Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wanna help???

As you already know, I watch very little news because I find it to be too upsetting for myself. (I know what you're thinking--that I prefer to hide my head... You're RIGHT! I know that if it is something that I really need to know, someone will tell me.) But last night, I got in on the end of a report on Haiti and the current MAJOR crisis there. As we all know, the earthquake was devastating there a couple of months back. For weeks, that was about all that anyone heard about. Since then, few people are thinking much about it. Other breaking news came along and detered our attention from the Haitians plight.

Last night, reporters showed the pictures and interviewed English-speaking doctors and residents of Haiti who spoke through interpretors. Well, let me tell you, their condition is ANYTHING but okay. The fortunate people are living in tents. The unfortunate are lying on the hard ground. Supplies of food and clothes are at an absolute minimum. Though there are men there who were sent to keep order and to reduce crime, many people are hurt and raped often. Of course, these tents did not come complete with bathroom facilities. So, many men are waiting for the women and girls to go to the portapotties after dark. Then, groups of 2, 3 or more men attack and brutally rape these innocent women and girls.

If you're interested in sending money of any amount, please go to or to any other reputable websites for this matter.

There are still many children who have lost their families. If you are interested in adoption, please go the following websites:

Global Adotions
c/o Cyndy Peck


c/o Kathryn Holliday


c/o Chareyl

Thank you!!!



  1. Excellent organizations and ones which we also support.

  2. I want to send containers of pepper spray for the women. :-P


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