Thursday, September 27, 2012

Public Restrooms

This is the persnal experience that I warned you about being posted earlier.  It is NOT for the squimmish or faint of heart.  Enter at your own risk.

There are many times in our lives when we "just gotta go" but we're nowhere close to our very own bathrooms.  In some cases, we can choose to risk kidney and bladder infections just so that we can avoid using a public restroom.  At other times, this is just not a do-able situation.  Like it or not...

A couple of weeks ago, I faced one of those impossible situations.  We had been shopping in an out-of-town store when my bladder decided that it just could not take it anymore.  It was either make my way--quickly--to the closest rest room or take a chance of needing a mop soon.  Needless to say, I ran for the restroom at the front of the store.  Fortunately, I made it to the restroom just in time.  Two stalls were available.  One was for non-handicapped individuals.  The second was for the people such as me who have difficulty lowering and raising back up.  I, of course, took the second alternative.  Iwent  stall and locked the door.  I then took a look behind me and saw the "handicapped" stool.  All of a sudden,my need r a mop was starting to look like more of a necessity than before.  In most handicapped stalls, a taller-than-normal stool with handicap pull-up rails are available.  Thank goodness the rails were there because the stool was tinier than most.  Was this some kind of a Candid Camera spoof or what?  I couldn't believe it.  In order to use this, I would have to practically lower my postier to the ground.  Oh, my!  What if I slipped?  I would be taking a chance of breaking my tailbone or hip.  In either case, when emergency personell would arrive, they better be wearing rubbers because they would have to tromp through a large puddle to come to my rescue.  LOL!

I had no other choice than to woman up.  I grabbed the bar and as gently as possible, I lowered myself to the porcelain fixture below me.  Getting there was easier done than I had expected.  I guess it helps when gravity pushes you downwards.  My excess weight actually helps in a case such as this.  Once my bladder was emptied, it was time to raise up.  Again, the bar next to me was a great asset.  The extra weight that had just worked positively for me, for a change, now was going to be a negative...again.  I pulled on the bar which was fastened securely to the wall.  Thank goodness!!!  I used by knees to push me up.  Pull. Push. Pull. Push....  Eventually, i was back where I needed to be--on my feet.  To this day, I have NO idea why any intelligent human being would install such a minute stool in any bathroom!  I have to wonder what the non-handicapped people had in their stall?  Since I can't imagine a shorter toilet, bathroom users may have been expected to lower themselves to the hole in the floor.  LOL!!!

I would like to say that was my last public bathroom woe but that would be a lie.  A week ago, I needed to use the restroom in a different store.  In the large restroom, there was a long series of stalls that enveloped toilets for people who have no problems lowering or raising themselves.  At the other end was the stall for people such as me.  When I first glanced at it, the door was closed.  I waited for the door to open.  When it did, a young girl and boy exited it.  But instead of maing their way to the sinks, they entered into a different stall.  I walked into the handicapped stall and soon discovered why they had not used the toilet.  It was plugged.  Being the daughter of a plumber, I recognized the tool standing in the corner.  Most of us refer to it as a plunger.  I too the plunger by both hands and proceeded to plunge it in and out several times.  At first, it was beginning to look like a professional plumber might be necessary afterall.  Ugh...  Then, all of a sudden, something broke loose and all of the paper and water quickly disappeared through the hole. bladder could now be vacated.  I lowered myself onto the tall toilet that most physically handicapped people prefer.  While I was doing my thing, I soon realized that my rear end that was sitting on the toilet seat was now soaking in cold...VERY cold water.  What???  Where did that come from???  I lifted myself and grabbed for toilet paper that I needed to dry off my oversized bottom.  What I REALLY needed was a LARGE towel.  Once I had done the best with what I had, I again reached for the handy-dandy plunger.  Again, I plunged and plunged and plunged.  No matter how many times I did it, not a drop appeared to exit the stool.  I gave up after a few minutes.  I washed my hands, exited the restroom and notified an employee just out of the restroom area that there was a major plumbing problem.

That was my last time to use a public restroom so far.  It is sooo nice to use our own bathrooms.  When we remodelled the bathrooms in our new home, we replaced the standard avacado stools with much taller white stools.  Ah...Heaven on Earth...


