, PLEASE, if you are fortunate enough to still have a mother and/or father around, don't forget to mention often how important they are to you and how much you love them.


This beats all!

Tonight, we went to dinner with some delightful people! One thing that we all discussed was the fact that just this week, someone actually went over a private home's fence in Leoti and stole playground sand out of children's SANDBOX!!!

What is wrong with people today???


Richard D. Stone--Scott City

Mr. Stone was born in Burlington, Ks. on April 29th of 1938 and passed away at Hays Medical Center in Hays, Kansas on April 26th. He was 71.

My Stone moved from Sublette, Ks. to Scott City in 1980. He was an equipment operator for B and H Paving of Scott City and a U.S. Naval Reserve Veteran.

Mr. Stone is survived by one son, Martin, of Coffeeville, Kansas.

Memorial services will be held at 2:00 on Monday, May 3rd, at Price and Sons Funeral Home in Scott City. Inurnment will be at Scott County Cemetery.

The family requests that memorials be made to the Scott Community Foundation c/o Price and Sons Funeral Homes.

Obituary courtesy of Price and Sons Funeral Homes of Garden City, Scott City, Leoti and Tribune.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A very special day

Sunday is a very important day for Stan and I. On May 2nd, we will be celebrating our 28th wedding anniversary! I am so very fortunate. I didn't marry just anyone--I married my very best friend! That is one of the biggest reasons that we are still together.

Ya' know when we are young we imagine all kinds of scenarios about where we'll meet our one true love. Strangely, I didn't ever envision meeting the love of my life where it happened--in the NURSING HOME!!! Yeppers. It was November 22, 1980, (my parents' anniversary). I had just graduated from high school the previous May. I thought that I wanted to become an RN. But, before my parents paid out a large amount of college tuition, I prefered to stay at home one more year and get experience by working at the nursing home. (Don't tell anyone but I wasn't ready to leave Mama, Daddy and my two little sisters whom I love so very, very much.)

That particular day was a cold, grey Sunday. Stan had just recently moved to Leoti to be an assistant manager at Frost Market. He was off work that day and wanted to spend part of the day with his grandmother, Julia Blau, who just happened to be a resident at Golden Acres.

Yes, we met that day but never started dating until the last week of January. We were engaged on February 2nd and married on May 2nd. We moved quickly!

Like all married couples, we have had our fair share of obstacles. I was the main one who caused our obstacles to appear. Living with a bi-polar person is never easy. Somehow, Stan has survived it. During our marriage, we have lost one child, three parents,4 grandparents... But, more importantly, we have gained three children who have brought so much love and joy into our home.

Sometimes, we laugh. Sometimes, we cry but we support one another throughout the whole thing.

We've never been rich but we've definitely been poor. More than once, we didn't even have as much as one lone penny in our pockets. No matter what monetary status we've had or haven't had, we've been totally rich with an abundance of love.

I can't believe how quickly the past 27 years have flown by. Unfortunately, I am sure that the next years will also pass us by way too soon.

I have some advice on what it takes to have a beautiful marriage.

1. Never go to bed angry with your mate. If the situation cannot be "fixed" before you go to sleep, kiss each other and agree to pick the conflict back up where you left off.

2. Try to understand what your lover is going through.

3. Forgive. ALWAYS forgive.

4. Don't feel that you have to surprise your spouse in big expensive ways. Instead surprise them with the little inexpensive or FREE things such as fresh cookies, a dinner out on the town, a walk around the neighborhood, candles and roses...the list goes on and on and on. In other words, make sure that your loved one knows that you love him/her more and more everyday.

5. Too many couples' marriages stall out. The involved people stop producing new love to keep the marriage fresh and strong. They start spending less time as a couple and more time as individuals. Though I firmly believe that it is important for both of the partners to have their own friends, I have seen too many people begin to spend more and more time with their friends, at work, etc. In the past 10 years or so, many individuals have stopped spending time with the love of their lives so that they can spend time with their computer. Unless you want to snuggle up to that computer on cold, snowy nights, you probably owe it to your love to spend less time online.

6. DON'T KEEP SCORE!!! I am thinking of a certain couple. She won't do something nice for him until he does something nice for her. He won't do something nice for her until she does something nice for him. It becomes a vicious circle. Neither one of the pair is willing to put out the first effort to please the other. So DUMB!!!

7. And always, ALWAYS remember that we should never take the other for granted. None of us is ever guaranteed to wake up tomorrow morning.

8. NEVER stop telling each other how important he/she is to you. Stan and I speak to each other several times a day via telephone. Before we hang up, we always tell each other "I love you." Before he leaves for work in the morning, he tells me that he loves me. Before we got to bed at night, we tell each other that we love one another.

9. Keep your love freshened regularly. Spend quiet time together. Don't forget to touch one another. You're never too old or too poor to hold hands.

Thank you, Lord, for blessing me with my Danley!!!


First comment on "SHOCKED"

I received a very interesting comment via email from one of my ex-classmates. I am not going to mention her name but I will tell you that her 47-48-year-old soul retains a great deal of wisdom. She has given me permission to write a couple of her insights here for all to read. I must say that I COMPLETELY agree with everything that she wrote today.

First of all, like me, she has gotten to know quite a few gay people herself. Given the fact that she lives in a major city where anything and everything and everyone happens, she has seen and heard alot about this subject. Therefore, she has had plenty of opportunities to ponder what is right and what is wrong.

She is like me in regards to our opinions that gay people did not ask God to make them gay. Being "different" isn't all that it is cracked up to be. Sexual preferences are one of the toughest things to deal with. Even in 2010, people are still being beaten and even killed for no other reason than the fact that they were gay. Many ignorant people choose to believe that if there were no gays and bi-sexuals, there would be no AIDS. Come on, people.... There have been schools, restaurants, bars and even churches that refused gays at the front, the side and the back doors. It is sooo sad to say this, but everyday, gays are cast out from their families and friendships as soon as people find out that they are not straight arrows. I can never imagine myself EVER being cold and hard enough to do that to my family but I know that it happens. (I always brag on my family but I have been cast out by one or two relatives because I am not quite up to snuff with their expectations. Thus, I can understand how painful this can be.) So, when you know that your "coming-out" is not going to be a pleasurable experience, why would you every CHOOSE to be gay??? No, I definitely do not believe that we have any control over whether we are tall, short, black, white, gay or straight.

Something else that she said is something that my mom repeats over and over whenever it is needing to be said. "Love the sinner. Hate the sin."

If it was a perfect world, no one would be fat, unhealthily thin, ugly, black, brown, red, yellow, white, blind, deaf, sick, gay or straight. We would all like the same things, read the same books would probably not be that interesting. God didn't want us to be made from the same cookie cutters. He made us all to be individuals and to find our own way in life. One thing that he wants us to do is to accept one another and love abundantly.

Thanks for the comment!!!


Anybody else feel SHOCKED?

Before I was a teenager, I started hearing things about "homos". OH, HOW I HATE THAT WORD!!! Fortunately, through the years, the people who feel more attracted to people of their own sex, have been able to come up with more suitable names such as gay. I also hate the words such as "queers", etc! I find those names to be quite disturbing and degrading.

Through the past 35 years or so, I have really tried to wrap my head around the whole essence of being a homosexual or bi-sexual. I admit that there have definitely been times when I have had to question my own sexuality. If people were totally honest, I think that we would learn that most, if not all, of us have questioned their own sexuality at one time or another.

As you already know, I am marveled by anything that involves interior decorating and gardening. For some reason, it appears that a high percentage of interior designers or people who dabble in landscaping are actually gay. For some people, that is quite disturbing. It really doesn't affect me very much. It is simple. Either I like their styles or I don't. Little by little, I have actually gotten used to seeing gay couples on HGTV--HOUSE AND GARDEN TELEVISION.

