Sunday, May 6, 2012


I mentioned last week that we are having issues with our jumping dog, Brutus. We now have a trolley set up in our backyard for him.  Since it has been in place, weve had no problems with him being anywhere than in our yard or in the house.  That was until a few minutes ago.  Our daughter and her friend put a leash on him and took him for a walk with them.  Minutes later, a very large dog jumped over its fence and attacked BruteMan.  During the fight, Brutus' collar became disengaged from the leash.  To make matters even worse, the large dog chased Leighlyn's friend.  Fortunately, no one besides Brutus was injured.  His injuries appear to be minimal.

Because Brutus evidentally needs to live in the country, we are offering to give him to a good home.  If you are interested, please call Stan at 620.375.8034 or me at 620.375.8033.  Brutus is approximately 5-years-old, is house-trained and neutered.  His last rabies shot was given in February.  It will be good until 2014.

Thank you!


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