Sunday, September 23, 2012

School Lunch Update

Last week, I mentioned here that, at least in my opinion and the opinion of many others across this fine nation of ours, that the federal government's diet that they have imposed on all public school students, has a lot of holes in it's theory, etc.  Since then, I received more information.  MANY people have sent and are currently sending letters to First Lady Michelle Obama to tell her just why this idea is not working out as well as various people had hoped.

Now, another idea goes into effect across the state of Kansas.  Organizers have staged an event to take place from tomorrow, September 24th, through Friday, September 28th.  Students are being asked to bring their own NUTRITIOUS lunches to school for all five days instead of eating the school's lunches. 

Students of the Sharon Springs, Kansas school system put together a great You Tube video that has now spread across our country.  If you would like to watch it and see just how and why our children are upset, please let me know and I will email a copy of it to you.  ( )

I urge students, parents and all other taxpayers to step forward and take a stand on this issue.  One lone American who stands up and voices his concern against any issue will probably not get too far into getting it reformed.  But when 10, 100, 1,000, 10,000.... Americans stand up, chances are that they WILL stand a real chance of getting things improved.  So write your letters, send your child's sack lunch and make a difference. Students who are eating these school lunches, go home with growling stomachs and then gorge on any junk food, etc in their houses.  Therefore, they just might be gaining weight instead of losing weight.  Believe me, the students who are walking into their school's lunchrooms hungry and then leaving their lunchroom STILL hungry, will appreciate anything you've done to get this nonsense put where it belongs--in history-- not in our future.

As a parent of two of these students, I thank you over and over...


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