Thursday, May 31, 2012

Concert and Movie in the Park

Just found out that there will be a Last Rezort concert in Scott City's Patton Park tomorrow evening.  Stick around afterwards to watch the fun family film, DOWN AND DERBY.  It is about fathers and sons involved in Cub Scouts' pine derbys.  Don't forget your blankets, full picnic baskets, pizzas, etc...

Thank you, J.R. for bringing this to my attention!!!  Wouldn't it be nice to have events such as these on other weekends besides June Juant?  LOL!!!


Picnic and Movie in the Park

I just received more information in regards to Tribune's celebration of June Juant on Saturday evening.

A picnic at the Greeley County Fairgrounds will be held from 6-8:00 CST on Saturday.  Foods served will be hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, baked beans, chips, a drink and an ice cream cup.  Freewill offerings are gladly accepted.  Once it is dark enough, a F-R-E-E movie will be shown in the same park.  The original SHREK will be shown.

Note:  If the weather is unfavorable that evening, everyone is invited to go to the Star Theater and watch PIRATES:A BAND OF MISFITS.

This is just one of many fun events planned in Tribune's celebration of June Juant.  For more information, please go to


Lakota Popcorn

The girls and I took Mama and Aunt Lori to the Dairy King today for a tasty lunch.  While we were sitting in our van eating, a vehicle pulled in next to us.  On its sides was some writing that caught our attention.  When the driver exited the vehicle, Mama asked him some questions about his company that he represents.  We were quite interested.  Turns out he is a representative of Lakota Popcorn which is the first and only Native American owned and operated organization that produces, processes, packages and markets its popcorn which celebrates its Native American origin.

The representative told us that he travels around a 10 state area getting the word out about this fine popcorn and getting it onto grocery store shelves.  He wound up giving us a 3-microwave-bag box and a couple of pre-popped corn bags.  OH, MY GOODNESS!!!  It is simply W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L and available right here at Mel's Foodliner.  If you've already tried it, you know how delicious this is.  If you haven't had the pleasure yet, you owe it to yourself now to give it a try!

It comes in a variety of forms and flavors:

1. Microwaveable

2.  Pre-popped and ready-to-eat

3.  Unpopped that you can put in any corn popper either at home or in theatres, etc.

The company doesn't just sell popcorn, it sells jerky, etc.  For more information, please go to .

If you would like to call the company directly, please call


If you'd prefer to send an email, here is the address:

The mailing address is

Lakota Foods
P.O. Box 132
200 Crazy Horse Street
Lower Brule, South Dakota


Give this popcorn a try.  WARNING:  LOL!!!  It is addictive.  One kernel leads to the next.


Leoti's Ladybug Flower Shop

For all of your floral needs, give the girls at the Ladybug a call.  The phone number is 620.375.2172.  VISA and MASTERCARD are accepted.  They will deliver to or for you.


Myrl Burch--Leoti and Holcomb

Myrl Burch was born on June 11th, 1924 and passed away on May 27th, 2012, at St. Catherine Hospital in Garden City, Kansas.  She was 87 and a longtime resident of Holcomb, Kansas.

Mrs. Burch is survived by two daughters, Arnita Schuetz and Starla Voll, one sister, Nellie C. Garriott, 3 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.  She was preceded in death by three sons, James, Jim and Steve, two brothers and one sister.

There will be no funeral services.  There will be no calling times.

Memorials may be given to the Mryl Burch Memorial Fund in care of Price and Sons Funeral Homes of Garden City, Scott City, Leoti and Tribune.


James V. Long--Leoti

Jim Long was born on July 4th, 1924 and passed away on May 29th, 2012 at the Wichita County Health Center.  He was 87.  He is survived by his wife, Gloria, 7 children, 20 grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren and one brother, Hugh and Judy Long.  His children are as follows:

Steve and Patricia
Bonnie and Larry Appel
Mary Long and Neal Mazer
James, Jr and Jeanne
Todd and Diane
Lori and Eric Batman
Roger and Kathleen

Funeral services will be at 10:30 on Monday, June 4th, at the United Methodist Church in Leoti.  Burial will be in the Leoti Cemetery.  There will be no calling times.

Memorials may be given to the Wichita County Amusement Association or to the United Methodist Church in care of Price and Sons Funeral Homes of Garden City, Scott City, Leoti and Tribune.


First Friday Flick

in Leoti will be on June 1st on Leoti's City Hall grounds.  This week's movie will be THE WIZARD OF OZ.  As always, there will be no cost to watch these movies.  Bring your lawnchairs or a blanket or two.  Popcorn will be provided.  If you are interested, bring your picnic meal with you. Showtime begins as soon as it is dark enough.

See you at the movies!



The Star Theatre will be showing THE PIRATES! A BAND OF MISFITS on Friday, June 1st, and Sunday, June 3rd.  This animation and adventure movie for the whole family is rated PG and runs for 88 minutes.  It was released to the public on April 27th, 2012.  Voices include those of Hugh Grant, Salma Hayek and Jeremy Piven.  Showtime is 8:00 CST.

The Pirate of the Year Award is once again up for grabs.  Pirate Captain and his gang of misfits hits the seas to Bloody Island and to the streets of Victorian London to try to claim it as their own...

Babies from birth through 3-year-olds:  F--R--E--E

Children from 4 through 12:  $4.00

Adults, 13 and older:  $5.00

The June Juant movie will be hown at the Greeley County Fairgrounds on Saturday evening.  As of right now, I do not know what will be showing.


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Addition at the Leoti City Park

Before I go any further, the City Park is located on the WEST side of town.  The Wichita County Park is next to the swimming pool and hospital.

Over the past couple of years, the city park has really been revamped with the addition of playground equipment, many covered picnic tables, a few uncovered tables, BBQ grills, a floral display, horseshoe game field, etc.  There is a nice cement walking path and lights across the entire area.  It seemed that there was only one little thing missing...  BATHROOMS!  Well, no more is that a problem.  Port-a-Potties are now set up and ready for use.

If you know of someone who will be wanting to pitch a tent or sleep under the stars during June Juant, etc, please recommend this to them.  There will be NO cost.