Throughout the years that I have been aware of the fact that some people prefer to love people of their own sex, I also heard many people blast them because of how the Bible refers to the gays. That left me with a MAJOR problem. 1. I happen to know of gay people either on Tv or personally. I really enjoy some of them!!! 2. Some people have told that since I am a Christian, I should be against them.

I really didn't know which way I should swing (so to speak). Should I continue to accept gay people as individual human beings and appreciate whatever they have to give to this world OR should I completely ban them from my life??? I think that you would agree with me and realize that there is no easy answer. A few years ago, I had the priviledge to discuss the issue with a minister and several other people at the same time. A few of the people immediately responded by telling me that we had to keep the gays as far away from us as possible. Another told me that it was my responsibility as a Christian to "convert" these people to being "normal". The last person to speak was the minister. He told all of us that the first thing that we need to understand is the fact that God did NOT appoint any of us to be judge over ANYONE. He DID tell us that it IS a fact that we need to love and be good to everyone. So, bottom line, those of us who believe that we need to banish gays from our lives really are not doing what God wants us to do. Instead, we are to respect people as being fellow human beings who may or may not be making mistakes in their lives. None of us are perfect.

As far as I am concerned, I have decided that the minister was completely RIGHT on this issue. Wish you could have been a part of that conversation! Immediately after I brought up the topic, everyone was rushing to blurt out their personal opinions. Everyone--that is--except for the minister. As soon as he calmly told us what he did, those other mouths were completely silenced. Very few times have I had the opportunity to be a part of a situation like that. LOL! do I feel about the subject of homosexuality now? It's easy! It is NOT my place to judge!!! I am not the least bit afraid of being friends with gays.

But, after saying all of this, I have to admit that I have been totally caught off guard by two things that I have heard during the past 24 hours. My 8-year-old daughter was with me for the first occurrence. She asked me about it. I honestly don't have a real good answer for her. Here, you can help me on this by responding. Here it goes!

Our family really looks forward to watching America's favorite game, WHEEL OF FORTUNE, together! We like it so well that we have it automatically recorded every day on our DVR. We've always considered it to be a family show that is rated "G" for anyone and everyone to watch. Both of our daughters are excellent spellers and I think that W-O-F has actually helped them with their spelling. But, last night, I pulled up one of their shows on DVR for us to watch. As always, the three contestants were asked to give a brief summary of their lives. Most of the time, the contestants include such things as whether or not they are married, how many kids or pets they have, where they live, what they do for a living, etc. Well, last night, a male contestant was asked to share his life story with all. He very happily announced to everyone that he was married to the best man in the world. Oh, mercy. It had happened on primetime TV during the hours that have been set aside for families to watch. I was really stunned for some reason. Worse of all, my children saw and heard all of this also.

Leighlyn is almost 13-years-old. Sadly or unsadly, homesexuality and heterosexuality are no big things to people of her age anymore. It is discussed in school and amongst their friends, seen on TV, etc. You might say that they have already lost their innocence. For my 8-year-old, she still gets to be carefree. She still sets out cookies and milk for Santa Claus and looks forward to being visited by the Easter Bunny! She is still "naive" enough to believe that mommies marry daddys and daddys marry mommies. So, now what? This man on TV has just announced to the world that he married another MAN!!! Immediately, Abigayle looked at me with those innocent blue eyes of hers and asked me if it is really true that men can marry other men now. I honestly told her that "yes, in some states of the country, mem can marry men if they want to." That, of course, led her to ask more questions. Since I did not want to get into a drawn-out conversation on the matter with her at that time in her life, I suddenly remembered that there were some homemade cookies in the oven that I needed to get out of the oven. I made a quick departure from the living room into the kitchen...

The second thing that I saw on TV in the last 24 hours that stunned me was when I was half-heartedly listening to NBCs new talkshow that airs from 2-3:00 every weekday. A reporter went out on the streets to ask people who the famous people were who they had had crushes on when they were kids. Women listed men, men named women and...then... a man honestly answered that he had had a crush on a famous man.

An hour later, I am still bewildered by these two occurences. I know that we are all entitled to our own individual rights...for awhile longer anyway. But, as a mother of a young, impressionable girl, I have to feel that things like that should not be spoken on TV during hours when kids are likely to be watching TV. But, at the same time, those people who basically announced their sexual preferences, also have the right to do so. So, what do us as parents need to do??? Stop allowing our children to watch TV??? Pull out the encyclopedias and start giving reports of homosexuality to our offspring??? For me, I definitely do not like to be put on the spot like this. I want my daughters to hang on to their innocence for as long as they can!

I really would appreciate hearing from you on this!!!


Lucy Templer--Leoti and Lawrence

Mrs. Alice Lucille (Lucy) Templer, 92, passed away on April 24th at The Arbor of Brandon Woods in Lawrence, Kansas. She was born on October 28th of 1917 in Greenfield, Illinois. She and Woody Templer were married on March 8th of 1941 in Larned, Kansas. Before she moved to Leoti in 1951, she had received her Bachelor's Degree in English and Speech. While in Leoti, she taught English and Speech. After that, she was the school's librarian. In 1982, she retired. In 2007, she and her husband, Woodrow (Woody), moved to Lawrence.

Her memberships include the United Methodist Church, Unified Methodist Women (UMW), Omiyage and various bridge clubs.

She is survived by her husband, Woody, 1 son, Bill of Siloam Springs, Arkansas; and 1 daughter, Patty Hart, of Lawrence. She also had 4 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren.

Her memorial service will be held at the United Methodist Church in Leoti on Saturday, May 1st, at 11:00 a.m. Inurnment will be at the Leoti Cemetery.

You can make contributions to the Lucy Templer Education Foundation in care of Price and Sons Funeral Homes in Leoti.

Obituary courtesy of Price and Sons Funeral Homes of Garden City, Scott City, Leoti and Tribune.



This weekend's, April 24th and 25th, movie in Tribune is THE CLASH OF THE TITANS, a remake of the 1981 movie. It runs for 106 minutes and is rated PG-13 because of some frightening images, fantasy action violence and brief sensuality. Stars include Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes, etc.

Synopsis: In the CLASS OF THE TITANS, the ultimate struggle for power pits men against kings, kings against gods and gods against gods. But the war between the gods themselves could destroy the world...

The movies at the Star Theatre always begin at 7:30 CST.

People 13-years-old and older pay $5.00 per person. Everyone else pays $4.00 for their tickets. Refreshments are also very inexpensive.

Thank you!!!


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Inexpensive tooth whitener and breath freshener in one!

Just learned a fact of where the original tooth whitener and breath freshener came from. I learned it on a dental show on TV. Thought that you might be interested in giving it a try! You know that with the economic stress that we are currently dealing with, more and more people are resolving to using what we already have on hand instead of spending money to obtain it...

Many years ago, Mormon leaders advised their fellow family members and friends to simply try this. Many people were so impressed with it that the practice lasted for MANY years. It is quite possible that somewhere--someone may still be using this one-step method.

All that you needed to do was "catch" your first morning's urine. Then put it in your mouth and swish it all around. Whenever you felt ready, you could spit it out. People swore up and down that the longer the urine was kept in the mouth, the brighter the teeth and fresher the breath would become.

Hmmm, I am all for saving money but I think that I prefer to continue putting out the money to purchase Close-Up and Scope. LOL!!!

Just a fun fact that I thought you might appreciate knowing... Plus, rememeber that if you run out of toothpaste and mouthwash, you can make up your own product right there at home!!!


Note: PLEASE do not think that I am slamming anyone from the Mormon faith!!! I, personally, am related to many Mormons and have chosen wonderful friends who are Mormon.

