Saturday, September 1, 2012

Pizza, Breadstick, Spice Kit, etc Sale

Currently the teenagers from Leoti's Christian GAP group are raising money to be used for a Christian mission this next summer.  Our daughter, Leighlyn, is one of the fundraisers.  If you would like for her to stop by your house or office or if you would prefer to come here to see what all is available, please call me at 620.375.8033 or 375.8032.

Orders and payments need to be turned in to the church no later than Monday, September 10th.  You'll be able to pick your order up at Christ Covenant Church at 4:00 CST on Tuesday, September 18th.  These products are prepared by a major pizza restaurant.  When you call, we can tell you the name of it.  Kits run from $16.00 each to $25.00 each.  In addition to food, you can also order a laminate pizza paddle NOT for oven use.  Cookie dough, calzones, chicken wings and pizza cones are also available.

Hungry yet?

Thank you for your support!!!


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