Friday, April 16, 2010

The Lady Bug Flower Shoppe

Fresh and beautiful new gardening plants arrived at the store yesterday. Today, they are in the greenhouse and are available to go home with you.

Unfortunately, the price of gas has caused the price for the plants to go up this year.

Each 4-pack of annuals (plants that only live one year) are being sold for $2.59 each.

All 4-packs of perennials (plants that come back year after year) are $4.99 each.

Plants in 4 1/2" pots cost $6.29.

No hanging patio plants will be brought in until May. That way, there will be a good selection to choose from for Mother's Day.

This year, if you do not think that you need a full four-pack of plants, you can just buy 1, 2 or 3 plants.

For the past several years, many people throughout the country have spent a considerable amount of money on French gardens to be placed in cemeteries for Memorial Day Weekend. All that a French garden is, is a number of individual plants in the soil that the seeds had been planted in. These plants are then put into a plastic, metal or pottery container. They are set out at gravesites. Later, the purchaser returns to the cemetery, takes the container home, removes the plants and plants them in their own yards. It is a much more economical thing for you to create your own French garden instead of buying them ready-made at other stores.

For additional information, please call 375-2172.

Thank you!!!


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