Friday, September 14, 2012

A B--I--G Thank You

Today is a BEAUTIFUL day in Leoti.  People and animals, me included, have enjoyed being out and about to soak in the wonderful Fall day.  Unfortunately a little rabbit tried to cross the street just north of Western State Bank.  Somewhere along the way, a vehicle struck him in the rear portion of his body.  I was on my way to the bank when I saw the poor critter dragging his little body to some safety.  From a distance, it was evident to see he was in grave condition.  You know me, I love animals.  I couldn't just leave him lying there helpless and in pain.  The noon hour had just begun so I knew that calling Animal Control officers was not going to be a viable solution.  I called the Wichita County Sheriff's Office and requested that an officer be dispatched to help the little guy.  As I waited, I sat down on the curb and petted the rabbit hoping that, in some little way, it might find some comfort.  It was a wild cottontail but it didn't seem to mind my touching of it.  I talked to it and was eventually able to lift it and cradle it next to me.  It seemed to appreciate our new friendship.  I cannot tell you how many tears poured out of my eyes.  I hoped and prayed that by some miracle, it would survive.  I was totally willing to take it to a vet for more professional care.

Soon, Sheriff Randy Keeton, City Supervisor Curtis Kreutzer and City Officer Rick Harp joined us.  In a few minutes, it was determined that the rabbit's condition was fatal.  All three of these men were so kind and understanding to me.  They took control of the rabbit.

I just want to thank all three of these fine men for all that they did to help the rabbit and myself.  Allowing the rabbit to suffer any further would have just been awful.  Far too often, we fail to recognize just how much our public service agents do for us.


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