Western Kansas June Juant

Here are the communities along Hwy. 96 that will be participating in this year's June Juant from June 1st through the 3rd:

Tribune, Leoti, Scott City, Dighton, Ness City, Rush Center. Great Bend and Ellinwood.  For more information on each of these comunities, please go to

As you click on the community that you are interested in reading about, you will find EVENTS at the top of that page.  Click on it and it will tell you when and where their events will be held.  Along the way, you'll learn much about the history and today's community's life.  Many events are F--R--E--E for all participants!!!  There'll be eating, shopping, music concerts, movies, craft shows, etc.



Wichita County June Juant

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Leoti has a bunch of fun events scheduled for EVERYONE!  Heres what I have found:

Friday, June 1st
All day:  Summer Sidewalk Sale downtown

Sidewalk Chalk Art from 3-6:00 at the Wichita County Courthouse

Wichita County Arts Alliance Carry-In Dinner from 6:30 to 7:30 at the Presbyterian Church

Wichita County Community Play at the Presbyterian Church from 6:30

AIMS Travel Mix Find at the courthouse at 7:30 p.m.

Friday Flicks Carioke just outside of City Hall at 8:00 p.m., CST

Friday Flicks Movie immediately following the Carioke at approximately 9:00 p.m., CST

Saturday, June 2nd

Garage Sales Citywide

Summer Sidewalk Sale

Author Beth Richardwon will be at Leoti's Odds and Ends all day.

10:00 to 2:00:  Rural Life Craft and Demonstrations on the courthouse lawn

Sidewalk Chalk Art from 10:00 to 2:00 at the courthouse

Tour the AMAZING historic Washington-Ames House at 9:00 and 2:00.  (You can't miss this!)

5:30 Seaboard Foods is sponsoring a BBQ meal.  Plates for people 7-yrs-old and on up:  $6.00 All other kids eat for F-R-E-E.  All proceeds will be given to the Cole Hudson Memorial Fund.

7:00 Cole Hudson Memorial Rough Stock Challenge
Adults, 13 and older:  $10.00 Children 12 and under:  F-R-E-E

6:30  Wichita County Community Play at the Presbyterian Church

Sunday, June 3rd

Noon to 6:00  Summer Sidewalk Sales

In honor of the 125th anniversary of the bloodiest war on Kansas soil, the Leoti-Coronado War, Pheasants Forever will be sponsoring the Top Shot Contest at 10:00 a.m.

3 Wichita Comunity Play at the Presbyterian Church

Have fun out there and be safe!


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Casserole de Pizza

This is a long weekend and many of us will be having extra guests. Wondering what to cook for everyone?  This just might be one meal to consider...

Pizza Casserole

1 bag dried egg noodles

1 very large or 2 regular sized jars of spaghetti sauce  OR  the tomato sauce of your choice

3 cups shredded mozzerella cheese

1 1/2 pounds ground beef  OR  ground pork

2 tablespoons of chopped dry onions (if desired)

1 package pepperoni

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

In a large skillet, brown the meat and your onions.  Drain off grease when fully cooked.

While the meat is cooking, start a dutch oven to boiling.  When water has reached a full boil, stir in the noodles.  Cook according to package directions--usually 8 to 10 minutes.  Drain well.

Grease a 9" x 13" casserole dish with PAM, etc.

Layer the ingredients in the following order:

1. A thin layer of the sauce accross the bottom.

2.  1/2 of the noodles

3.  1/2 of the meat

4.  half of the sauce

5.  the rest of the noodles

6.  1/2 of the cheese

7.  rest of the meat

8.  rest of the cheese

9.  Cover the entire top of the casserole with rows of the pepperoni.

10.  Cover the casserole with foil.  Bake for 30 minutes. 

11.  Remove the foil and continue to cook for another 15 minutes.



Saturday, May 26, 2012


My Daddy passed away on April 29th, 1995.  Since then sooo many great (and not-so-grand) things have happened in our family.  We missed Daddy through it all.  Recently, more fantastic occurances have taken place.  For example, Adam made it all the way to management in his profession.  Leighlyn graduated with honors and was chosen for the citizenship award in her class.  Abigayle also brought home straight "As" and the citizenship award in her class.  We just have AMAZING children!  I would have loved to have given this news to Daddy face-to-face.

Today, my sister, Lori, posted something similar to this on FACEBOOK.  It sounded perfect for how I feel about Daddy so I decided to share it with you right here.

"I thought about you today, Daddy, just like I did yesterday and the many, many days before that.  Many of those times, I thought about you in total silence.  But for MANY more times, I spoke about you to my children, my friends and the children's friends.  Though my daughters never had the opportunity to meet you, they feel like they know their wonderful Granddad anyway. 

Without you here now, I am still left with MANY amazing memories and framed pictures of you, and the knowledge that you continue to live on in Gods arms and our heats."

As usual, missing you...


Friday, May 25, 2012


For the past couple of days, a bunch of Wichita County High School students practiced for and tried out for cheerleading for the 2012-2013 school year.  A few minutes ago, Leighlyn received her phone call that she has been waiting on since yesterday...  She has been chosen to cheer for the football season.  YAY!!!



Lorna Wiegers--Leoti

Lorna's son, Mike, sent this to me this morning.  Thank you, Mike!!!

Lorna Lou Wiegers, age 76, passed away on Wednesday, May 23, 2012 at Wichita County Health Center in Leoti, Kansas. Lorna was born January 19, 1936 at Walsh, Colorado, the daughter of Oren B. & Margaret E. Waldren Ames. A resident of Wichita County, Kansas since 1956 moving from Crowley, Colorado, she was a farm and ranch wife and a homemaker. Lorna was a collector. She loved antiques, taking pictures of family, sewing & embroidery, making all of her own and her daughters clothing. Many in the community have Barbie doll clothing made by Lorna. She was a horsewoman, winning many local, state and national awards. She loved the out of doors, going for drives to look at western Kansas scenery, checking cattle and hunting both by herself and with her family. She was known for sending cards to friends and family on all special occasions.

