Monday, April 19, 2010

Dr. Phil's Family on CBS

Does anyone else out there watch Dr. Phil on the days that he spotlights this particular family? Honestly, that is normally the only day that I watch his show. I find this particular family to be just too interesting NOT to watch! It aired again today and their family's problems will continue a week from today, Monday, April 26th.

I guess that this family first entered the public eye several years ago when their older of two children became pregnant at the age of 15. Since then, she has had two children, a son and a daughter, and is once again pregnant. None of these children share the same father. She managed to marry the second child's father but the marriage is resulting in divorce.

The courts have taken her two older children away from her. Until today on the show, she had not realized that since the court views her as a poor parent, that the third child will also be taken away from her. She acted as if she had no idea that she would not be raising this new child!

Her oldest child's father and his family are now raising him. Her parents currently have custody of her daughter. The organization of child protection in their state has already told her and her lawyers that they will absolutely NOT allow her to get custody of her children as long as she is living with her current fiance. A few months ago, the daughter had strange bruising around her neck. To this day, no one has taken responsibility for the very possible child abuse of this little girl. The mother and her fiance swear up and down that they did not do this and that the grandmother probably did...

It makes me upset whenever I think about parents not raising their children the proper way. For years, Stan and I opened our home to foster children. We later adopted our first foster son. Over and over we heard gut-wrenching stories that these unfortunate children had had to live through. I simply CANNOT understand how anyone could even think about treating their children in this matter let alone actually DO IT!!!

In every case that we were involved in, all children were returned to their natural families except for our son. Even then, he eventually rejoined his mother after he was out of school. I haven't ever quite understood why he even wanted her in his life. I remember what he and his social workers told us about his childhood. Little by little, I have learned that no matter what, parents and children have a relationship whether it be a good one or not. We have a relationship with Adam as does his mother and step-father. The good thing is that Adam still has a relationship with many of his brothers and i sister sometimes.

As I tune in to the Dr. Phil's Family, I have to wonder why another mother would ever choose to give up her very own children in order that she could keep her boyfriend in her life. What is wrong with people??? I doubt that this is anything new in the United States. We are just starting to hear more and more about it now than we did at any other time. More and more, grandparents are raising their grandchildren than at any other time in American history. The actual parents are free to do whatever they please--drugs, alcohol, you name it. Of course, for MANY generations, many family members have chosen to live in the same household. The grandparents have happily taken care of their grandkids while the parents went to work. I am NOT talking about them. I am referring to the parents who are not fit to raise a dead dog, let alone children.

What has happened to people??? Why is it that so many people no longer realize that children are true gifts from God? As a person who had to wait for 36 years before she was ever given a natural born child, I just can't stand to see others who are given children at earlier ages who just do not appreciate their children.

Life isn't always fair, I guess.


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