Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 2nd

is such an awesome day for me.  That is the day that I married my very bestest friend.  I thought I'd tell you what led up to our marriage...

It was Sunday, November 22nd, 1980, which just happened to be my parents' wedding anniversary.  I was working at Golden Acres Nursing Home in Leoti.  A co-worker of mine chased me down to tell me that I just had to go see the good looking man in Julia Blau's room.  A few minutes later, I took a peek.  I agreed that that was a nice looking man.  Eventually, I took the guest registry into her room so that the handsome stranger could sign it.  It was at that time, that Stan teased me about wondering just how long it was going to be before I braved up enough to speak to him.  LOL!

Stan was assistant manager of Frost Market at the time.  Nothing more was said between us until the last week of January 1981.  That was until I went to the store one day to buy groceries.  One of Stan's co-workers strongly urged Stan to ask me out.  He asked and I accepted.  We set up a date for the next evening.  That day was nerve-wrecking for me.  I actually hid a block away from my parents' home when Stan came to pick me up.  As I watched him walk away from our house, I ran out and stopped him from leaving.

So we headed to Garden City to watch the hit movie, 9 to 5, starring Dolly Parton and Jane Fonda.  On our way, we stopped in Scott City so that Stan could introduce me to his parents.  After that, we were back on the road again.  I was stunned at how easily Stan and I were able to communicate with one another.  We talked non-stop.  Once in Garden City, Stan took me out for a quick hamburger before we went to the movie.  Stan held my hand for the first time.  It was at that time that I knew I had fallen in love with him.  After the movie, he asked me if I wanted to go out for a pizza.  (We laugh today that he should've known at that time that I loved food and would eat any chance that I got.  LOL!!!)

We did not see each other the next day but he called me while I was in the bathtub.  We ended up talking for almost 2 hours.  I ended up getting my big toe stuck in the water faucet as we talked.  Eventually, I was able to pull it out.  After that night, we never missed spending our evenings together.  On February 2nd, 1981, Stan and I were engaged.  We first planned on getting married in October.  Soon that was moved to June 6th.  I simply couldn't wait any longer to marry him!  June 6th was taking too long to get here so we finally decided to get married on the second of May.  People all over town were positive that we were pregnant.  I guess time proved them wrong considering that our first natural child was not born until November 13th of 1997.  Ha!  Ha!

Our wedding was beautiful!  We chose pink and blue as our wedding colors.  (No wonder people thought we were expecting...)  I remember that we had asked my Aunt Neva to be wedding coordinator.  It was up to her to stand at the back of the church and tell the wedding party when to move forward.  Soon, it was almost time for Daddy and me to walk to the front of the church.  I was terrified of being in front of the crowd.  I remember telling Daddy I didn't think I could do it.  Daddy's response to me???  The hell you can't!!!  We were off and running down the aisle.  Guess Daddy didn't want this guy to get away!  LOL!!!  I've never been graceful but that run to the alter was even worse.  Ever since I was a little girl, I always wanted to wear Mama's wedding dress.  That's exactly what I did.  Unfortunately, it was a bit too long for me.  When Daddy decided to race to my groom, I was tripping all over myself.  I can honestly say that that was the only wedding I've ever been to that the wedding guests broke out in laughter before the bride ever got to her groom!!!

It has been 31 years now.  We've had our ups.  We've had our downs.  But I cannot think of anyone else I would have rather been on this journey with.  God has blessed us with more than we've ever deserved.  Giving us our children, Adam Duane, Leighlyn Nevae and Abigayle Joy Patrice are the greatest blessings of all.

Lord, I pray that you will give many more happiness filled years to our family.  Thank You for giving me the man of my dreams...


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