Thank You, Lord!!!

For many months, Western Kansas has been D-R-Y.  Very little moisture has fallen from our skies.  A lot of our fields have some of the worst crops in recent years.  It only takes a heavy breeze to lift the dirt and blow it across roads and streets.  Because of the current water shortage here, many citizens of Leoti have voluntarily stopped watering our lawns.  Many of our yards are brown now.  Trees and shrubs have died.  As I walk through our yard, dirt flies as my shoes touch Earth.  Never have I seen anything like this here.

Many of our prayers have been answered over the past couple of days.  Rain has fallen over much of Southwest Kansas.  I don't knw how much rain fell in Leoti last night but I can tell you that our streets are wet this morning.  Someone helped himself to our rainguage so I need to buy another one.  According to the morning weather program, we can expect more rain off and on over the next couple of days.

Thank You, Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



The hit Action/Adventure/Sequel, THE EXPENDABLES 2, will be playing on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, September 28th, 29th and 30th.  Showtime is 8:00 CST.  This movie is rated "R" for strong violence, language and brief sexuality.  Running time is 1 hour and 43 minutes.  Stars include Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Jean-Claude van Damme, etc.

The Expendibles team comes out in full force as they welcome Billy the Kid and Maggie to "handle" the people responsible for killing one of their own.

Adults, 13 and older:  $5.00
Children, 4 through 12:  $4.00
Babies through 3-years-of-age:  F--R--E--E

Refreshments are also very fairly priced.

See you at the movies!


Homecoming Parade

in Leoti is scheduled for approximately 2:30 on Friday, September 28th.  Come enjoy the marching Indians band, the teams, cheerleaders' dance routine at the 4-way stop,  class floats, etc.  As usual, it will be held on Main Street.

See you there!!!


Wichita County Football Pep Rally

will be tonight, Thursday, September 27th, at 7:30 CST.  Come out and help get our team pumped up for tomorrow's homecoming game.  The rally will be held at the W.W.Templer Football Field.


Fall Clean-Up Week

in Leoti will be Monday, October 8th, through Friday, October 12th.  The City of Leoti requests that you put your items to be hauled away out next to your alley by Monday of that week.  Throughout the week, crews will come through to take your items away.  Please seperate one type from the next.

For more information, please go to .

Thanks for doing your part to make Leoti a much nicer place to live!


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Adoption Quote

I read this on FACEBOOK today and wanted to pass it on to you.

"Adoption is when a baby grows in his mommy's heart instead of in his/her mommy's tummy."

We adopted our son, Adam.  We are happy that we did.  He is such a wonderful son.  We are very proud of him!


Supporter of Kansans for Life

School Lunch Update

Last week, I mentioned here that, at least in my opinion and the opinion of many others across this fine nation of ours, that the federal government's diet that they have imposed on all public school students, has a lot of holes in it's theory, etc.  Since then, I received more information.  MANY people have sent and are currently sending letters to First Lady Michelle Obama to tell her just why this idea is not working out as well as various people had hoped.

Now, another idea goes into effect across the state of Kansas.  Organizers have staged an event to take place from tomorrow, September 24th, through Friday, September 28th.  Students are being asked to bring their own NUTRITIOUS lunches to school for all five days instead of eating the school's lunches. 

Students of the Sharon Springs, Kansas school system put together a great You Tube video that has now spread across our country.  If you would like to watch it and see just how and why our children are upset, please let me know and I will email a copy of it to you.  ( )

I urge students, parents and all other taxpayers to step forward and take a stand on this issue.  One lone American who stands up and voices his concern against any issue will probably not get too far into getting it reformed.  But when 10, 100, 1,000, 10,000.... Americans stand up, chances are that they WILL stand a real chance of getting things improved.  So write your letters, send your child's sack lunch and make a difference. Students who are eating these school lunches, go home with growling stomachs and then gorge on any junk food, etc in their houses.  Therefore, they just might be gaining weight instead of losing weight.  Believe me, the students who are walking into their school's lunchrooms hungry and then leaving their lunchroom STILL hungry, will appreciate anything you've done to get this nonsense put where it belongs--in history-- not in our future.

