Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Update on Me

As of tomorrow, May 17th, it has been 3 months since my VNS surgery to correct my epilepsy.  I promised to keep you updated on my progress.  The results are GREAT!  I am seizure-free!!!  For the first time in almost 31 years, I am no longer afraid to go anywhere in public now.  Unless you have suffered an epileptic condition, you probably cannot imagine how truly amazing and freeing this really is.

And, for my depression?  It continues to be lifted more and more all of the time.  My neurologist believes that within the next 3 months, even it will be a thing of the past.  What a blessing!

Before my surgery, I wasn't the least bit concerned about the instant effects of when I ZAP myself.  I was just thrilled at the prospect of eveything else.  But now, my level of electricity has been increased 2 times.  Each time, I feel more than I did before.  It is kinda scary.  So I decided to zap myself every now and then so that I can get used to it and to try not to look like anything is happening when I do have to use it.  My theory on this has helped.  I am more confident with it now than at any other time.  "Just practicing" on myself is in no way, injurious, to my health.  In July, we will return to my neurologist so that she can increase my level of electricity again.  Once she has, I will begin "practicing" again.

Because I am now doing so well, the doctor has begun backing me off on the strength of my original anti-seizure medication.  Little by little, I'll take less of it until I am completely off of it.  More than likely, I will continue on the new medication that she started me on just before my surgery.  I have no problem with that.  Though this new medicine is VERY expensive, it has NO side effects.  Since I've been taking less of the original medicine, I am feeling MUCH better.  No longer am I the family zombie.  I feel alive--not sleepy all of the time.  My energy level just keeps going higher.  For example, our whole family, with the exception of Adam and Mel who had to work on Mother's Day, went to the Leoti City Park and enjoyed a day full of picnicking, visiting, laughing AND playing on the playground equipment.  And when I say WE played, I mean all four of the younger grandchildren AND Lori, Lona Sue and me!  Us, girls, had winging contests, galore!  LOL!!!!!  It was absolutely the most fun any of us had had in years.  A year ago, I would have watched all of the fun.  This time, I was right in the middle of it.  Oh, and by the way, did I mention that I have the bestest sisters ever???

I praise the Lord for blessing the scientests with the intelligence and the capabilites and technology to develop modern day medicines and techniques for many of the diseases and conditions that ail us.

Some of you have called, emailed or talked to me in person about my VNS.  Those people are out there encouraging other epileptics to consult with their doctors to see if they would qualify for this.  To those people, I say "thank you!!!"  You are doing your part to raise the standards of living for many epileptics.

Thank you for your concern!!!  And, as always, your prayers and support mean the world to my family and me...


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