Attn: ladies and girls of Wichita County

All ladies are invited to meet at the First Baptist Church in Leoti on Saturday, May 1st, from noon to 2:00 and bring your young girls also to the Mother-Daughter-Sister-Friend Luncheon. Please call Tammy at 375-2133 or 375-4677 to RSVP. There is a small fee that needs to be paid for the meal. Tammy can clarify all of that for you. It is VERY important that you contact Tammy or someone else from the Baptist Church to let them know that you are planning on attending so that the ladies will know how much food needs to be prepared.

Thank you!!!


Christ Covenant Church

We are so VERY fortunate to have such an outstanding duo of ministers at our church! They are able to reach everyone in our congregation in one way or another. Youth Minister Kevin Larson is the best there has ever been for kids! He has done amazing things for the Wichita County kids since he has been here! The kids from 6th grade through 12th grade can hardly wait to get to his GAP Meeting every Wednesday evening!

Sunday, Pastor Bob talked to the congregation about getting to Heaven. Too many people are attempting to look over everything else and have their eyes fixed only on the prize--Heaven. Pastor Bob clarified all of this for us. Yes, Heaven is the prize, but we are supposed to do God's work every day from today until the Lord calls us upwards to join him. There is so much that needs to be done that we will never run out of chores to do throughout our entire lifetime!!! You just have to take a short look around to find something else that we can and should be doing. And, as he pointed out, we literally have no idea at how much some of the things that we have said to someone have meant to him/her. Some of those things may lead that person to the Lord.

Thank you sooo much, Pastor Bob and Kevin, for all of the tremendous work that you have already done and all that you will be doing from now on! Wichita County is so very, VERY fortunate to have you here!!!

By the way, church services start every Sunday morning at 9:30. Sunday School begins at about 11:00. EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO ATTEND!!! We'd love to have you there!!!


Monday, April 26, 2010

2010-2011 Flu Shots

Starting next Fall, people will be able to just take one shot of vaccine that will protect them from both kinds of the flu--seasonal and H1N1. Experts are saying that there should be no shortage of the life-saving vaccine.

If you live in Wichita County and have not yet taken your H1N1 shot, you can still get yours FREE of charge! Just call 375-2289 for more details.


More pet peeves of mine

Spring has sprung! Today, as I mowed our backyard, I soaked up the spicy scent being expelled from our lilac hedge and the sweet smell from our currant hedge. Mercy, it was wonderful!!!

It got me to doing some other thinking. Owning a home is a priviledge in this world. Most people will never have that option. So...why is it that when people are actually getting to live "the great American dream" do they not take care of their yards, etc? I suppose that there is no such thing as a perfect yard anywhere on this planet but I have definitely seen many that come close to having that distinction. Unfortunately, there are also many yards that are anything but nice to look at.

Those people allow trash, junk, tree branches, etc to clutter their outdoor property. Many of those people refuse to mow their grass or weeds until the City gives them a ticket. A considerable amount of Leotians actually drive their vehicles right up to their front doors. That is the case in so many of the yards in our neighborhood. IT DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!!!!! I simply cannot imagine people being that dog-gone lazy that they cannot park in their parking lot or along the side of the street. Do they not realize just how much that one thing cheapens the look of their property and the property around it???

I am not trying to tell people that they need to plant trees, shrubs, flowers, etc on their property. Some people couldn't care less about things like that. Others don't have time to commit to these things. But, come on! If you do not own a lawn mower or don't have the extra time to mow your yard, ask someone else to do it for you!!! Currently, I can think of 5 individuals right off the bat who will do it for you for a small amount of money. Or, maybe you can swap something that you can do with a friend or neighbor who then could mow your yard for you. Just a thought...

I urge everyone to take advantage of Leoti's Spring Clean-Up Week to rid their property of trash, unused vehicles, junk, etc.

Just needed to blow off some steam...LOL!!!


More information on Kansas speeding tickets

As you know, I posted information on the 4 mph plus speeding tickets that have just been initiated in the state of Kansas. The revenue of these tickets will help the state recover from it's financial struggle that is currently causing problems.

I received a lot more information from Wichita County Clerk of the District Court, Janelle Downs, today when she commented in my blog. I find her information to be very interesting and helpful. Please read her quote as she is the one who you will be dealing with if you receive a speeding ticket in Wichita County. Her information will clarify a lot of what is currently being said and done right now.

"The law has always been if you are driving 1 mile over the limit, you can be ticketed. We have been spoiled, in a way, because most officers have not stopped drivers even if they are going sometimes 10 mph over. Now, it sounds like they are enforcing the law to the exact degree. So, sorry drivers, but...that is the law! Why do we expect favors? Also, the court costs alone now are $93.50. That does NOT include the fine. If you are caught driving up to 10 mph over the speed limit or less, your fine will be $30.00 on top of these costs." Janelle Downs

On a personal note, I sincerely hope that the sheriff's department will be giving tickets to people driving on Leoti's side streets also! Here in our neighborhood, it is "normal" to see people driving 30 or 40 mph or even higher speeds and the posted speed is 20!!! We have many children and older people who live in this neighborhood. They don't stand a chance of survival if these dim-wits would hit them with a vehicle!!!

Thank you, Janelle, for your wonderful and enlightening addition to this situation!!!



Several kids from the Wichita County area are planning on attending New Life Ranch in Oklahoma in June. I believe that the tuition for this camp is $425.00 for each person. Leoti's youth Christian Group, GAP, is holding a SCHWAN'S FOODS fundraiser this Saturday, May 1st. The truck will be set up just to the south of the K-Store parking lot in Leoti from 9-3:00 CST. Schwans is giving the children involved 20% of the total sales for that day to be used for their camp tuition.

Our daughter, Leighlyn, will be making her 2nd appearance at this amazing camp this year. Other kids who are already signed up for this are Ashley Waldren, Daniel West, Hannah Martin, Sarah Martin, Shyla Mason, Regan Matteson, Emma Williams, Hailey Williams, Nathan Crays, Zane Ward, Dennis Kreutzer and Shawntel Salinas. We would appreciate if you could support Leighlyn by mentioning her name to the salesman on Saturday. All of the moneys not designated to any certain camper will be divided for all of the campers from Leoti.

Leighlyn has several of the new Schwan's catalogs in case you are interested in looking. If you are interested in pre-ordering, please let us know or call Youth Minister, Kevin Larson, at 620-214-2358.

If you would like to talk to Leighlyn about ordering, please call her at 375-4584. She will be helping at the Schwan's Truck from 9-11:00 on Saturday.

Thank you for your generous support! The kids will really appreciate all of the support that you are able to give!!!


Additional information on bad checks

Earlier today, I gave you an observation that I have made. Here is a comment that was left here by Janelle Downs who is the Clerk of the Wichita County Court. Believe me, she knows what she is talking about!!!

Here is her quote:

"Ignoring a bad check is not a wise thing to do. If you write one, just as Lynn said, for just a few dollars and do not take care of it, the recipients can very easily get judgements vs. you for SEVERAL HUNDRED dollars, usually $800-900.00 on a small check. They are not just handed these judgements, defendants are notified and given a date to appear in court. This is after they have been contacted by the person they gave the bad check to (usually many contacts, phone calls, letters are sent before it even gets to court.) Once the writer of the bad check fails to come to court, the judge almost always grants judgement to the other party who then can garnish wages, bank accounts, etc. All of this grief and hundreds of dollars for simply not taking care of a $5.00 bad check. Happens all the time."


