Friday, April 9, 2010

In case you're just tuning in...

Oftimes, I admit that I go and look at how many people have been reading my blog. As of earlier this morning, about 3,500 readings had taken place. As of right now, 9:52 on Friday, April 9th, the log reading mechanizism has just totalled a whopping ZERO amount of readings! Late last week, I had noticed that the mechanism was deducting readings. Now, it has dropped all the way down to no readings ever. Believe me, I don't know what happened there!!! LOL!!!



  1. I don't think your counter is working, as I have been on three of four time and that was before the time you gave.

  2. Yeah, I think that there is a good possibility in that. I should probably not be putting so much emphasis on it. I guess that I just want to see if anyone is interested in reading it anymore. If no one wants to read it, I should just start writing a paper diary. LOL! VLE-B

  3. I still read you everyday. Keep it up.


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