She was member of the First Baptist Church, Red Hat Society, Wichita County Historical Society, Leoti Rough Riders, Leoti Rodeo Association, Leoti Bowling League and 4-H.

On September 5, 1954 she married Dean E. Wiegers at Crowley, Colorado.

Lorna’s surviving family includes-
Her husband-
Dean E. Wiegers- Leoti, Kansas
Three children -
Deana Reh Leverett & husband Gearold- Leoti, Kansas
Mike Wiegers and wife Kathy- Elkhart, Kansas
Russ Wiegers & wife Cathy- Leoti, Kansas
One sister-
Sandra Quartemont- Cudahy, Wisconsin
One brother
Norman Ames and his wife Yvonne- Leoti, Kansas
Five grandchildren, five great grandchildren, numerous cousins, nieces and nephews.
Her parents preceded her in death.

Funeral Services will be held at 2:00 p.m. Tuesday, May 29, 2012, at the First Baptist Church in Leoti, Kansas with the Reverends Gary Salmans and Kyle Evans officiating.

Inurnment will be in Leoti Cemetery in Leoti, Kansas.

There will be no calling times.

Memorials may be given to the Washington – Ames House Project or The First Baptist Church, both in Leoti, Kansas in care of Price & Sons Funeral Home in Leoti, Kansas.

Condolences may be sent to the family through the funeral home website at .


Lorna Ames-Wiegars

I just received her funeral arrangements from one of her best friends and wanted to get them posted soon.  I know that many of us will want to attend this funeral.

Lorna's funeral service will be held at 2:00 CST on Tuesday, May 29th, at the Baptist Church in Leoti.  Her burial will be in the Leoti Cemetery.


A Bit of Humor (and Horror)

Today got off to an unexpectadly bad start for my family and I.  To lighten our day a bit, Leighlyn told us this joke.  I thought you might get a kick out of it, too.

"You know you've really wasted your time of 12 years conversing with your psychiatrist when at the end of your current session, he says  'No habla ingles...'"    LOL!!!


Last evening, we were in a town in Western Kansas when a few things happened that we found to be a bit unusual.  I thought I'd share 'em with you now.

We pulled up to a drive-up automatic teller machine to get some cash.  A vehicle with two men were already there.  The men were not from the U.S. evidentally and were having considerable trouble getting their business done.  Both men were aggravated with the machine and it looked like they were also a bit miffed ith one another.  Their voices continued to get louder as we sat behind them for 10 long minutes.  Stan noticed that another vehicle was now parked behind us.  At about that time, one of the men in front of us noticed that there were now 2 vehicles in line behind them.  At that time, both men got into their pick-up and left--or so we thought.  We moved forward and got our cash with no problem.  As we were leaving the bank, we noticed that the vehicle that had been in line before us, had now gotten into line behind the vehicle in back of us.  That particular machine provides information in English, Spanish, German and French.  Looks like it should have provided information in a fifth language also.  LOL!

After we left the bank, we headed to a convenience store in the same town.  When we pulled in, we noticed a man standing close to a fuel pump.  No big deal.  But while Stan was in the store, I looked at the man again whom was doing some kind of work with the pump.  Again, no big deal.  That was until I noticed the smoking cigarette sticking out of his mouth.  As far as I was concerned, we couldn't get out of that area soon enough.  Ha!  Ha!


Caution:  The next thing I'll write about is not for weak-stomached people.

If you've known me for very long at all, you know that I am obsessed with cleanliness in the kitchen and at restaurants.  So, last night, while we were waiting for our meal to be brought to us in a cafe in the same town, I was glancing around the building and noticed a woman in her work uniform from the same restaurant, sitting in a booth, playing with her phone and PICKING HER NOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh, my God!!!  I was TOTALLY grossed out.  She'd pick for awhile, wipe it on her apron and then her nose would once again, be re-visited by her finger.  I was horrified.  When we asked about this nastiness, we were told that the employee was not a cook but the dishwasher instead.  I was still sick to my stomach and have no plans of ever returning to that eating establishment again.  Just where are the state health department officials when we need 'em???  I'd like to say that I'm laughing about this incident now but I am still sick and am contemplating calling the business owner with this information...

Footnote:  Since I wrote this post, I did call the restaurant's owner and reported this to him.  I felt it was something that he needs to know.  The owner was very upset about this incident and assured me that this would be taken care of today.  I appreciate that.  Many of us eat in restaurants all over the world on a regular basis.  Something like this can and does happen every day.  Most of the time, the customers are never aware of anything like this happening.  Fortunately, I have never seen anything like this ever happening in any of our local cafes and restaurantss.


Lorna Ames-Wiegars

Earlier, I mentioned that my dear friend, Lorna, had passed away this week.  Many of you want her funeral arrangements.  As of right now, I have heard nothing.  As soon as I do have them, I will post them right here.

Thank you for your kind concern for Lorna's family and friends.  Your prayers are greatly appreciated by all.


LadyBug Flower Shop

For all of your floral needs, please call the girls at our hometown flower shop at 620.375.2172.  They'll deliver your plants and/or flowers also.  VISA and MASTERCARD are gladly accepted.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Want to Buy

We are looking for some doors.  They need not be perfect.  We enjoy the character of old doors too.

Call me at 620.375.8033 or email me at .

Thank you!!!


8th Grade Graduation Pictures

are now ready in the high school office to be picked up.  Thank you, Mrs. Niswonger, for letting us know!


Wichita County Swimming Pool

According to "Get Leoti", the pool will be opening for the summer season at 1:00 CST this Saturday afternoon.  Swimmers who are in the swim team commented this morning that the water is already warm thanks to the new heater.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Painful Day

I have had a very tough day.  I won't bore you with any of the details.  To top it all off, one of my very favorite people, Lorna Wiegers, joined the angels in Heaven.  Believe me, MANY people are already missing this lady.  And when I say "Lady", I mean it.  I never use that term loosely. 

Once I have her obituary, I will post it here.

I love you, dear friend, Lorna.