Quote of the Day


President Franklin D. Roosevelt

Spring Clean Up Week

City of Leoti is reminding citizens that the annual spring clean-up week is scheduled for May 10th through the 14th. If you'll put out the trash, they'll pick it up and it will NOT cost you anything. They are also going to be picking up vehicles that are no longer wanted.

Here are the things that you need to know to do it correctly.

1) Make FOUR piles of the things that you no longer want.

A. METAL (including abandoned vehicles with title.)

2) Put paper trash and other lightweight items in bags.

3) Use your dumpster as usual for regular trash.

4) Stack your piles in the alley or close to the curb by your house BEFORE Monday, May 10th.

5) The city workers will pick up your piles and take it away to the dump.

6. Make sure that you mark the things that you want to throw away so that the city workers will know what to take.

If you have any questions, etc., call Kara or Renee at City Hall. 375-2341.


An observation of mine

As I have mentioned before, I work for a major credit bureau in the state of Kansas who reports their findings nationwide. I have had that position for several years now. For that entire time period, I have noticed that there is a major problem with people writing worthless checks. Those checks are then given to grocery stores, all other stores that accept payment through checks, mortgage/rent companies, schools, restaurants, etc... Over the past year, I have noticed that this problem has increased in the counties where I report my information from. I am assuming that it is due partially from the current economy that affects each and every one of us.

Something that I want to warn people about is the fact that if the check writer fails to "pick up" (pay for)the worthless check including business' bad-check charges quickly, these checks will be turned over to the court system to collect. At that point, the check writer will literally pay hundreds of dollars to correct the whole issue.

Awhile back, a person had written an insufficient funds check to a business in an amount considerably under $5.00. The person did not pick it up until after it had been sent to the court level. That person paid for that check many times over.

Many consumers are now not using checkbooks. Instead, they are using debit cards that pull the money out of an interest-free account to pay their bills, etc. MANY businesses are gladly accepting these cards. As soon as the merchandise is paid for through these debit cards, the consumer's money is immediately deposited into the business' checking account.

Just thought that you might be interested in this.


Courthouse correction

Last week, I wrote of one of the ways that the State of Kansas Legislature is trying to save money because of the fact that Kansas is financially broke. A person who is directly involved with this issue wrote me to give a much better and more accurate description of who all is involved. Here is her quote:

"COUNTY courthouse employees are NOT under the hiring freeze. Since the State judicial system has enacted the furloughs, only STATE courthouse employees are affected--thus, being the District Court workers. Those people will be required to close on four Fridays and do not receive pay for those days. They have been under a hiring freeze for over a year. If someone quits a position, that desk remains empty and the other employees have to pick up the slack. This has been a real stress in the bigger courts."

Anyway, thank you, J, for your clarification on this matter! I greatly appreciate it!!!

Sorry for reporting incorrectly on this important issue that is affecting MANY employees and workloads in the state of Kansas.


"Speeding" ticket recipient speaks out

Last week, I warned people who drive in Kansas to be ready to receive a ticket if he/she drives 4 miles over the stated speed limit. Last night, a reader who lives in Eastern Kansas sent me an email on her personal situation.

On Saturday, she was 200 miles away from home when a police officer pulled her over. He wrote her a ticket for driving the 4 miles over the speeding limit. She tried to talk him into just giving her a warning since she is approximately 48-years-old and has NEVER had a ticket or accident. He denied her request. He told her that the State has demanded that anyone and everyone who drives 4 or more miles over the stated speed limit, receives a ticket. The officer also told her that he had just pulled over another vehicle for going less than 4 mph over the limit and gave a ticket to that driver also. The recipient of the ticket told me that if she had been closer to her home than the 200 miles where she was, she would have gone to court and contested the ticket. This recipient told me that she received a fine of $78.00 for speeding and court costs.

These tickets will be reported to your auto insurance company and can and probably will increase what you pay on your insurance premium.


Delicious, crunchy salad

We were invited to a GREAT lunch yesterday! My sister, Lona Sue, brought a new salad that she had prepared. It was simply delicious! Thought that that you might be interested in trying it!

1 head of cabbage--chopped OR (just use one bag of prepared slaw mix)
8 green onions--chopped
1/2 cup sliced almonds
1/2 cup sesame seeds
1/4 cup butter
2-3 ounce ramen noodles (DO NOT COOK)

2 tablespoons sugar
1/2 cup vegetable oil
3 tablespoons red wine vinegar (with salad dressings)
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon pepper

1. Mix cabbage (or slaw mix) with green onions in large bowl.

2. In small saucepan over medium heat, brown almonds and sesame seeds in butter.

3. Combine all dressing ingredients in a small bowl and stir well. Just before serving, add the sesame seeds, almonds and broken up raw ramen noodles (about bite-size or just a little bigger) to the cabbage and green onions. Pour the dressing, a little at a time, over the salad mix, then TOSS.

Serves 10-12.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Irises, anyone???

We have a BUNCH of irises that need to be thinned out. We have a multitude of colors and some of the irises are almost black and are just HUGE! All are beautiful. If you are interested in any of them, please let me know.

Also, if you happen to have any plants that you are wanting to thin out, please let me know. We are in need of thickening a couple of our gardens. Plus, we have now decided to add at least one more flower garden in the back yard. We had given up on that idea when the girls were little. Now, they want me to put flower gardens in there also.

We'd appreciate ANYTHING and everything that you have to give!!!


Have you had an experience with this?

Last night, we saw a grass product advertised on TV. It was a combination of grass seed with fertilizer that is sprinkled onto your ground and is supposed to do well. We have a few places in the front and back yards that could really benefit by this if it works.

Thank you!!!

100 years ago today

My grandparents, Roy and Helen Graham-Elder, were married 100 years ago today, April 24th, 1910. They had an even dozen kids--a half a dozen girls and a half a dozen boys, Alice Summers, Addie Strobridge, Ruby Whitney, Bessie Burch, Neva Kiefer-Duncan and Laura Elder who died when she was just 7 1/2-years-old. Their 6 boys included Buck, Dick, Ellsworth (Red), Frank, Lewis and my Daddy, Pat.

My grandfather was very well-known and respected for his hereford (cattle) business southwest of Leoti. My grandmother was busy all of the time raising their kids, cooking, cleaning, raising gardens, etc. They were the first people in Wichita County to own a motorized car.

Back then, farmers and stockmen always wanted sons to help with the business. God blessed my grandfather with 5 girls before he had his first son. Those five girls helped just like boys. Their hands were proof of that. They were larger and stronger than most women's hands.

When Daddy was born, he already had three nieces and nephews.

His father died from dust pneumonia when Daddy was just 2 1/2 years old. He had no memories of his dad. After the death, my grandmother moved the remaining children who were not already married, into Leoti. She made their living by cleaning for the elderly and ill, and ironed for many others. She passed away 4 years later. After that, the married children took over raising the younger ones. Two things that Daddy never forgot about his mother whom he loved so much, was that when they went to visit her in the Scott County Hospital the day of her death from cancer, she gave all of the kids a stick of gum. Then, he never cared much for the smell of roses. They were my grandmother's favorites and the church was full of them at the funeral. As a result of that, we didn't wear rose-scented perfumes or used rose scented deodorizing sprays in our house as they reminded him of her funeral.

Daddy grew up in the Great Depression. Until his death, he recalled that after they moved to Leoti, he and his older brothers would walk to the railroad tracks where trains delivered commodities to the people here. Daddy said that everyone looked forward to these trains. The food wasn't always fresh by the time that they got to Wichita County. Raisins were a good example. He said that many times, the raisins arrived full of extra protein--worms. People ate them anyway.

As of today, three daughters remain, Alice who just turned 99-years-old, Bessie and Neva. All live in Leoti.


