Sunday, April 18, 2010

Abigayle's three day birthday weekend

Our daughter, Abigayle, had her 8th birthday on Saturday, April 17th. We celebrated for 3 whole days! On Friday evening, several of her friends, Laney Crouch, Cambree Koehn, Victoria Ortega, Breanna Mancillas, Sarah Martin and Marcella, congregated at our house for a special tea party, followed by a dinner served on real china and then a slumber party. We doubted that these little ladies would have much use for tea, so we filled our china tea pot with orange juice. In addition to their orange juice, we also served individual white cakes.

Before the tea party, the girls were all ushered into our family room where they went through and selected "fancy" dresses and high-heeled shoes to wear to the party. Stan and I had purchased this fine apparel at the Leoti Thrift Shop before the party began. Most of the kids were THRILLED with these gorgeous dresses!

Once dressed, they were escorted into our dining room and seated at the table draped in a lace tablecloth that was already set-up with the teapot, cups, cakes, etc. The girls had sooo much fun! Their refills were served by their waitresses, Leighlyn, Hannah Martin and Shilah Mason.

Following tea, everyone moved to the front porch where they were invited to plant either pansies or snapdragons of all different colors (from the LadyBug Flower Shoppe in Leoti) into flowerpots that they took home with them as party favors.

After all of this, it was time to return into the house to wash their hands before returning to the dining room for dinner. The girls were so excited about their main course--homemade pigs-in-blankets that were made with my very own crescent roll dough. It was funny seeing these "delicacies" on china plates! LOL!!!

Later, the girls filed into the family room where they watched movies. While they were being entertained, the three older girls surprised us by loading all of the dishes into the dishwasher and then, they even straightened the kitchen and dining room back up for us! They did this without even being asked! What great young ladies--they're only 12- and 13-years-old.

Later that night, the girls retired to sleep in sleeping bags, etc. When they awakened on Saturday morning, they were all ready for another tea party!!!

Then, on Saturday, my mom, Lori and Lars took Abigayle to Garden City. While there, they enjoyed a great Italian lunch at Nampoli's which is located at the airport. They also bought new clothes. Leif, Lori and Lars bought the clothes for Abi for her birthday.

We met everyone in Scott City. Abigayle came home with us after we made a side trip to the Dairy Queen for some birthday ice cream. Once home, we all moved to the patio where we roasted marshmallows in the fire pit and sat around visiting as we listened to the soothing sounds of the fountain. What a wonderful way to complete Abigayle's actual birthday!

On Sunday, great family and friends met at our house for lunch and to spend the afternoon and a part of the evening talking, laughing and getting caught up on each other's lives. Those in attendance were Grandma, Mama, Lars, Stan's brother and wife whom we introduced just two years ago! George and Shelley Wishon-Blau, Rob and Hunter Carson, Matt Martin and his kids, Hannah, Sarah, Micah and Avah, Justin, Tammy and Shilah Mason. Unfortunately, Lori and Chanelle Martin were unable to share the day with us because of illness. Lona Sue was painting for a contractor in Garden City. Leif is still in Denmark. We really missed them all!!!

Stan grilled onion burgers. Grandma brought freshly baked cookies, Matt brought over more of his outstanding enchilladas and Lori sent over a White Cheese Pizza (delicious) that she had purchased at Nampoli's yesterday. My mom brought over her famous cottage cheese salad with cucumbers, olives, tomatoes, onions, etc. We served homemade brownie shhet cake for dessert. We all ate until our tummies were ready to burst! While the adults visited, all of the kids went outdoors and enjoyed a beautiful Spring day! Stan, Leighlyn and I had cleaned out our pond yesterday and activated the fountain in the pond. Today, the kids really enjoyed listening to the water as it fell! I think that I can honestly say, that many of us were not ready for the day to come to an end.

By the way, Lord, thank you sooooooooooooooooooooo very much for blessing us with our beloved Abigayle Joy Patrice Blau!!!


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