Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Catholic Church in Scott City

During the past few years, the Catholic population in Scott County had risen to the point that it was necessary to enlarge their church. The Catholic Church's building which had been used for BINGO for several years just to the south of the church was torn down so that a MAJOR addition could be added. The work has been completed and the much larger church looks great! It is just amazing to see just how naturally the original and the addition have blended together.

A large concrete-laden parking lot was also added to the church on the south side. It is complete with several nice lights to provide safety and security to everyone who parks there. Plus, quite simply said, the lights really add beauty to the entire area! Originally, the church people had planned on adding additional landscaping as money allowed. Instead, large donations allowed the landscaping to be done right away. So now, grass, shrubs and large flowering trees have been planted. If I am not mistaken, these flowering trees are the same as were just planted at the museum and gallery. Everything is just beautiful!


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