Thursday, August 30, 2012


Several of you have asked me how I am doing since my VNS surgery that was done in February.  I am grr-eat!  I am doing so well that I have been asked to be an ambassador for this treatment of epilepsy.  People with epilepsy or their family and friends can call me directly to learn more about this treatment directly from "someone who has been there."

I no longer have seizures nor the symptoms that I used to have just before a seizure occured.  Praise the Lord!  Though that is wonderful in itself, something even greater has happened, my depression has been lifted and swept away!  This is the first time in several years.  My family and friends have commented on how fantastic this is not only for myself but for the people around me.

I am once again able to drive.  Until now, I had taken driving for granted.  I don't plan on that happening again.

My energy level is up and my weight is down.  Great combination!

I thank the Lord for allowing this surgery and medications to be developed by mortal man for those of us who would not have the quality of life that I now have.


Wichita County Indians' Football

Just a reminder that Wichita County will be going to Cimarron tomorrow evening for their first game of the season..  Kick-off is 7:00.  Stanton County travels to Leoti next Friday evening.  Kick-off is 7:00 CST.

Go Indians!


Thought to Ponder

Someone brought this to my attention this morning.  It really got me to thinking.  I hope it will do the same for you.

"Why is it that God is not allowed in our American public school system yet He is allowed in our prisons?  Maybe if He was allowed in school, fewer people would be spending their lives in jail."


Needed Home

The City of Leoti has a found Blue Heeler looking for an immediate home.  He gets along great with children and adults alike.  Employees estimate that he is approximately 2-years-old.  If you are interested in him, please call 620.375.2341.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!


Leoti's Friday Flick

Bring your family and friends to the south side of City Hall this Friday night for the final movie of 2012.  This year's movie will be THE LORAX.  This is a film based on one of the many books of the legendary Dr. Seuss.

At 8:00 p.m. a man from Modoc will share his vocal music with all in attendance.  The movie will begin at dusk.  As always, the admission will be F--R--E--E!  Refreshments are also available.


Monday, August 27, 2012


The movie, DIARY OF A WIMPY KID: DOG DAYS, will be shown at 8:00 CST on Friday, August 31st, and Saturday and Sunday, September 1st and 2nd.  This comical movie is fun for the entire family.  It is rated PG for all audiences.  This movie that was released to the general public on August 3rd of 2012, runs for 94 minutes.  Stars include Zachary Gordon, Robert Capron and Devon Bostic.

Adults, 13 and older:  $5.00
Children, 4 through 12:  $4.00
Babies through 3-years-of-age:  F--R--E--E

Refreshments are fairly priced also.


For Sale

When we bought our new house, Abigayle needed different bedding and drapes since she went from a one window room to a two bedroom window room.  Her new bedding and drapes from the old house were hardly even used.  We moved to our new house just a bit over one month since we had purchased them. They still look brand new.  These items are for boys or girls.  We now have the following items for sale.

2   42" x  81"  lime green drapes with little shiny lime green spots here and there.  These are totally machine washable.

1 twin-sized set of lime green sheets with one matching pillow case

1 twin-sized comforter with matching pillow shams.  Comforter is reversible.  One side is light purple.  The other side is geometrical.  It's colors are light purples, blues, pinks, lime green and white.

We are asking $20.00 for everything listed.  If you are interested in these to freshen your child's bedroom, etc, please call me at 620.375.8033.

Thank you!!!


Friday, August 24, 2012

National Honor Society Induction Ceremony

will be held at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, August 27th, at the WCJ-SHS.  I hope you can be in attendance.  The honorees work very hard to be deserving of this honor.  Lets let them know how much we appreciate them!


Wichita County Football Scrimmage

Well, Folks, its that time of the year again.  Football!!!  YAY!!!  Come on out to the football scrimmage at the high school football field tonight at 7:00.

It is important that we continue to show our support for all of our local students and athletes.  The next football game will be held next Friday at 7:00 in Cimarron.

The next home game will be on Friday, September 7th, when Stanton County (Johnson) comes to play.  Again, the game starts at 7:00 CST.