Friday, April 23, 2010

You will be ticketed

The state of Kansas, like so many others in the nation, is broke. Various things have been done to stir up as much revenue as possible. For example, April was the first month out of several that courthouse employees were not allowed to work one day so that the state did not have to pay them. Courthouses where employees are fired or who quit, will probably not be allowed to replace that employee for awhile.

Now, the government has decided to start giving tickets to ANYONE and EVERYONE who is caught driving just 4 or more miles per hour over the posted speed limit in towns and in the country.

You've been warned!


Friday morning's report of Scott County tornado damage

Just received a phone call from Scott City. I thought that you might be interested in hearing about it. The bulk of Scott City received minimal damage. Places to the south had a bit worse damage. The main damage appears to have happened in Shallow Water and north of Scott City. To my knowledge, no one was injured. Thank the Good Lord!!! When meteorologists began talking of this large tornado headed straight for town, my heart dropped to my feet.

Today, the wind is up and going. But SUNSHINE HAS RETURNED!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know me, I normally love the snowy and closed-in type of days. But, after several days of it, I needed a major change! LOL!!! There is a chance of showers today, thunderstorms tomorrow and bright sun on Sunday!


I am very thankful!!!

I have several important things that just happened in the past 24 hours that I truly feel thankful for! Here they are:

1. My brudder-in-law, Leif Christensen, landed in Wichita safely.
2. Our Leoti family remained safe during yesterday evening's horrendous storm.
3. Our son and daughter-in-law also remained safe when the tornado struck Scott City.
4. Our home appears to be unscathed from the storm.
5. Dogs that were boarded at a Scott City vet clinic that belong to someone close to us, were not injured in the storm.
6. AND, our dirt roads that we use to get to our home are just GREAT! A few years ago, if a storm like that came through here, they would have been worse than a total mess. Thank you City of Leoti!!!

Thank you, God!!!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tornado Myths and Truths

Since tornado season has just begun, I thought that you may be interested in these facts AND non-facts.

myth: Areas near lakes, rivers and mountains are safe from tornadoes.


myth: The low pressure with a tornado causes buildings to "explode" as the tornado passes overhead.


myth: Windows should be opened before a tornado approaches to equalize pressure and minimize damage.


myth: If you are driving and a tornado is sighted, you should turn and drive at right angles to the storm.


myth: People caught in the open should seek shelter under highway overpasses.



Professional Tornado Hunters in This Area

Tonight, professional tornado watchers have been out in full force in our area. These people were here to chart progress of tornadoes for the TV screen. Earlier today, they stopped long enough to eat at Pizza Hut in Scott City. So, who knows, we may actually see footage of the storm in Southwest Kansas.


Scott County Struck by Tornadoes

A tornado being described as being quite large has just hit Shallow Water (south of Scott City) and the southern edge of Scott City. From what people have told me, significant damage has been done to Shallow Water. At this time, I don't know just how bad the damage is or if anyone has been injured.

Meteorologists have confirmed that this particular storm has dropped several tornadoes in it's path.

At 7:45, Scott County authorities blew the all-clear siren in Scott City.

For the first time in a few days, we are FINALLY seeing glimpses of blue sky. There are still alot of clouds in our area especially between Leoti and Scott City.

If I learn anything else, I will report it here.


Leoti hit hard

For the past couple of days, we have had small amounts of rain--nothing terribly significant. That all changed this afternoon when heavy rains started around 1:30 or 2:00. Then, around 4:00, everything fell apart! Very heavy rain with small hail struck town. Unfortunately, we had to have Abigayle at the health department for a shot at that time. As soon as she had had her immunization, we headed for the mill so that we could clean. It was only 4:15 and the streetlights had already turned on. Before we got to the Main and Broadway stoplight intersection, deep water was everywhere. Traffic could hardly move. As we proceeded eastward, things became MUCH worse. The rain was so heavy that even with our wipers going full-speed, they couldn't keep up. The girls and I are throughly convinced that we drove through a mini tornado by the golfcourse. All of a sudden, we were in practically complete darkness. Between the wind, hail and rain, we could barely hear Abigayle screaming! She has a major phobia of rainstorms!!! Eventually, we made it through the storm. Once we turned off on the Seaboard road, we looked to the west. We could see the black funnel going back into the sky.

While we were cleaning at the mill, the rain reduced itself to just a heavy sprinkle. As soon as we finished there, we headed back to town to clean the downtown offices. Flooding was widespread by that time. Several streets were completely under water. The east-west street just to the north of Dollar General was one such street covered in water. We watched as someone in a brand-new and very tall pick-up drove through it. The pick-up died and stayed put for quite sometime. Eventually, the driver was able to turn it on again. The pick-up was making a screaming sound as it moved through the water. Once it got to Main Street, it was able to get out of the water and progressed south. By the time that we parked on Main Street in front of their offices, we still had to wade through fairly deep water, approximately 2" or so, to get to the front door. We were shocked that the water had not gotten into the offices. The rain came to a complete halt while we were there.

As we were 'wading' into the offices, our son, Adam, called us from Scott City. He told us that it had been confirmed that the deadliest of all tornadoes was on the ground somewhere between Lakin and Leoti. At that time, meteorologists did not know if it would continue northward to Leoti or turn east towards Scott City. Fortunately for Leotians, it went eastward. Adam said that the storm is supposed to be heading straight for Scott City.

All of Southwest Kansas is under a tornado watch--NOT warning until 9:00. Now, at 6:45, we are once again receiving light rain. The winds have picked up drastically. All of our trees and bushes are getting a tough thrashing. Adam called just a few minutes ago. He said that it is entirely possible and probable that people in our area could end up with baseball-sized hail this evening. Last June, much of Wichita County including Leoti received baseball-sized hail. Many people lost their roofs and windows. Vehicles were terribly abused from the storm. Our 2001 Buick Century was a total loss. Believe me, we can do without that size of hail ever again!

I am going to sign off for now. If we do get another storm tonight, I will pass that information on to you.


Still needing

Our friends now have their computer but are unable to use it without a monitor. If you or someone you know has one to sell or give away, please call me at 375-4584, leave a comment here or email me at .

Thank you!!!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wichita County 2010 Fair

The fair will be held on Wednesday through Saturday, July 28th through the 31st. All rides still require ONE ticket which costs 25 cents!

For your information, Hi-Plains Motel is open and plans are that it will remain open for many years to come. They fill up quickly for the fair so you should probably call soon to set up your reservations. Their number is 620-375-2239 or 620-375-4438. They serve breakfast buffet.

I will add more fair and rodeo information as time gets closer.


Wichita County Alumni and Faculty

There is a current Spring push for anyone who ever went to or taught in Wichita County Schools to purchase their lifetime membership for $10.00 now. If you do not get it done soon, you will have to pay $10.00 every year. For more information or to sign up, please go to the following website:


Wanna help???

As you already know, I watch very little news because I find it to be too upsetting for myself. (I know what you're thinking--that I prefer to hide my head... You're RIGHT! I know that if it is something that I really need to know, someone will tell me.) But last night, I got in on the end of a report on Haiti and the current MAJOR crisis there. As we all know, the earthquake was devastating there a couple of months back. For weeks, that was about all that anyone heard about. Since then, few people are thinking much about it. Other breaking news came along and detered our attention from the Haitians plight.

Last night, reporters showed the pictures and interviewed English-speaking doctors and residents of Haiti who spoke through interpretors. Well, let me tell you, their condition is ANYTHING but okay. The fortunate people are living in tents. The unfortunate are lying on the hard ground. Supplies of food and clothes are at an absolute minimum. Though there are men there who were sent to keep order and to reduce crime, many people are hurt and raped often. Of course, these tents did not come complete with bathroom facilities. So, many men are waiting for the women and girls to go to the portapotties after dark. Then, groups of 2, 3 or more men attack and brutally rape these innocent women and girls.