As a parent of two of these students, I thank you over and over...


Friday, September 21, 2012

Wichita County High School Fall Homecoming

will be at the high school football field on Friday, September 28th.


Fund Raiser Car Wash

Car need a good washing?  Then bring it to the Leoti Fire Barn tomorrow, September 21st, from 9:00 to noon, CST.  Your money will go to help our Wichita County High School Cheerleaders.  As a mother of one of those cheerleaders, I'd like to say a big "Thank You" for your support!


Dirt Roads

People in Western Kansas are complaining about the wash board condition of our country and some dirt streets.  You may be wondering why these roads are not as smooth as we might like.  The reason goes back to this devastating drought we've faced for so long.  When the dirt roads lack the moisture needed, the dirt just blows and gets bumpy whenever machinery attempts to fix them.  In many cases, human error is not involved.  I would just like for us to remember that complaining won't do anyone any good.  What we need is prayers to be sent for the much needed moisture.


Be Prepared....

For all of you who have asked me if anything "interesting" has happened to me lately, get ready.  I'm going to be writing a real doosie for you soon.  LOL!!!


Wednesday, September 19, 2012


My husband and I are experienced wallpaper hangers.  If you need someone to hang yours, please call us at the following phone numbers:

Lynn:  620.375.8033
Stan:  620.375.8034


Babysitting Jobs Wanted

Need an AWESOME weekend or summer babysitter in Leoti?  She has experience and is wonderful and trustworthy with kids.  She can babysit at  your house or ours. Leighlyn will be 15 in November.

 Please call for Leighlyn Blau at 620.375.8033.

Thank you!


For Sale

My mother has a BEAUTIFUL solid oak desk for sale.  It has 6 drawers.  One drawer can handle hanging folders.  It was retired from the old Grand Union School south of Leoti and R.B. Stewart Elementary School in Leoti.  It is in great condition. She is asking $50.00 or best offer.

Please call her at 620.375.2576 or 375.8029..

Thank you!!!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012


to the powers-that-be of the Wichita County School system.

As many of you from across the nation know, new government guidelines have GREATLY reduced the proportions and some food items that our school children now have for their lunches.  To the outside world who does not have school age children, this probably sounds like the right answer.  At first, I did too.  But once the plan was implemented and students were eating these lunches, it didn't take long for many parents to come to the conclusion that this theory has a lot of holes in it.

Our students enter into lunchrooms hungry.  Because of the federal government's guidelines, they exit the same lunchrooms still hungry.  They are not able to concentrate on their classes for the rest of the day.  All that they can think of is getting home and munching down on such things as a bag of chips, a candy bar, cake, brownies, cookies, etc.  Get the idea?  Many of these students are blowing the "diet" that our government has imposed on them.  So what did we gain???  Probably more weight.  PLEASE do not blame your local school's kitchen staff for this travesty.  They are only doing what the government dictates that they do.  Otherwise they will be breaking a very big law.

As parents of two students in high school and elementary school, we decided to pack nutritious lunches for our daughters.  It has worked out well for them.

Yesterday afternoon, our youngest daughter, Abigayle, burst through the door with exciting news for us!  She could hardly wait to tell us that our lunchroom now sports a fully-loaded salad bar!  Abi gave us a rundown on all of the fruits and vegetables that each student has to enjoy.  As soon as Leighlyn returned home from cheerleading practice, Abigayle shouted out the great news to her.  That caused Leighlyn to text her friends to let them know so that they may want to decide to join her in the lunchroom today for lunch instead of packing a lunch as most of her friends were doing.

Anyway, I just want everyone who had a hand in bringing this to the availability of our children to know that we REALLY, REALLY appreciate what you have done!!!


Monday, September 17, 2012

October Mix On 96 (Fall Festival)

In the past, Wichita Countians and others always looked forward to Beef and Bean Day.  It was basically a festival to recognize the end of Fall Harvest.  Several years ago, it was dropped.  I do not know why.  In the recent past, people around the county began talking about coming up with some other kind of Fall Festival.  If you are one of those people, you'll be happy to know that October Mix on 96 will be held in Leoti on October 20th.

