Sunday, April 11, 2010


I just received a comment from someone in regards to the buy/sell post I added here yesterday. The person had some great ideas that I would like to suggest here now.

The commenter has some vision problems so is unable to do a great deal of driving. He/She would like to see more people getting in to the carpooling vibe around Leoti. I think that it is a WONDERFUL idea! The co-carpoolers could share the gas purchases and driving, if possible.

I have been hearing major radio personalities who believe by the end of this summer, gas prices will be around the $7.00 per gallon mark. Totally scary and infuriating! That has been reality in Europe for a long time now. Many people now depend on bicycles and mopeds to get from place to place and town to town. If they do drive in a car, a lot of people carpool to save money. Anyway, if that becomes a reality, many of us will no longer be able to afford to go anywhere! So if there were two or more people who could share the ride and the gas purchase, people could still afford to travel more. Plus, I think that it would be an enjoyable experience to travel together and to get to know each other better!

If you are planning on a trip to Scott City, Garden City, etc and would like to have company, please let me know and I will post it here. Hopefully, readers will see the post and will set up plans to ride with you! Right now, businesses are paying their employees who drive their own vehicle for business, 50 cents per mile to and fro. So, in other words, if you drove from Leoti to Garden City and back home, you would have driven a total of 116 miles just on the highway. That particular trip would come to $58.00. So, if two different parties split the mileage, each party would need to pay $29.00. Of course, if three or four different parties made this trip, the individual cost would be broken down even more!

Lets see how this goes!!! I'm game for it!


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