Monday, April 26, 2010


Several kids from the Wichita County area are planning on attending New Life Ranch in Oklahoma in June. I believe that the tuition for this camp is $425.00 for each person. Leoti's youth Christian Group, GAP, is holding a SCHWAN'S FOODS fundraiser this Saturday, May 1st. The truck will be set up just to the south of the K-Store parking lot in Leoti from 9-3:00 CST. Schwans is giving the children involved 20% of the total sales for that day to be used for their camp tuition.

Our daughter, Leighlyn, will be making her 2nd appearance at this amazing camp this year. Other kids who are already signed up for this are Ashley Waldren, Daniel West, Hannah Martin, Sarah Martin, Shyla Mason, Regan Matteson, Emma Williams, Hailey Williams, Nathan Crays, Zane Ward, Dennis Kreutzer and Shawntel Salinas. We would appreciate if you could support Leighlyn by mentioning her name to the salesman on Saturday. All of the moneys not designated to any certain camper will be divided for all of the campers from Leoti.

Leighlyn has several of the new Schwan's catalogs in case you are interested in looking. If you are interested in pre-ordering, please let us know or call Youth Minister, Kevin Larson, at 620-214-2358.

If you would like to talk to Leighlyn about ordering, please call her at 375-4584. She will be helping at the Schwan's Truck from 9-11:00 on Saturday.

Thank you for your generous support! The kids will really appreciate all of the support that you are able to give!!!


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