Monday, April 12, 2010

Like movies???

I just learned today that anyone who has internet service and a subscription to NETFLIX can watch as many new releases, classics or TV episodes as often as they want to and whenever they want to for a total price of $8.99 per month! If you happen to own a WIIGAME, the movies can be sent directly to your WII as soon as you ordered it! Then, you can watch the movie right on your TV!!!

NETFLIX is the #1 retail website for customer satisfaction for 9 consecutive surveys since 2005! You can also view NETFLIX movies on your computer or MAC!

You can start your 1-month-FREE-subscription right now! Just call 1-866-636-3076 (toll-free) 24-HOURS-A-DAY or go to to get all of the information that you will ever need on NETFLIX.

Once you get on to the available movies, you will see a bunch that have red or blue buttons next to them. The buttons signify that that is a movie that can be sent directly to your WII Game.

Many people can save $$$ by subscibing to this versus paying for movie channels such as HBO and SHOWTIME on cable and sattelite!

Paying for this service is totally SIMPLE! Pay for it with your debit or credit cards or just send a check or money order.

We have subscribed to NETFLIX for a long time and really enjoy it! You can view as many shows as you want to for such a small amount of money! It is such a much cheeper way than to run downtown and rent movies at your local convenience stores, etc.


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