Upcoming Star Theatre Movie Schedule

AVENGERS 3D will be playing this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, May 25th, 26th and 27th.  Showtime is 8:00 CST.  Because this is a 3D film, tickets will cost an extra $2.00 each.

Adults, 13 and older:  $7.00
Children, 4 through 12:  $6.00
Babies through 3-year-olds:  F-R-E-E

On Friday, June 1st, and Sunday, June 3rd, PIRATES will be playing at the theatre at 8:00 CST.  That is June Jaunt Weekend.  In celebration, there will be a picnic for the public in the Tribune City Park from 6-8:00 CST.  As soon as it is dark enough, the folks with the theatre will be hosting an outdoor movie in the park.  At this time, the name of the movie is unknown.  I will let you know that information as soon as it is given to me.

Regular movie prices are

Adults, 13 and older:  $5.00
Children, 4 through 12:  $4.00
Babies through 3-years-of-age:  F-R-E-E.

See you at the movies!!!


Status of 8th Grade Graduation in Wichita County

I just learned that I owe Wichita County and anyone else who reads my blog, a BIG APOLOGY.  I've made many mistakes in the past and I have confidence that I will make more in the future.

Last week, I mentioned here and on FACEBOOK that our daughter would be graduating in the last 8th grade graduation in Wichita County.  Over the past several hours, I have been corrected on that.  As I understand it, this has not even been discussed by the board of education.

So, now, you're probably wanting to know why I would make all of this up. Right?  I did not and would not make this up.  Last year, a high percentage  of this year's 8th grade students and their parents addressed the board of this issue when it was brought to our attention that last year's graduation would be the last in Leoti.  We were assured that no talk had been done about the issue.  Over this school year, I spoke with other parents and teachers about graduation.  According to what everyone whom we had talked about this, the 2012 graduation was going to be the last.  I just took the information as being carved in stone.  I was stupid in doing so.  We were even more confident in this when 6th graders were given certificates of promotion at the end of the junior high spring program this month.

Anyway, I am very sorry that I said anything here, on FACEBOOK or to anyone directly.  Again, I've been proven to be a fool.


Saturday, May 19, 2012

What a Week!!!

The past several days have been hectic in the Blaus house.  For one thing, this was the last Week of school for the 2011-2012 school year.  Along with that come school picnics and last minute things that need to be done for school.  Leighlyn graduated from junior high on Thursday.  That afternoon, parents, etc were invited to the WCJ-SHS Auditorium for an awards assembly.  Most, if not all, of the 7th and 8th grade students received awards of one kind or another.  Teachers and coaches spoke about the great accomplishments made this year.  At the very end of this event, we learned that Leighlyn was one of 5 Honor Students.  We were thrilled.  After all of those students had received their certificates and had returned to their seats in the audience, the final award was given.  It was from the Kansas State High School Activites Association and was given for amazing citizenship. This prestigous award is not given lightly.  It is given to one boy and one girl out of the class.  The powers-that-be judge the students for their excellence as an exemplary young citizen who has demonstrated a marked respect for country, assumed responsibility for improving school and community; and has shown reverence for life.  This year's recipients are Dylan Niswonger, son of John and Leslie Niswonger, of Logan County, and our daughter, Leighlyn!!!  This is a TREMENDOUS accomplishment and an honor for these 2 young people.  After Principal Dustin McEwen made this announcement, I about died.  I cannot tell you how much pride and excitement went though my shaking body.  I'll spare you the rest of our amazing day and evening.  It was a day I'll never forget.  Abigayle's last day of school was yesterday.  At the end of the day, her teacher awarded the students their certificates of their school year's accomplishments.  At the very end, she announced the recipients of citizenship for this year.  Our daughter, Abigayle, was the girl.  YAY!!!  What an end for a great week!

If all of this was not enough to busy ourselves, we also had birthdays.  Our son, Adam, celebrated his 33rd birthday last Thursday with us.  My mother, Donna Lou Elder's, birthday was on Tuesday.  Stan celebrated his big day yesterday.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Classic Car Parade

Wichita County 8th Graders will be graduating tonight at 7:00.  After meeting with parents, etc immediately after that, they will load up in classic cars that will deliver them to the golf course where they will have their party.  One by one, each car will make its way down Broadway Street from the school to the golf course. People are urged to park somewhere along this line and enjoy the sight that will last for several minutes.  It is estimated that this will begin at approximately 8:00.  Glenda (Burch) Craven and Adrienne (McRae) Burch have been instrumental in locating these vehicles and making arrangements for us to borrow them.  I had no idea that there were so many classic cars here!

As a parent of an 8th grader, I would like to thank the owners of these vehicles for loaning these out.  Stan will be driving Vic and Deb Case's classic pick-up tonight.  The students have been looking forward to this for months.

I'd also like to thank the Wichita County Sheriff's Office for adding even more flare by escorting the vehicles to the party.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Marvel's AVENGERS 3D, an Adventure/Sci-Fi/Action, comes to the Star on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, May 18th, 19th and 20th.  Because of its popularity, it will also be playing during Memorial Day Weekend.  Showtime is 8:00 CST.  The movie is rated PG-13 and runs for 143 minutes.  It opened on April 26th, 2012.  Stars include Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, Robert Downey, Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner, etc.

Brother is pitted against brother.  Who will come out on top?  Thor or Loki?

Because this is a 3D movie, each ticket will cost $2.00 more. 
Adults, 13 and older:  $7.00
Children, 4 through 12:  $6.00
Babies through 3-years-of age:  F--R--E--E

The 3D glasses are provided by the theatre.

Refreshments are always fairly priced.


Update on Me

As of tomorrow, May 17th, it has been 3 months since my VNS surgery to correct my epilepsy.  I promised to keep you updated on my progress.  The results are GREAT!  I am seizure-free!!!  For the first time in almost 31 years, I am no longer afraid to go anywhere in public now.  Unless you have suffered an epileptic condition, you probably cannot imagine how truly amazing and freeing this really is.

And, for my depression?  It continues to be lifted more and more all of the time.  My neurologist believes that within the next 3 months, even it will be a thing of the past.  What a blessing!