If you're interested in sending money of any amount, please go to or to any other reputable websites for this matter.

There are still many children who have lost their families. If you are interested in adoption, please go the following websites:

Global Adotions
c/o Cyndy Peck


c/o Kathryn Holliday


c/o Chareyl

Thank you!!!


Donate your Old Tennis Shoes

Soles4Souls are asking that you drop off your old tennis shoes at RBSES or WCHS from Today through May 10th.

This is aponsored by NHS.


Soles for Souls

Remember that one man's trash is another man's treasure...

***Over 1 and a half BILLION shoes lay idle in American closets.

***OVER 300 MILLION children around the world are without shoes.

***Soles4Souls gives away a pair of shoes every 9 seconds.

Right now, the Wichita County Schools are doing everything that they can to help the shoeless people throughout the world. If you happen to have ANY shoes just laying around your house doing nothing, PLEASE send them to either of the Leoti schools. Either send your students to school with them or drop them off at either of the grade or the high school offices OR take them to the USD 467 Office.

These shoes DEFINITELY do NOT need to be brand new but they do need to be in good enough shape that people do not have holes in them. They do not need to be totally in style either. Remember that these shoes will be given to totally shoeless people. I doubt if any of the recipients have been looking through the latest style magazines or watching style revues on TV!

Here are the people who can help drastically: Individuals (you and me), Retailers, Groups/Civic Organizations, Churches/Synagogues, Footwear Manufacturers, Corporations/Businesses, Schools.

What Soles4Souls does...

It facilitates the donations of shoes which are used to aid the hurting worldwide. Shoe companies, retailers, and individuals can donate footwear (both new and used). Soles4Souls is a 501(c)(3) recognized by the IRS, therefore, donating parties are elegible for tax advantages.

The opportunities are endless. They have distributed product to people in need in OVER 125 countries on 5 continents, including the United States, Honduras, Guatemala, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Swaziland, Uganda, Iraq, Peru, Thailand and Nepal. It is so easy for anyone to help give hope simply by giving a pair of shoes!

From fundraisers to just simply donating cash, visit their website for ideas on how YOU can get plugged in.

If you don't live around here but still want to help, send shoes to the following address:

World Distribution Center
315 Airport Road
Roanoke, AL


contact them at

World Headquarters
319 Martingale Drive
Nashville, TN


call them at 615-391-5723.

We all need to be involved with this.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wednesday morning mattinee at Tribune's Star Theatre

Feel like going out for a movie? Then head over to Tribune on Wednesday, April 21st. THE BOUNTY HUNTER starts at 11:00 CST.


Back to square 1 AGAIN

I received an email this morning. The person who sent it had taken the posting personally. PLEASE know that it was NOT intended to hurt ANYONE EXCEPT FOR THE DOG-GONE MEDIA!!! Most of us would have not known anything about it if it had not been for the media who do anything and EVERYTHING to broadcast anything bad and upsetting to the rest of the world. They speak of tragedy after tragedy... When was the last time that you heard anything positive come out of their mouths aside of good weather on its way???

If any of you thought that I was blasting you, please realize that that was DEFINITELY NOT my intent.

Thank you!!!


Monday, April 19, 2010

Interesting quote of the day...

I get to go to lots of overseas places like Canada.

Brittany Spears

Do you suppose she might have blond hair? LOL!!!


Update on Chris and Peter

Just got a note from Chris and Peter tonight. As you know, they have been doing humanitarian work in Africa again. Right now, they are taking a break for a couple of days in Cairo, Egypt. Their trip has been extremely hot, dirty and saddening. Then, they will be on to the Congo.

Their humanitarian efforts have not just been centered in Africa. Once they received the news of the mess in Europe in the aftermath of Iceland's volcano eruptions last week, they instructed their personal pilots to fly their plane to Rome and ferry people who have been stuck in Northern Europe back to the United States. The people first had to be able to catch trains to Rome. Their plane is solidly booked until Saturday. If Leif has not been able to get out of Europe by Saturday, they want us to let them know so that they can make arrangements to get him back home.

Please keep Chris and Peter in your thoughts and prayers.


Dr. Phil's Family on CBS

Does anyone else out there watch Dr. Phil on the days that he spotlights this particular family? Honestly, that is normally the only day that I watch his show. I find this particular family to be just too interesting NOT to watch! It aired again today and their family's problems will continue a week from today, Monday, April 26th.

I guess that this family first entered the public eye several years ago when their older of two children became pregnant at the age of 15. Since then, she has had two children, a son and a daughter, and is once again pregnant. None of these children share the same father. She managed to marry the second child's father but the marriage is resulting in divorce.

The courts have taken her two older children away from her. Until today on the show, she had not realized that since the court views her as a poor parent, that the third child will also be taken away from her. She acted as if she had no idea that she would not be raising this new child!

Her oldest child's father and his family are now raising him. Her parents currently have custody of her daughter. The organization of child protection in their state has already told her and her lawyers that they will absolutely NOT allow her to get custody of her children as long as she is living with her current fiance. A few months ago, the daughter had strange bruising around her neck. To this day, no one has taken responsibility for the very possible child abuse of this little girl. The mother and her fiance swear up and down that they did not do this and that the grandmother probably did...

It makes me upset whenever I think about parents not raising their children the proper way. For years, Stan and I opened our home to foster children. We later adopted our first foster son. Over and over we heard gut-wrenching stories that these unfortunate children had had to live through. I simply CANNOT understand how anyone could even think about treating their children in this matter let alone actually DO IT!!!

In every case that we were involved in, all children were returned to their natural families except for our son. Even then, he eventually rejoined his mother after he was out of school. I haven't ever quite understood why he even wanted her in his life. I remember what he and his social workers told us about his childhood. Little by little, I have learned that no matter what, parents and children have a relationship whether it be a good one or not. We have a relationship with Adam as does his mother and step-father. The good thing is that Adam still has a relationship with many of his brothers and i sister sometimes.

As I tune in to the Dr. Phil's Family, I have to wonder why another mother would ever choose to give up her very own children in order that she could keep her boyfriend in her life. What is wrong with people??? I doubt that this is anything new in the United States. We are just starting to hear more and more about it now than we did at any other time. More and more, grandparents are raising their grandchildren than at any other time in American history. The actual parents are free to do whatever they please--drugs, alcohol, you name it. Of course, for MANY generations, many family members have chosen to live in the same household. The grandparents have happily taken care of their grandkids while the parents went to work. I am NOT talking about them. I am referring to the parents who are not fit to raise a dead dog, let alone children.

What has happened to people??? Why is it that so many people no longer realize that children are true gifts from God? As a person who had to wait for 36 years before she was ever given a natural born child, I just can't stand to see others who are given children at earlier ages who just do not appreciate their children.

Life isn't always fair, I guess.



I am sooo angered right now! I understand that we, as Americans, have the right to free speech but our rights can bring about failure as well. Recently, much has been voiced about 2012 as being the end of the world. Many adults don't feel good when the discussion of the end of the world comes up. But, what about how our children view it???

As you already know, Abigayle turned 8 on Saturday. She couldn't have been any happier! (It isn't usually until our latter 20s or 30th when we get to the point where we fret over our birthdays.) All was going so well for her until a friend whom she thinks is totally up-to-date on the future of all Earthlings. He really blew her away when he told her that no one will be alive after 2012. This particular friend is one of her very favorite people whom she puts a great deal of beliefs in. I'm not blaming him. He has heard this from others and is just as worried about it as Abigayle is.

