Tuesday, September 18, 2012


to the powers-that-be of the Wichita County School system.

As many of you from across the nation know, new government guidelines have GREATLY reduced the proportions and some food items that our school children now have for their lunches.  To the outside world who does not have school age children, this probably sounds like the right answer.  At first, I did too.  But once the plan was implemented and students were eating these lunches, it didn't take long for many parents to come to the conclusion that this theory has a lot of holes in it.

Our students enter into lunchrooms hungry.  Because of the federal government's guidelines, they exit the same lunchrooms still hungry.  They are not able to concentrate on their classes for the rest of the day.  All that they can think of is getting home and munching down on such things as a bag of chips, a candy bar, cake, brownies, cookies, etc.  Get the idea?  Many of these students are blowing the "diet" that our government has imposed on them.  So what did we gain???  Probably more weight.  PLEASE do not blame your local school's kitchen staff for this travesty.  They are only doing what the government dictates that they do.  Otherwise they will be breaking a very big law.

As parents of two students in high school and elementary school, we decided to pack nutritious lunches for our daughters.  It has worked out well for them.

Yesterday afternoon, our youngest daughter, Abigayle, burst through the door with exciting news for us!  She could hardly wait to tell us that our lunchroom now sports a fully-loaded salad bar!  Abi gave us a rundown on all of the fruits and vegetables that each student has to enjoy.  As soon as Leighlyn returned home from cheerleading practice, Abigayle shouted out the great news to her.  That caused Leighlyn to text her friends to let them know so that they may want to decide to join her in the lunchroom today for lunch instead of packing a lunch as most of her friends were doing.

Anyway, I just want everyone who had a hand in bringing this to the availability of our children to know that we REALLY, REALLY appreciate what you have done!!!


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