Sunday, April 11, 2010

Western Hardware

Yesterday, our family and I drove through town to fetch a wonderful antique secretary desk and shelves that one of our great friends gave to us! To do so, we drove through our business district in town. Much hub-bub was going on at Western Hardware. People seemed to be EVERYWHERE!!! Remember me telling you about the newly constructed outdoor store that they have just erected? Oh, my goodness! You just have to check it out now!!!

Russ and Cathy have just brought out a whole new and larger selection of soils and GORGEOUS plant pots of varying sizes. They all have a beee-u-ti-ful colored glaze over the exteriors of the pots. These pots would be so great for not only planting flowers and trees in, they would be ideal for making water fountains. It is sooo easy to construct water fountains. You would, of course, need a small water pump that is also available at Western Hardware. If you have any SIMPLE questions on how to do this, please ask away!

Anyway, if you are considering sprucing up your yards, porches and/or patios, take a trip to Western and see what you will find there!


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