Fun events on the agenda include the following:

1.  Car Show and Shine

2.  Children's Craft Project

3.  Beer Barn will be sponsoring a beer garden.

4.  A dance will be held.  Music will be provided by The Three Jacks.

5.  Food vendors will be available.

To keep up-to-date on the happenings as they are made public, please go to your account on FACEBOOK.  Go to  Once on the website, please click LIKE.  As more information is made available, you will be notified through your FB account.

As for my family and me, we are looking forward to this.  It'll be great to reconnect with everyone from far and near.


Upcoming Movies at Tribune's Star Theatre

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, September 21st, 22nd and 23rd:  BOURNE LEGACY

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, September 28th, 29th and 30th:  THE EXPENDABLES 2
Rated "R"

Both movies start at 8:00 CST.

Adults, 13 and older:  $5.00
Children, 4 through 12:  $4.00
Babies through 3-years-of-age:  F--R--E--E

Refreshments are fairly priced also.



Friday, Saturday and Sunday, September 21st, 22nd and 23rd

BOURNE LEGACY which opened in theatres on August 10, 2012

Rated PG-13 because of intense action and sequences of violence.

This is classified as Action/Adventure/Sequel/Thriller

Stars include Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weisz, Albert Finney, Stacy Keach, etc.

Running time is 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Showtime is 8:00 CST.

Adults, 13 and older:  $5.00
Children, 4 through 12:  $4.00
Babies through 3-years-of-age:  F--R--E--E

Refreshments are also very fairly priced.


Porky's Lil Smoker's New Hours

In the mood for some barbeque or any of the other new items on the menu?  Then come on out to their corner on Main and "J" Street in Leoti.  They are now open every day EXCEPT Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., CST.


Sunday, September 16, 2012


This is a saying that is springing up all over the place.   I like it and am now asking myself this question often.  Imagine how great our lives would be if more and more attitudes were high on the happiness chart...

"Attitudes are contagious.  Is yours worth other people catching?"


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Garden Plants

At this time of the year, gardeners around here sometimes decide to thin their flower gardens out.  If you have anything you want to get rid of, please let me know.  Our new yard is very empty and we would appreciate anything you could share with us.

Please call me at 620.375.8033 or send an email to me at

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Leoti Vs. Syracuse Football Game

The Leoti Indians traveled to Syracuse yesterday to take on the Bullbogs.  At times, especially the final half, it was a real nail-biting game.  Our team played very well and in the end, succeeded to topple the Bulldogs by a score of 34-28.  YAY!!!

Last night, one of our senior players was seriously injured during the first half.  I do not know many other details.  We hope that he is well and will be able to return to the playing field soon.  That brings something else up that I want to comment on.  You have always heard me talk about how wonderful our local Emergency Service members are.  I would place our EMTs and Firemen at the very top of the heap.  Normally they go into action in just Wichita County.  Last night when our player was injured, we had at least three and maybe four of our prized EMTs run to the field to take care of our fallen player.  They were great!  Our local players and spectators were happy to see these individuals spring into action.  A huge thank you goes out to these individuals!!! 

I cannot tell you how proud I am of our team.  They have played with a very small team this year.  At last week's game against the Stanton County Trojans, we didn't even have substitutes so that the players could take rest periods.  We had two players who were unable to play in both of our last two games because of injuries.  One of those players will return to the line-up next week.  The other player who was injured will have to remain on the sidelines for the rest of this season.  We hope that he will be able to play basketball for most of that season.

Next week, our team will take on Elkhart in Elkhart.  Our next scheduled varsity home game will be Friday, September 28th, when Oakley comes to Leoti to challenge us on homecoming.

Go, Indians!!! 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Mice??? Centipedes???

If you are living in a drought ridden area such as Western Kansas, you just might be plagued with these unwanted housemates.  I've been talking to quite a few people in our area who are now declaring war on these nasties.  I just spoke with a pest control specialist.  He told me that M--A--N--Y people are horrifed to discover that they are hosting these critters in their own homes now.  The cause?  These pests and other wildlife have packed up and are moving into towns and cities in search of water and food.  The grass, weeds, etc that they rely on for life have dried up and blown away.