FREE Watermelon Feed in Leoti!!!

As I mentioned earlier, the grammy award winning Sugar Free Allstars will be performing their music at the WCJ-SHS lawn tomorrow (Saturday) night at 7:00 CST.  I forgot to mention that you'll want to be there earlier than that though to take advantage of the F--R--E--E watermelon that will be served.

Concert Tickets
Adults:  $5.00 each
Students:  $1.00 each

Thank you to Leoti's Arts Allliance for bringing the S F Allstars to town!


Prayers are Being Answered

For years, people in Western Kansas have been praying for moisture.  For some, those prayers were answered big time last night.  Parts of Wichita County received a sprinkle while others had more on up to 5 inches.  WOW!!!

More rain is in the forecast for us today.  Please continue to pray!!!

I spoke with a woman from Greeley County one day last week.  Her family raises cattle.  This drought has ruined their pasture land at least for this year.  They don't even know if their Buffalo Grass will be able to come back in.  For quite sometime now, they've been having to haul in expensive cattle feed.  Now they are to the point where they are deciding whether or not to just sell the cattle.  Bad deal.  I'm sure that they are not the only people around here who are making that painful choice today.

In Leoti, we are undergoing a water shortage.  Though outlawing watering for our lawns and gardens has not become a reality, many of us have voluntarily stopped watering.  Just recently, I was told that someone in our state government was talking about our drought.  He was concerned about what we need to do about the whole thing.  He asked people in attendance at his meeting just how much money they are making off of their green lawns and pretty flower gardens that they are watering in town. Hmmm.  Makes you think, doesn't it?   Hearing that, made me more determined than ever that we need to really think about what YOU and WE need to be doing to save what groundwater we still have.  As you know, I love lawns and flower gardens but since our recent move, we are not watering anymore.  We are actively discussing what we need to do to beautify our yard WITHOUT the need of groundwater.  Stan and I are planning on following suit of several other families in Leoti who have trimmed down their grassy areas and brought in rock to take its place.  We are in the market for drought resistant plants also.

Recently, we were in the Manhattan and Kansas City area.  Normally, they receive a good deal of water during the summer.  This year is different though.  Much of their pasture land, etc is dry now too.  We all just need to continue praying for moisture.  Hopefully the drought we've been experiencing over the past several years, will come to an end very soon.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Success So Far

As you know, I haven't reported our progress on our new home to you lately.  There are a few reasons for that.  We've been out-of-town doing the girls' back-to-school shopping for clothes and school.  Stan's poor body has taken a real beating from being up and down on the floor for so many weeks.  Fortunately, I've been able to continue onwards.

It only makes sense to finish painting the walls before laying a new floor. I have managed to get all of the painting done except for a few scratches here and there where furniture hit the walls when it was being brought into the new house.  Believe it or not, I've had my fair share of painting to last me for quite awhile now.  LOL!

Stan laid most of the new flooring now.  He still has about 2 feet left to lay in Leighlyn's room then he'll move into Abigayle's bedroom.  Once their bedrooms are finished, he will lay the floor in the small part of the 2nd hallway.  After that, he can straighten his back once again.  We hope it'll be finished this weekend.

After that, we have to tear out the old bathtub and shower from the main bathroom so we can bring in the new beautiful set.

My new project is about ready to be started.  I can hardly wait!  I'll be ready to sand down our kitchen cabinet doors readying them for a new facelift.  Right now, they are dull and have a bunch of scratches in them.  None of this is surpising considering the fact that they are about 40 years old.  The surprising part is that the cabinets are still in really good shape.  Stan has moved two other cabinets into the kitchen after he took out one of the doorways to the kitchen.  We now love how our kitchen is shaping up.  We have the new floor, new paint on the walls and new appliances.  Once I finish the cabinets, it'll be just like we want it.

