Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Inexpensive tooth whitener and breath freshener in one!

Just learned a fact of where the original tooth whitener and breath freshener came from. I learned it on a dental show on TV. Thought that you might be interested in giving it a try! You know that with the economic stress that we are currently dealing with, more and more people are resolving to using what we already have on hand instead of spending money to obtain it...

Many years ago, Mormon leaders advised their fellow family members and friends to simply try this. Many people were so impressed with it that the practice lasted for MANY years. It is quite possible that somewhere--someone may still be using this one-step method.

All that you needed to do was "catch" your first morning's urine. Then put it in your mouth and swish it all around. Whenever you felt ready, you could spit it out. People swore up and down that the longer the urine was kept in the mouth, the brighter the teeth and fresher the breath would become.

Hmmm, I am all for saving money but I think that I prefer to continue putting out the money to purchase Close-Up and Scope. LOL!!!

Just a fun fact that I thought you might appreciate knowing... Plus, rememeber that if you run out of toothpaste and mouthwash, you can make up your own product right there at home!!!


Note: PLEASE do not think that I am slamming anyone from the Mormon faith!!! I, personally, am related to many Mormons and have chosen wonderful friends who are Mormon.

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