What can we do to arm our homes and businesses? 

1.  Make sure that there are no holes in your yards or other areas that surround your buildings.  Fill them with dirt, concrete or sand.  Sand works well.  Anytime an animal tries to dig through it, the sand collapses therefore no hole can be dug.

2.  Look for any areas around doors and windows for open or loose gaps.  Fill them with weather stripping or caulking of a sort that will survive moisture, heat and drought.  By doing this, you will bar out flies, etc too.  You just might even notice a major savings on your utility bills because heat and cold will stay outside where they belong.

3.  Your local hardware store will supply customers with products that will seal their buildings up as well as poisons, live release traps, spring and glue mice traps.  If you prefer, give your local pest control company a call to help you.

4.  Keep your grasses, plants, weeds, etc that are close to your house down low.  They are the perfect haven for pests of all kinds.

I learned that if you'll look at the width of the end of your pinkie, you'll identify the size of hole that will allow a mouse into your house, etc.  The width of the end of your thump is all it takes to allow a RAT access to your home!  Of course, bugs don't even need that much space to enter your property.

Be prepared and tae action.



Up for a good comedy?  Then head over to Tribune's Star Theatre this weekend, September 14th through the 16th. The hit, HOPE SPRINGS, will be shown.  Showtime is 8:00 CST all three nights.  Stars include Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones and Steve Carell.  The movie is rated PG-13 and runs for 100 minutes.

When the marriage of a very devoted couple begins to go stale, the wife finally persuades her husband to fly away for a week long marriage therapy session.  Come along with them and you might even see a bit of your own marriage...

Adults, 13 and older:  $5.00
Children, 4 through 12:  $4.00
Babies through 3-years-of age:  F--R--E--E

Refreshments are also very fairly priced.


A B--I--G Thank You

Today is a BEAUTIFUL day in Leoti.  People and animals, me included, have enjoyed being out and about to soak in the wonderful Fall day.  Unfortunately a little rabbit tried to cross the street just north of Western State Bank.  Somewhere along the way, a vehicle struck him in the rear portion of his body.  I was on my way to the bank when I saw the poor critter dragging his little body to some safety.  From a distance, it was evident to see he was in grave condition.  You know me, I love animals.  I couldn't just leave him lying there helpless and in pain.  The noon hour had just begun so I knew that calling Animal Control officers was not going to be a viable solution.  I called the Wichita County Sheriff's Office and requested that an officer be dispatched to help the little guy.  As I waited, I sat down on the curb and petted the rabbit hoping that, in some little way, it might find some comfort.  It was a wild cottontail but it didn't seem to mind my touching of it.  I talked to it and was eventually able to lift it and cradle it next to me.  It seemed to appreciate our new friendship.  I cannot tell you how many tears poured out of my eyes.  I hoped and prayed that by some miracle, it would survive.  I was totally willing to take it to a vet for more professional care.

Soon, Sheriff Randy Keeton, City Supervisor Curtis Kreutzer and City Officer Rick Harp joined us.  In a few minutes, it was determined that the rabbit's condition was fatal.  All three of these men were so kind and understanding to me.  They took control of the rabbit.

I just want to thank all three of these fine men for all that they did to help the rabbit and myself.  Allowing the rabbit to suffer any further would have just been awful.  Far too often, we fail to recognize just how much our public service agents do for us.


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Pizza, Breadstick, Spice Kit, etc Sale

Currently the teenagers from Leoti's Christian GAP group are raising money to be used for a Christian mission this next summer.  Our daughter, Leighlyn, is one of the fundraisers.  If you would like for her to stop by your house or office or if you would prefer to come here to see what all is available, please call me at 620.375.8033 or 375.8032.

Orders and payments need to be turned in to the church no later than Monday, September 10th.  You'll be able to pick your order up at Christ Covenant Church at 4:00 CST on Tuesday, September 18th.  These products are prepared by a major pizza restaurant.  When you call, we can tell you the name of it.  Kits run from $16.00 each to $25.00 each.  In addition to food, you can also order a laminate pizza paddle NOT for oven use.  Cookie dough, calzones, chicken wings and pizza cones are also available.

Hungry yet?

Thank you for your support!!!