Today, she walked in the front door fresh from the schoolbus. At first, she reached out and gave me a great big beautiful hug and kiss, then... she looked up at me with her bright blue eyes and asked me why the world is coming to an end in 2012. Urgh!!! Why does anyone find it to be their calling to totally shove any and all of us until the dark pool of total despair???

Personally, the only thing that I sorta know about 2012 is the fact that that is when the Aztec calendar comes to an end. I don't even know if that is the truth. I just try to hide my head under my pillow when subjects such as this come up. Right or wrong, that is how I deal with uncomfortable situations that I have no control over.

I wish that if people believed that on a certain outlined date that the end will occur, that they would keep that information as far away from children as possible. Kids have enough to deal with anyway, facing the end is just too much!!! They're supposed to grow up, get married, have wonderful children and grandchildren and then, conquer the world. They don't want or need to hear that their dreams will never happen!!!

For as long as I can remember, people have forecast the end of the world and life as we know it. According to the Bible, we will never know the exact day. Several events will happen first. Those things are outlined. Hundreds of years ago, people believed that those events had already transpired and that God would return at any second. Though people today are forecasting the same thing, it is totally possible that the end may still be hundreds, thousands of years away or it might happen later TODAY! I just hate to see this 2012 nonsense continue being spread around...


Something we can all do to change the world around us!

In 2000, PAY IT FORWARD was produced. This drama and romance stars Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt, Jon Bon Jovie, Angie Dickenson, etc. It is rated PG-13 because of mature thematic elements including substance abuse/recovery, some sexual situations, language and brief violence.

Synopsis: Like some other kids, 12-year-old Trevor McKInney believed in the kindness of human nature. Like many other kids, he was determined to change the world for the better. Unlike most of the other kids, he actually succeeded. He changed the world with DIRECT ACTION. His plan was to "pay it forward" by doing a good deed for just 3 people, then each one of them would do good deeds for three others, creating a charitable pyramid scheme...

Right now, if you google movie information for PAY IT FORWARD, you will be given a bunch of websites to get more information. One of the first websites allows you to use your credit or debit card to pay for this movie for only $3.95 with NO postage unless you demand quick delivery. The movie is then YOURS TO KEEP. You can also purchase this movie for $11.00 at Hastings in Garden City.

I actually know of people who have benefitted by this! A relative of mine saw a homeless man in Garden City. He was offering to work for money. She had no work that was needing to be done but she stopped and gave him some money anyway. Later, her teenaged son and a good friend of his drove past another homeless man. They went to a store and purchased a toothbrush, toothpaste and other toiletries that we take for granted for the man. Before they took these items to the man, they made a trip to McDonalds and purchased a meal for him. Then, they gave it all to the man. Can you imagine what these homeless people thought? I especially think that the teenagers blew away the man that they helped! You know how it is, people are always complaining about what teenagers are doing that they shouldn't be doing. Instead these two young men went out of their way and spent their very own money to help a total stranger!!!

Before either of these occurences had happened, the woman was parked in line after ordering a drink. When it was her turn to pay, the Sonic employee at the window told her that the people in front of her vehicle had already paid for her order which was just an iced tea. None of the people in those vehicles even knew each other. Since then, the lady was again standing in line at Sonic. When it was her turn to pay, she paid for the family who had just ordered and were waiting in line behind her.

Another incident that I am aware of, involves a brother of mine right here in Leoti. No, he is not my biological brother but at one time, he was married to my sister. Til my dying day, he will remain my brother. Last Christmas, I was very concerned about kids and families who wouldn't be receiving any gifts. As you know, I wrote about my concerns here. People came out of the woodwork to help me. He was one of those people. He also supports other chairites such as the Burn Center in Wichita. He became up close and personal with the B.C. when his son, Hunter, was horribly burned from his chin to his toes. Doctors did not expect the 10 1/2 month old to survive but God had other plans.

Oh, and for fear that my buttons are going to burst, I am going to tell you who these individuals are. Rob Carson, Lona Sue DuVall, Hunter Carson and Hunter's friend, Matt Salyer...

Go out and deed as much love as you can to three other people...Eventually, it'll come back to you when you need it the most...


Blau' pet adoption

Stan's brother, George, and his wife of one year, Shelley, formerly of Tribune, recently decided that they needed to adopt a dog for their family. The pair lives in St. George which is a suburb of Manhattan. They discovered a Yorkshire Terrier in a Kansas City shelter needed a new family. The 2-year-old had been born with one blind eye. An elderly couple had purchased her and had taken her on the road with them in their mobile home until failing health sent them to a nursing home. Of course, pets were not welcome there so Kendra Jo needed to find a new family. George and Shelley provided the home that Kendra Jo needed.

Kendra Jo moved into her new home and soon had fallen in love with George and Shelley. She managed to tie herself around their little fingers (and hearts). Gaorge and Shelley run an insurance office in Wamego which is just a few miles away from their home. It didn't take long for them to learn that while they are at work, Kendra Jo needs to be in her kennel. For one thing, she feels secure there when they are not at home and for another, she leaves little messes for them to "pay them back" for not taking her with them. LOL!

A few days after Kendra Jo had come home with them, George had taken her for a walk around the neighborhood. He THOUGHT that he had done a fine job of securing her leash to her collar. Hmmm, not the case. It didn't take her long to realize that. As soon as she knew, she jerked away from George and took off! For hours, George and Shelley looked but never found Kendra. They were so sad. At 11:00 that night, they gave up in the dark but planned on getting up early the next morning to look for her in the light of day. Instead, at 12:45 a.m., a call came in to them that she had been found on a four lane highway between Manhattan and St. George and she was FINE!!! A young lady found her dodging vehicles. She pulled to the side of the road to catch her. A police officer pulled behind the car to see what was wrong. Between the two of them, they managed to nab her. George and Shelley's phone number was printed on her collar (plus she was micro-chipped.) As soon as the call came in, George and Shelley were out the door to pick her up and bring her home.

Just recently, she got away from George while Shelley was at Ladies Bible Study. George found Kendra Jo just a few houses down the street. George was in the car so he attempted to talk her into the car. K.J. has a mind of her own and refused to board the vehicle. George didn't know what to do besides call Shelley. George set his cellphone to the speaker phone mode. Shelley talked to K.J. and talked her into getting back into the vehicle. Of course, this had to be done on KENDRA JO'S terms. She refused to get in on the driver's side. Instead, she walked to the passenger's side of the car. As soon as George opened that door, she was only TOO happy to oblige him.

Just thought that you might enjoy this doggie tale!


Thinking of taking a road trip?

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law who live in Eastern Kansas were here yesterday. They told us the many attractions in their neck of the woods. One such place is the Sealy Mansion in Abilene. The mansion, itself, would be enough for me to want to go and have a visit. Plus, there are so many other things in the area to explore. So many times, people in Western Kansas look to the West when deciding on where to go and visit. Maybe we should also be considering an Eastern Kansas destination. Other places to visit in Abilene are the museum and graveside of President Dwight Eisenhower, the Greyhound Hall of Fame--racedogs not buses. Etc., etc., etc...


Identity of person needing ride to the Kansas City, Kansas Area

As of this morning, I have the identity of the person who needs to go to Kansas City. The person, a lady, prefers that I not disclose her name or phone number here. If you are going to be going to that area, PLEASE contact me. At that time, I will give you the necessary information.

Thank you!!!



The computer has now been delivered to the family needing it. Now, all that they need is a monitor. It definitely does NOT need to be new or anything fancy. If you have one to sell or give away, please call ME at 375-4584 or send an email to me at . I will get the information to the family who lives here in Leoti.

Thank you!!!


Sunday, April 18, 2010

WCHS Junior-Senior prom

Last night, April 17th, was the annual prom at the high school gym. We drove past the school and saw quite a few of the young men and women all dressed up in fine attire. To my knowledge, all went very well!