Speaking of our kitchen appliances, you might remember we have had lots of problems with the dishwasher that we purchased from an appliance store on July 3rd.  Of course, we contacted the store and the company that built it.  The repairman has had to be here 4 times now.  No matter what the poor man did, it would wash dishes for a few days and then break down again.  Finally, the company told him to replace all of the pumps, motors, computers, etc.  There was a short somewhere.  He did this a couple of days ago.  The only part of the machine left that is original is the door and the box that surrounds everything.  We'll see how it does now.  I think it'll be great!

So anyway, we are rapidly finishing up on the interior.  The weather has cooled off considerably so we can now begin our landscaping.  More rain is headed our way.  From what I understand, the entire state of Kansas should be receiving good amounts of the much-needed moisture.  This would be a good time to get things planted.

Well, work is calling out to me so I better let you go for now.

Have a great day!


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Upcoming Concert in Leoti

Leoti's Arts Alliance is sponsoring the Grammy-Award-winning Sugar Free Allstars in concert this Saturday, August 25th, in the lawn around the Wichita County Jr-Sr High School.  The concert begins at 7:00 CST.

For more information, please go to the following website:

While you're there, you'll have the opportunity to view and listen to one of their songs.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back to School in Wichita County

School resumed at our schools this morning.  For parents like us who enjoy having our children at home as long as possible, it was a bittersweet day.  On the sweet side of the coin, it is wonderful knowing that our children attend school in such a fabulous and safe school system. 

For my mother, Donna Lou Elder, it was a sad day.  For the first time in 49 years, she didn't need to be at the elementary school by 8:00 to meet and greet the students.  She made the decision over the summer that it was time to put her chalk away.  My mom had knee surgery done in June.  She feared that her knee would not be ready to go back to school.  Lori and I kept her busy.  We all went out to breakfast and joined the Wichita County Fitness Center.  We look forward to many trips to the center together.

Our family would like to welcome the new high school principal and the new school teachers and their families to our county.



We now have 2 crabapple trees in our new backyard.  We have little information on this fruit.  Can anyone tell us how to know when these are ripe enough to make jelly?  By the way, we'll have plenty of these tart apples to share!

Give me a call at 620.375.8033.


Wichita County High School Volleyball

will be held at 3:30 on Tuesday, August 28th, at Oakley.


Wichita County High School Football Scrimmage

will be at 7:00 CST on Friday, August 24th, at the WCJ-SHS football field.  Everyone is welcome!  The next high school football game will be held at 7:00 CST in Cimarron.



The comedy, TED, released on June 29th, will be shown in Tribune on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 24th, 25th and 26th, at 8:00 CST.

Stars include Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Giovanni Ribisi, Joel McHale and Seth MacFarlane.

Adults, 13 and older:  $5.00
Kids, 4 through 12-yrs-old:  $4.00
Babies through 3-yrs-of age:  F--R--E--E

See you at the movies!


Chester (Red) Jerauld--Leoti

Funeral services for Mr. Jerauld will be at 10:30 CST on Wednesday, August 22nd, at the Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Scott City.  The church is located at 1102 Court Street.

More details are available at


Sandra Cavenee--Tribune

Funeral services for Sandra (Notestine) Cavenee of Tribune will be held at 10:30 MST at the United Methodist Church in Tribune.  The address is 608 Broadway.

More details can be found at


Friday, August 17, 2012

Tribune--Movie--of--the--Weekend's Upcoming Schedule

THE DARK KNIGHT will be shown tonight, tomorrow and Sunday night, August 17th, 18th and 19th, at 8:00 CST.

TED will be shown on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 24th, 25th and 26th.

DIARY OF A WIMPY KID: DOG DAYS will be playing on the first weekend of September.

Adults, 13 and older:  $5.00
Children, 4 through 12:  $4.00
Babies through 3-years-of-age:  F--R--E--E

Refreshements are also very fairly priced.

See you at the movies!


Monday, August 6, 2012

Wichita County 8th Grade Graduation

Last May, I reported that 8th grade graduation of 2012 would be the last one in Wichita County.  I WAS WRONG!!!  We enrolled the girls in school and received calendars for the 2012-2013 school year.  There WILL BE 8th grade graduation on Wednesday, May 22nd.

I apologize for reporting inaccurate information on this.