Before my surgery, I wasn't the least bit concerned about the instant effects of when I ZAP myself.  I was just thrilled at the prospect of eveything else.  But now, my level of electricity has been increased 2 times.  Each time, I feel more than I did before.  It is kinda scary.  So I decided to zap myself every now and then so that I can get used to it and to try not to look like anything is happening when I do have to use it.  My theory on this has helped.  I am more confident with it now than at any other time.  "Just practicing" on myself is in no way, injurious, to my health.  In July, we will return to my neurologist so that she can increase my level of electricity again.  Once she has, I will begin "practicing" again.

Because I am now doing so well, the doctor has begun backing me off on the strength of my original anti-seizure medication.  Little by little, I'll take less of it until I am completely off of it.  More than likely, I will continue on the new medication that she started me on just before my surgery.  I have no problem with that.  Though this new medicine is VERY expensive, it has NO side effects.  Since I've been taking less of the original medicine, I am feeling MUCH better.  No longer am I the family zombie.  I feel alive--not sleepy all of the time.  My energy level just keeps going higher.  For example, our whole family, with the exception of Adam and Mel who had to work on Mother's Day, went to the Leoti City Park and enjoyed a day full of picnicking, visiting, laughing AND playing on the playground equipment.  And when I say WE played, I mean all four of the younger grandchildren AND Lori, Lona Sue and me!  Us, girls, had winging contests, galore!  LOL!!!!!  It was absolutely the most fun any of us had had in years.  A year ago, I would have watched all of the fun.  This time, I was right in the middle of it.  Oh, and by the way, did I mention that I have the bestest sisters ever???

I praise the Lord for blessing the scientests with the intelligence and the capabilites and technology to develop modern day medicines and techniques for many of the diseases and conditions that ail us.

Some of you have called, emailed or talked to me in person about my VNS.  Those people are out there encouraging other epileptics to consult with their doctors to see if they would qualify for this.  To those people, I say "thank you!!!"  You are doing your part to raise the standards of living for many epileptics.

Thank you for your concern!!!  And, as always, your prayers and support mean the world to my family and me...


8th Grade Graduation

 in Leoti will be at 7:00 p.m., cst on Thursday, May 17th.  It will be held in the Wichita County Junior/Senior High School Gym.  The public is welcome.

Our daughter, Leighlyn, is one who will graduate tomorrow.  What a bittersweet time this is in our lives.  It is wonderful that she and her classmates have come this far but at the same time, it means that they will be in high school next fall.  Ugh...

Junior High Awards Ceremony will be held at 2:30 on Thursday afternoon.  Again, everyone is welcome.

YAY for the Class of 2016!!!


Thursday, May 10, 2012


As time moves on, healing can begin but we should never forget what happened and what it has taken to get us to this point...  Many, MANY prayers are necessary.


Happy, Happy Birthday

to our wonderful son, Adam Duane Blau!!!

At the age of 10, Adam moved into our home and into our family in July of 1989.  That was 23 years ago already.  Where does the time go???  Adam has brought to our family much love, happiness and pride.

Love you, Adam!!!


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Online Lifestyle Magazine

I am approached very often by people who want me to post this and that on my blog.  Before I do, I familiarize myself with it.  I don't want to put something out there that might offend someone.  Today I received information on a website that was created for gentlemen (but I like it, too).  It is not officially launched until tomorrow, May 9th, but it is up and going right now so have yourself a look.  You'll find topics from the most glam of coffeemakers to fashion to interviews to.........



Pizza! Pizza!

Have you been hankerin' for a delicious Pizza Hut pizza?  On Tuesday, May 15th, Scott City's Pizza Hut will be coming to Leoti with their trailer where they will be putting together and baking fresh pizzas.  They'll be here from 4-8:00 CST.  They will be set up just to the north of the LadyBug Flower Shop.  It is very possible that this could become a regular event in Leoti.  YAY!!!  Don't forget!!!


Tragedy's Aftershock

I want you to think about this for awhile.  We go through life basically just taking care of ourselves.  Everything is fine and dandy until we, ourselves, or our community suffer great loss.  It is at that time, that things unravel all around us.  Why is it that until that happens that we take so very much for granted???

Wichita County lost four people in a span of 6 days just recently.  Because of the fact that our community is very small, losing 4 people all at once has really devastated us.  It was at that point that I really began doing some major soul searching for the answers and what we can do in the future to soften the blows.  I came up with this.

My Grandfather Pepper was absolutely one of the greatest people God ever blessed us with.  He was kind, soft-hearted, honest, hardworking, a friend amongst friends, a man who loved and respected his family, a man whom loved and genuinely knew his Lord.  He never gossiped.  He never listened to gossip.  If there was a fault in him, I can only come up with this.  It was very difficult for him to say "I love you."  Believe me, he showed his love for us every single day but he had been raised in a family that just didn't speak those words to one another.  Being raised like that makes it very difficult to say those three words after you are raised and leave home.  My mother thinks that  Granddad probably voiced those words to me more often than to anyone else.  Why?  Because he knew in his wisdom that I was the type of person who had to be told that.  There are plenty of families out there today who don't speak those little words to one another.  Married couples do the same thing.  I am sure that many of those people later regret that they never took the time to do so.

My parents made a point of making sure that all of us hugged, kissed and told each other that we love them each and every night.  When Stan and I were married, we did the same thing.  That continues to the present and will continue onward into the future.  Before we were married, we promised one another that we would NEVER go to sleep angry.  It has been 31 years now and I can honestly say that we have kept our word to one another.

 Last week, we watched a sitcom on tv.  The plot for that evening involved a husband being dared to tell his wife 6 things that he loves about her every night.  Each evening was to include 6 new things, not the same ones that he told her the night before.  Ya' know I LOVED that idea!  I don't think it is imperative that it is exactly 6 things, less or more would be wonderful.  If you are interested in doing that, lets go just one step further.  Lets tell that to our children, too.  That is easy to do if your children still live under the same roof as you but it could be more difficult if they don't.  I've thought about that and came up with a solution.  Most people in today's world own cellphones.  Most of them have TEXT capability.  If you don't have the time everyday to call your children and do this, why not text your feelings to them every day?  Text your son and let him know that you love the way he brightens up the room when he smiles.  Tell your daughter that you love her homemade chocolate cake that she brings over every Sunday afternoon.  You know what your child does that makes you happy and proud.  Tell him or her about it!  Why do this only for your children?  Why not do this for your grandparents, parents, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews and friends???  Don't we all want and need to know that we are loved and appreciated???