Kids needing new clothes???

Lori just introduced us to a new store in Garden City with amazing NEW clothes at even more amazing prices!!! The bottom price is around $2.00 and the most expensive price is about $25.00!

The name of the store is Everyday Clothes. It is out there close to the driver's license bureau.

We were shocked at the great clothes that were so very inexpensive!!!


Dear Person wanting ride to Kansas City

Please call me, leave your name in the comment box after you read this post or send an email to slblaus@gmail com to let me know who you are and how we can contact you. So far, two sets of people have just gone to Kansas City but we did not know who to contact so that you could ride along.

Thank you!!!


Abigayle's three day birthday weekend

Our daughter, Abigayle, had her 8th birthday on Saturday, April 17th. We celebrated for 3 whole days! On Friday evening, several of her friends, Laney Crouch, Cambree Koehn, Victoria Ortega, Breanna Mancillas, Sarah Martin and Marcella, congregated at our house for a special tea party, followed by a dinner served on real china and then a slumber party. We doubted that these little ladies would have much use for tea, so we filled our china tea pot with orange juice. In addition to their orange juice, we also served individual white cakes.

Before the tea party, the girls were all ushered into our family room where they went through and selected "fancy" dresses and high-heeled shoes to wear to the party. Stan and I had purchased this fine apparel at the Leoti Thrift Shop before the party began. Most of the kids were THRILLED with these gorgeous dresses!

Once dressed, they were escorted into our dining room and seated at the table draped in a lace tablecloth that was already set-up with the teapot, cups, cakes, etc. The girls had sooo much fun! Their refills were served by their waitresses, Leighlyn, Hannah Martin and Shilah Mason.

Following tea, everyone moved to the front porch where they were invited to plant either pansies or snapdragons of all different colors (from the LadyBug Flower Shoppe in Leoti) into flowerpots that they took home with them as party favors.

After all of this, it was time to return into the house to wash their hands before returning to the dining room for dinner. The girls were so excited about their main course--homemade pigs-in-blankets that were made with my very own crescent roll dough. It was funny seeing these "delicacies" on china plates! LOL!!!

Later, the girls filed into the family room where they watched movies. While they were being entertained, the three older girls surprised us by loading all of the dishes into the dishwasher and then, they even straightened the kitchen and dining room back up for us! They did this without even being asked! What great young ladies--they're only 12- and 13-years-old.

Later that night, the girls retired to sleep in sleeping bags, etc. When they awakened on Saturday morning, they were all ready for another tea party!!!

Then, on Saturday, my mom, Lori and Lars took Abigayle to Garden City. While there, they enjoyed a great Italian lunch at Nampoli's which is located at the airport. They also bought new clothes. Leif, Lori and Lars bought the clothes for Abi for her birthday.

We met everyone in Scott City. Abigayle came home with us after we made a side trip to the Dairy Queen for some birthday ice cream. Once home, we all moved to the patio where we roasted marshmallows in the fire pit and sat around visiting as we listened to the soothing sounds of the fountain. What a wonderful way to complete Abigayle's actual birthday!

On Sunday, great family and friends met at our house for lunch and to spend the afternoon and a part of the evening talking, laughing and getting caught up on each other's lives. Those in attendance were Grandma, Mama, Lars, Stan's brother and wife whom we introduced just two years ago! George and Shelley Wishon-Blau, Rob and Hunter Carson, Matt Martin and his kids, Hannah, Sarah, Micah and Avah, Justin, Tammy and Shilah Mason. Unfortunately, Lori and Chanelle Martin were unable to share the day with us because of illness. Lona Sue was painting for a contractor in Garden City. Leif is still in Denmark. We really missed them all!!!

Stan grilled onion burgers. Grandma brought freshly baked cookies, Matt brought over more of his outstanding enchilladas and Lori sent over a White Cheese Pizza (delicious) that she had purchased at Nampoli's yesterday. My mom brought over her famous cottage cheese salad with cucumbers, olives, tomatoes, onions, etc. We served homemade brownie shhet cake for dessert. We all ate until our tummies were ready to burst! While the adults visited, all of the kids went outdoors and enjoyed a beautiful Spring day! Stan, Leighlyn and I had cleaned out our pond yesterday and activated the fountain in the pond. Today, the kids really enjoyed listening to the water as it fell! I think that I can honestly say, that many of us were not ready for the day to come to an end.

By the way, Lord, thank you sooooooooooooooooooooo very much for blessing us with our beloved Abigayle Joy Patrice Blau!!!


Saturday, April 17, 2010


A bunch of Leoti kids are planning on attending church camp at New Life Ranch outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma in June. Our daughter, Leighlyn, is one of those kids. To help pay for the expenses, Schwan's Foods will be sharing some of their profits for this very worthwhile event.

We would REALLY appreciate it if you would meet the Schwans truck just between K-Store and the car wash on Saturday, May 1st. When you make your purchase, please let the driver know that you want your money to benefit Leighlyn.

Thank you!!!


Friday, April 16, 2010

The Lady Bug Flower Shoppe

Fresh and beautiful new gardening plants arrived at the store yesterday. Today, they are in the greenhouse and are available to go home with you.

Unfortunately, the price of gas has caused the price for the plants to go up this year.

Each 4-pack of annuals (plants that only live one year) are being sold for $2.59 each.

All 4-packs of perennials (plants that come back year after year) are $4.99 each.

Plants in 4 1/2" pots cost $6.29.

No hanging patio plants will be brought in until May. That way, there will be a good selection to choose from for Mother's Day.

This year, if you do not think that you need a full four-pack of plants, you can just buy 1, 2 or 3 plants.

For the past several years, many people throughout the country have spent a considerable amount of money on French gardens to be placed in cemeteries for Memorial Day Weekend. All that a French garden is, is a number of individual plants in the soil that the seeds had been planted in. These plants are then put into a plastic, metal or pottery container. They are set out at gravesites. Later, the purchaser returns to the cemetery, takes the container home, removes the plants and plants them in their own yards. It is a much more economical thing for you to create your own French garden instead of buying them ready-made at other stores.

For additional information, please call 375-2172.

Thank you!!!


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Power of Prayer

Through the years, I have learned that whenever something happens in life that I can not control in any way, I turn my fears over to the Lord and I pray over and over and then over again. Most of those times, my prayers were answered just the way that I wanted them. For example, since our wedding day, I prayed night and day for God to bless us with a baby. It took 17 years but He blessed us with our angel, Leighlyn. God is on his own time schedule. He knows if and/or when the time is right for our prayers to be answered. Though I would have been thrilled to have had a baby in 1981, it never materialized until 1997. Looking back, I see that God knew exactly what he was doing.

In 1990, we learned that Daddy had cancer. Our family and I prayed and prayed for Daddy to be healed. Of course, that didn't happen but the prayers that Daddy's family and many friends prayed, gave Daddy almost 5 extra years than what doctors believed that he would have. Five years is so much better than 6 months!!!

A couple of weeks ago, one of the dearest and most important people in my life began having major health problems. I went in to a stupor. All kinds of things went through my mind about what could be causing these major difficulties. I definitely was in no way, ready to lose this person! I prayed over and over, day after day, night after night... Today, the test results came in... My friend is going to be GREAT!!! Turns out that minor things were causing big problems. Now, we know how to correct the little problems which will translate into great health!

Don't forget to pray! He may not answer us right away. But he'll answer them in one way or another!

Thank you, God!!!



We have an evergreen hedge in our front yard. We have decided that it is time to cut it to a smaller height. Problem is, is that we don't know if we should cut each branch straight across or if we should cut it in an angle. If you know, could you please let us know???

Thank you so much!!!