Monday, April 26, 2010

More pet peeves of mine

Spring has sprung! Today, as I mowed our backyard, I soaked up the spicy scent being expelled from our lilac hedge and the sweet smell from our currant hedge. Mercy, it was wonderful!!!

It got me to doing some other thinking. Owning a home is a priviledge in this world. Most people will never have that option. So...why is it that when people are actually getting to live "the great American dream" do they not take care of their yards, etc? I suppose that there is no such thing as a perfect yard anywhere on this planet but I have definitely seen many that come close to having that distinction. Unfortunately, there are also many yards that are anything but nice to look at.

Those people allow trash, junk, tree branches, etc to clutter their outdoor property. Many of those people refuse to mow their grass or weeds until the City gives them a ticket. A considerable amount of Leotians actually drive their vehicles right up to their front doors. That is the case in so many of the yards in our neighborhood. IT DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!!!!! I simply cannot imagine people being that dog-gone lazy that they cannot park in their parking lot or along the side of the street. Do they not realize just how much that one thing cheapens the look of their property and the property around it???

I am not trying to tell people that they need to plant trees, shrubs, flowers, etc on their property. Some people couldn't care less about things like that. Others don't have time to commit to these things. But, come on! If you do not own a lawn mower or don't have the extra time to mow your yard, ask someone else to do it for you!!! Currently, I can think of 5 individuals right off the bat who will do it for you for a small amount of money. Or, maybe you can swap something that you can do with a friend or neighbor who then could mow your yard for you. Just a thought...

I urge everyone to take advantage of Leoti's Spring Clean-Up Week to rid their property of trash, unused vehicles, junk, etc.

Just needed to blow off some steam...LOL!!!


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