Friday, May 25, 2012

A Bit of Humor (and Horror)

Today got off to an unexpectadly bad start for my family and I.  To lighten our day a bit, Leighlyn told us this joke.  I thought you might get a kick out of it, too.

"You know you've really wasted your time of 12 years conversing with your psychiatrist when at the end of your current session, he says  'No habla ingles...'"    LOL!!!


Last evening, we were in a town in Western Kansas when a few things happened that we found to be a bit unusual.  I thought I'd share 'em with you now.

We pulled up to a drive-up automatic teller machine to get some cash.  A vehicle with two men were already there.  The men were not from the U.S. evidentally and were having considerable trouble getting their business done.  Both men were aggravated with the machine and it looked like they were also a bit miffed ith one another.  Their voices continued to get louder as we sat behind them for 10 long minutes.  Stan noticed that another vehicle was now parked behind us.  At about that time, one of the men in front of us noticed that there were now 2 vehicles in line behind them.  At that time, both men got into their pick-up and left--or so we thought.  We moved forward and got our cash with no problem.  As we were leaving the bank, we noticed that the vehicle that had been in line before us, had now gotten into line behind the vehicle in back of us.  That particular machine provides information in English, Spanish, German and French.  Looks like it should have provided information in a fifth language also.  LOL!

After we left the bank, we headed to a convenience store in the same town.  When we pulled in, we noticed a man standing close to a fuel pump.  No big deal.  But while Stan was in the store, I looked at the man again whom was doing some kind of work with the pump.  Again, no big deal.  That was until I noticed the smoking cigarette sticking out of his mouth.  As far as I was concerned, we couldn't get out of that area soon enough.  Ha!  Ha!


Caution:  The next thing I'll write about is not for weak-stomached people.

If you've known me for very long at all, you know that I am obsessed with cleanliness in the kitchen and at restaurants.  So, last night, while we were waiting for our meal to be brought to us in a cafe in the same town, I was glancing around the building and noticed a woman in her work uniform from the same restaurant, sitting in a booth, playing with her phone and PICKING HER NOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh, my God!!!  I was TOTALLY grossed out.  She'd pick for awhile, wipe it on her apron and then her nose would once again, be re-visited by her finger.  I was horrified.  When we asked about this nastiness, we were told that the employee was not a cook but the dishwasher instead.  I was still sick to my stomach and have no plans of ever returning to that eating establishment again.  Just where are the state health department officials when we need 'em???  I'd like to say that I'm laughing about this incident now but I am still sick and am contemplating calling the business owner with this information...

Footnote:  Since I wrote this post, I did call the restaurant's owner and reported this to him.  I felt it was something that he needs to know.  The owner was very upset about this incident and assured me that this would be taken care of today.  I appreciate that.  Many of us eat in restaurants all over the world on a regular basis.  Something like this can and does happen every day.  Most of the time, the customers are never aware of anything like this happening.  Fortunately, I have never seen anything like this ever happening in any of our local cafes and restaurantss.


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