Saturday, May 26, 2012


My Daddy passed away on April 29th, 1995.  Since then sooo many great (and not-so-grand) things have happened in our family.  We missed Daddy through it all.  Recently, more fantastic occurances have taken place.  For example, Adam made it all the way to management in his profession.  Leighlyn graduated with honors and was chosen for the citizenship award in her class.  Abigayle also brought home straight "As" and the citizenship award in her class.  We just have AMAZING children!  I would have loved to have given this news to Daddy face-to-face.

Today, my sister, Lori, posted something similar to this on FACEBOOK.  It sounded perfect for how I feel about Daddy so I decided to share it with you right here.

"I thought about you today, Daddy, just like I did yesterday and the many, many days before that.  Many of those times, I thought about you in total silence.  But for MANY more times, I spoke about you to my children, my friends and the children's friends.  Though my daughters never had the opportunity to meet you, they feel like they know their wonderful Granddad anyway. 

Without you here now, I am still left with MANY amazing memories and framed pictures of you, and the knowledge that you continue to live on in Gods arms and our heats."

As usual, missing you...


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