Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Status of 8th Grade Graduation in Wichita County

I just learned that I owe Wichita County and anyone else who reads my blog, a BIG APOLOGY.  I've made many mistakes in the past and I have confidence that I will make more in the future.

Last week, I mentioned here and on FACEBOOK that our daughter would be graduating in the last 8th grade graduation in Wichita County.  Over the past several hours, I have been corrected on that.  As I understand it, this has not even been discussed by the board of education.

So, now, you're probably wanting to know why I would make all of this up. Right?  I did not and would not make this up.  Last year, a high percentage  of this year's 8th grade students and their parents addressed the board of this issue when it was brought to our attention that last year's graduation would be the last in Leoti.  We were assured that no talk had been done about the issue.  Over this school year, I spoke with other parents and teachers about graduation.  According to what everyone whom we had talked about this, the 2012 graduation was going to be the last.  I just took the information as being carved in stone.  I was stupid in doing so.  We were even more confident in this when 6th graders were given certificates of promotion at the end of the junior high spring program this month.

Anyway, I am very sorry that I said anything here, on FACEBOOK or to anyone directly.  Again, I've been proven to be a fool.


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