It is little things like these that can make such an incredible difference in each of our lives.  Most of us don't have the luxury of being able to afford to send our family on cruises around the world but we have the ability to show them that we love them in so very many other ways.

When I was a child, people regularly sent out greeting cards to one another to show their love and care for that person.  Over time, society has gotten away from that.  Why?  I don't know.  Maybe it is because of the price of a postage stamp or a greeting card.  I agree that cards tends to be very expensive but dollar stores across the nation sell them for a one dollar bill and even less, in many cases.  There is always the prospect of purchasing boxed greeting cards that don't cost much. Its not the money that you spent on the card that matters.  Its the thought that you put into it that really counts.   Maybe you'd be interested in sending a card to your favorite people once a month or even more often.  This tiny expression of love could go much further than you'll ever know.  Until just recently, I did not know that my grandmother kept each and every card given to her in a memory book.  Thats how much her cards really meant to her.

People have mentioned to me over the past several years that gone is the custom of taking meals to people who are sick or who have lost someone important to them.  Why don't we do that nowadays?  Why can't we start doing it again?  Maybe you don't have the time or money to whip up an entire meal yourself.  Contact someone else who cares about that person and see if they can help you with this endeavor.

When I was growing up, it was a big deal around here to deliver May Baskets to our family, neighbors, friends and the elderly.  Every May 1st, Mama and us would bake cookies, gather fresh flowers, write a message to that person, tuck everything into a simple basket or box.  We'd then drive around town and place them on the porches of the recipients.  We'd then either ring the doorbell or knock on the door.  After that, we'd RUN for the car!  It was supposed to be a secret as to the identity of the person leaving the gift of sunshine and love.  I never quite understood the "secret" part.  Didn't we want our loved ones to know that WE were the ones who cared for and loved them so much that we remembered them with this???  I have a quest for you.  Starting today, lets go out and start doing this again!  I see no reason why we should wait for May 1st to do this every year.  Lets do it much more often than that.

Waiting for serious illness, death and divorce is waiting far too long to show our love and concern for one another.  Today just might be the last opportunity that you'll have to do your part...

Hey!  I love YOU!!!


Monday, May 7, 2012


Just found out that a tree will be planted in Morgan Altman's name.  Her family will choose the location.  If you would like to contribute to the purchase of this, please drop by Leoti's LadyBug or call them at 620.375.2172.

Thank you!!!


Wichita County School Closing

The Wichita County School Board Office just announced this morning that all of our schools will be CLOSED all day this Wednesday in observance of Morgan Kay Altman's funeral.  More details are located in an earlier post.

I and many others would like to thank our school officials for this generous act of kindness!


Movie Mattinee

THE THREE STOOGES will be playing at 2:00 CST on Thursday, May 10th, in Tribune.  All tickets cost just $4.00 each.  Details of the movie are posted in an earlier post on my blog.


Tribune Movie--of--the--Weekend

The much awaited, THE LUCKY ONE, will be playing at the Star at 8:00 CST on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, May 11th, 12th and 13th.  This Drama/Romance is rated PG-13.  Stars include Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling.  The movie was just released on April 20th, 2012.

A soldier becomes obsessed with a photo that he finds.  It seems to lead him into a streak of good luck and true love...

Adults, 13 and older:  $5.00
Children, 4 through 12:  $4.00
Babies through 3-year-olds:  F--R--E--E

Refreshments are fairly priced also.

See you at the movies!!!


Sunday, May 6, 2012

LadyBug Flower Shop

For all of your floral needs, please call the girls at the LadyBug.  The phone number is 620.375.2172.  VISA and MASTERCARD are accepted.  They will deliver flowers and/or plants for you.



I mentioned last week that we are having issues with our jumping dog, Brutus. We now have a trolley set up in our backyard for him.  Since it has been in place, weve had no problems with him being anywhere than in our yard or in the house.  That was until a few minutes ago.  Our daughter and her friend put a leash on him and took him for a walk with them.  Minutes later, a very large dog jumped over its fence and attacked BruteMan.  During the fight, Brutus' collar became disengaged from the leash.  To make matters even worse, the large dog chased Leighlyn's friend.  Fortunately, no one besides Brutus was injured.  His injuries appear to be minimal.

Because Brutus evidentally needs to live in the country, we are offering to give him to a good home.  If you are interested, please call Stan at 620.375.8034 or me at 620.375.8033.  Brutus is approximately 5-years-old, is house-trained and neutered.  His last rabies shot was given in February.  It will be good until 2014.

Thank you!


Morgan Kay Altman--Leoti

was born on April 11, 1996 and passed away on May 5th, 2012 in an auto accident in Wichita County.  She was 16.  Her parents are Ryan and Cookie Altman of Leoti.  Other survivors include her sister, Megan and Adam Paschall of Junction City, Ks. and her brother, C.J. Altman, also of Junction City, her grandfathers, Leroy Plowman of Leoti and Danny and Charla Dawson of Atwood, Ks., uncles, aunts, cousins and many friends.

First viitation will be held at Price and Sons Funeral Home in Leoti from 5-8:00 p.m. on Monday, May 7th.

Second visitation will be held from 10-8:00 on Tuesday, May 8th.  This will also be held at the funeral home.

Funeral services will be held on Wednesday, May 9th, at 10:30 at Christ Covenant Church in Leoti.

Memorials may be given to the Morgan Kay Altman Memorial Fund in care of Price and Sons Funeral Homes.

Information courtesy of Price and Sons Funeral Homes of Garden City, Scott City, Leoti and Tribune.


