Monday, April 26, 2010

"Speeding" ticket recipient speaks out

Last week, I warned people who drive in Kansas to be ready to receive a ticket if he/she drives 4 miles over the stated speed limit. Last night, a reader who lives in Eastern Kansas sent me an email on her personal situation.

On Saturday, she was 200 miles away from home when a police officer pulled her over. He wrote her a ticket for driving the 4 miles over the speeding limit. She tried to talk him into just giving her a warning since she is approximately 48-years-old and has NEVER had a ticket or accident. He denied her request. He told her that the State has demanded that anyone and everyone who drives 4 or more miles over the stated speed limit, receives a ticket. The officer also told her that he had just pulled over another vehicle for going less than 4 mph over the limit and gave a ticket to that driver also. The recipient of the ticket told me that if she had been closer to her home than the 200 miles where she was, she would have gone to court and contested the ticket. This recipient told me that she received a fine of $78.00 for speeding and court costs.

These tickets will be reported to your auto insurance company and can and probably will increase what you pay on your insurance premium.


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  1. The law has always been if you are driving one mile over the limit, you can get ticketed. We have been spoiled, in a way, because most officers have not stopped drivers even if they are going sometimes 10 mph over. Now it sounds like they are enforcing the law to the exact degree. So, sorry drivers, but..that is the law! Why do we expect favors? Also, the court costs alone now are $93.50, that does NOT include the fine. If you are caught driving up to ten miles per hour or less over the limit, your fine will be $30 on top of these costs.


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