Much Sadness in Wichita County

Since Sunday, April 29th, through Saturday, May 5th, Wichita County has lost 4 people.  The last person to pass away is 16-year-old daughter of Ryan and Cookie Altman, Morgan Kay Altman.  She was killed in an auto accident in Wichita County.  This tragedy has been difficult to handle.  Because of that, our school system already conducted a counseling session for students on Saturday.  It is my understanding that another session will be held at the school tomorrow.  From what I understand, fellow students and friends of Morgan will be allowed to sign out of school for her funeral on Wednesday morning.

Prayers are so very much needed for her family, friends, neighbors and the county.

Thank you!


Friday, May 4, 2012

WCES Spring Concert

If you missed this performance last night, you missed out on an excellent program.  When I have more time, I'll be writing more about it.



Just a reminder that the slapstick comedy, THE 3 STOOGES, will be playing in Tribune tonight, tomorrow and Sunday evening at 8:00 CST.  More information is located on an earlier post.


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pain and Anguish

At some point in everyone's life, we need to decide.  Do we want to continue being a victim or do we want to rid our lives of the clutter of unnecessary drama and the people or things that cause it?  Once we make the decision to clear our lives of this nonsense, it is time to find those people out there who have the ability to make us love like we've never loved before and laugh like we've never laughed before.  Once we've done that, we can put the pain and anguish where they belong...way behind us.

Isn't life too short to spend it any other way than happily???

(I found something similar to this on FB and realized how much it pertains to many of us.)


Our Sympathy

goes out to the families of Ed Wells, Matt Ford and Forrest Schuhs.  All of these men were from Leoti.  Its tough.  We're never ready to give them up...  I'll try to get obituaries posted soon.




1.  To free from restraint, influence or the like

2.  To free (a slave) from bondage

Isn't it funny how some of the least perfect people in the world find the strength to turn other people in to governing bodies?  Of course, I think we would all agree that this is a right everyone in the United States should have.  And in regards to serious crimes, etc, we should all practice that right.

A few years ago, our daughters asked for a little puppy.  We agreed that they could bring one home.  He was cute.  A little bundle of fur and fun.  As with all of our dogs, he was house trained so that he could live indoors and outdoors.  As time went by, he grew as animals of all kinds that I'm aware of, do.  He found his peak height at approximately 2 feet tall.  As you can see, Brutus does not take up much room.  He isn't a ball of fur anymore.  His fun is still there but not in the great quantities as it once was.  Instead of chasing the girls and other dogs around now, he is more interested in sitting on our laps, in the grass, etc.  Brutus would not even think of being mean.  Cats and birds are also friends of Brutus.  Everyone likes him...that is, except for a few of our neighbors.

Years ago, Stan fenced in a large section of our backyard.  Inside this section, is the girls' trampolene, some chairs and a dog house.  In the mornings, etc whenever the dogs need or want to go outdoors, this is where they go.  It works out well for them and us.  Other dogs cannot hurt them.  Our dogs don't bother the neighbors.  Well, at least that is the way it should work.

Our fence is probably 4 - 5 feet tall.  That should work perfectly to contain dogs that range from 10 inches to 2 feet.  Right?  Well you would think so.  For most of the time, its foolproof.  Unfortunately, Brutus discovered that he can jump over the fence.  That appears to be the only way out.  When we found him lying in the front yard earlier this week, it was the only explanation we could come up with.  We looked for holes in the fence and in the ground.  Nothing.

Brutus is a great guy.  I'd trust him with absolutely anyone and everyone.  He is very gentle and loving.  No one has any reason to fear this dog.  He does have ONE LITTLE fault though.  Even though he loves to cuddle with us inside the house and the fenced in area, as soon as he is out of those areas, amnesia sets in and he doesn't know who we are.  He knows better than to come anywhere near us because we'll put him back where he belongs.

In the past, it was easy to put him away.  He walked up to us, we put him in.  Once he figured that one out, we could catch him when we all loaded up in the car to go for a ride.  Again, he figured that one out too.  Boy!  Brutus is one smart doggie!

So now we just have to rely on him to come in when it gets cooler.  Usually by the time we're ready to go to bed, hes waiting at the front door for us.  When it begins to warm up outdoors, he stays out a little later.  But always, until this week, he comes in either at night or in the very early hours of the morning.  Now since he has discovered that he can jump out, he realizes that he can jump back in to get food, water, etc.  Getting him in the house has just become a more serious matter.

So, anyway, Brutus let himself out on Monday afternoon.  He ran free the rest of that day, all day Tuesday and yesterday.  To put it mildly, we were not happy about the situation.  Over and over, we did our darndest to reel him in.  Nothing we tried worked.  At bedtime, a new thought entered my mind.  One of our friends is a cowboy who is very handy with his lasso.  By that time, it was too late to call and ask him to help us.  Though the girls and I were headed to bed and Stan was already in bed, our not-so-perfect neighbor didn't mind calling the dog catcher who was probably already in bed too. Our doorbell ring.  At that time of night, an unexpected person at the front door is a bit unnerving.  Stan went to answer it and discovered the dog catcher on the other side of the door.

The two of them spent the next half hour trying to catch Brutus.  It wasn't getting any lighter outside so they finally gave it up.  Stan and I were totally frustrated.  Not only were we with irritated with this situation we were in, we were also disgusted with our neighbors in question.  You see, they too, enjoy dogs and cats.  Believe it or not, their pets are not perfect either.  Their cats spend a considerable amount of time in OUR yard trying to rid our yard of OUR cats.  More irritating is the fact that we have had to fish their not-so-small dogs out of our garden pond more often that I care to remember right now.  They've messed up our pond's fountain.  Did WE call the dog catcher on THEM???  NO!!!  We're not that kind of people.  Besides, we THOUGHT we were friends.  Hmmm.  guessing we were wrong about that one.

There is a good ending to this story though.  When Stan got up at 3:00 this morning to get ready for work, Brutus was ready to come into the house.  Until Stan and I have time to install a taller fence, BruteMan will have to live indoors and out on the end of a chain in the yard.  I hate to do that but we don't want to be known as the neighborhood troublemakers either.  The only other solution is convincing Brutus to file for emancipation.  Since he has no money that we are aware of, that might be a bit on the difficult side.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012


The elementary school's spring program is on Thursday, May 3rd, at the WCJ/SHS auditorium.  It promises to be a fun evening for all!


Pizza Truck Coming to Leoti

If you're like us, Pizza Hut Pizza is a staple of your regular diet.  Our closest P.H. is in Scott City which is 24 miles away from Leoti.  With gas prices tilting towards $4.00 per gallon, more of us are refraining from making that long distance trip.  So if that is the case with you too, mark your calendar for May 15th.  The Pizza Hut truck will be setting up in downtown Leoti.  You can just stop by and purchase a pizza there.  At this time, final preparations are being made as to the actual location.  Once I have that information and the time, I will post it here.  



Thank You!!!

As you already know, Stan and I celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary today.  This was probably our first anniversary that Stan did not get to be with me.  He normally takes our anniversary as a vacation day.  This year was different.  With my surgeries and the multitude of doctor appointments, he had no vacation days left to take.

I was not alone today though.  Abigayle was extremely ill with a stomach virus on Monday.  She stayed home then.  Leighlyn started running to the bathroom at 7:00 this morning.  Needless to say, she didn't go to school today.

Very seldom do Stan and I go out by ourselves for evenings.  We love being with everyone.  Tonight, Leighlyn will be eating chicken noodle soup.  The rest of us are going to eat ham, potato and cheese casserole.

We want to thank all of you for remembering our special day!  Your thoughts, well wishes, etc have been very special for both of us.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 2nd

is such an awesome day for me.  That is the day that I married my very bestest friend.  I thought I'd tell you what led up to our marriage...

It was Sunday, November 22nd, 1980, which just happened to be my parents' wedding anniversary.  I was working at Golden Acres Nursing Home in Leoti.  A co-worker of mine chased me down to tell me that I just had to go see the good looking man in Julia Blau's room.  A few minutes later, I took a peek.  I agreed that that was a nice looking man.  Eventually, I took the guest registry into her room so that the handsome stranger could sign it.  It was at that time, that Stan teased me about wondering just how long it was going to be before I braved up enough to speak to him.  LOL!

Stan was assistant manager of Frost Market at the time.  Nothing more was said between us until the last week of January 1981.  That was until I went to the store one day to buy groceries.  One of Stan's co-workers strongly urged Stan to ask me out.  He asked and I accepted.  We set up a date for the next evening.  That day was nerve-wrecking for me.  I actually hid a block away from my parents' home when Stan came to pick me up.  As I watched him walk away from our house, I ran out and stopped him from leaving.

So we headed to Garden City to watch the hit movie, 9 to 5, starring Dolly Parton and Jane Fonda.  On our way, we stopped in Scott City so that Stan could introduce me to his parents.  After that, we were back on the road again.  I was stunned at how easily Stan and I were able to communicate with one another.  We talked non-stop.  Once in Garden City, Stan took me out for a quick hamburger before we went to the movie.  Stan held my hand for the first time.  It was at that time that I knew I had fallen in love with him.  After the movie, he asked me if I wanted to go out for a pizza.  (We laugh today that he should've known at that time that I loved food and would eat any chance that I got.  LOL!!!)

We did not see each other the next day but he called me while I was in the bathtub.  We ended up talking for almost 2 hours.  I ended up getting my big toe stuck in the water faucet as we talked.  Eventually, I was able to pull it out.  After that night, we never missed spending our evenings together.  On February 2nd, 1981, Stan and I were engaged.  We first planned on getting married in October.  Soon that was moved to June 6th.  I simply couldn't wait any longer to marry him!  June 6th was taking too long to get here so we finally decided to get married on the second of May.  People all over town were positive that we were pregnant.  I guess time proved them wrong considering that our first natural child was not born until November 13th of 1997.  Ha!  Ha!

Our wedding was beautiful!  We chose pink and blue as our wedding colors.  (No wonder people thought we were expecting...)  I remember that we had asked my Aunt Neva to be wedding coordinator.  It was up to her to stand at the back of the church and tell the wedding party when to move forward.  Soon, it was almost time for Daddy and me to walk to the front of the church.  I was terrified of being in front of the crowd.  I remember telling Daddy I didn't think I could do it.  Daddy's response to me???  The hell you can't!!!  We were off and running down the aisle.  Guess Daddy didn't want this guy to get away!  LOL!!!  I've never been graceful but that run to the alter was even worse.  Ever since I was a little girl, I always wanted to wear Mama's wedding dress.  That's exactly what I did.  Unfortunately, it was a bit too long for me.  When Daddy decided to race to my groom, I was tripping all over myself.  I can honestly say that that was the only wedding I've ever been to that the wedding guests broke out in laughter before the bride ever got to her groom!!!

It has been 31 years now.  We've had our ups.  We've had our downs.  But I cannot think of anyone else I would have rather been on this journey with.  God has blessed us with more than we've ever deserved.  Giving us our children, Adam Duane, Leighlyn Nevae and Abigayle Joy Patrice are the greatest blessings of all.

Lord, I pray that you will give many more happiness filled years to our family.  Thank You for giving me the man of my dreams...


Prayer Update

First of all, we want to thank you for your prayers!  I'll go into greater detail now about our problem this morning.

A dear relative is traveling overseas right now.  He failed to arrive at his destination over 14 hours ago.  His plane arrived but he was not on it.  His family who was supposed to pick him up there was very concerned and called us in the U.S. to see if he had contacted anyone here.  He had not.  That's when we asked for your prayers.  Our prayers came through for us again.  About an hour ago, the "lost" man called us and told us that he was safe.  Two of his flights were put on hold due to weather problems.  He is now with his family and enjoying getting caught up on everyone's lives.  He is in Europe.  Our cellphones do not work there because of different wiring.

Again, thank you very much for your prayers!!!


Prayer Request

Our family and I received very troubling news this morning.  It involves a much loved family member of ours.  At this time, I am not at liberty to disclose any other information.  Once I can, I will let you know.  We are asking for any and all of you to pray for this person.  You don't need to know who the person's name is in order to pray.  God already has that information.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!