Thursday, August 23, 2012

Success So Far

As you know, I haven't reported our progress on our new home to you lately.  There are a few reasons for that.  We've been out-of-town doing the girls' back-to-school shopping for clothes and school.  Stan's poor body has taken a real beating from being up and down on the floor for so many weeks.  Fortunately, I've been able to continue onwards.

It only makes sense to finish painting the walls before laying a new floor. I have managed to get all of the painting done except for a few scratches here and there where furniture hit the walls when it was being brought into the new house.  Believe it or not, I've had my fair share of painting to last me for quite awhile now.  LOL!

Stan laid most of the new flooring now.  He still has about 2 feet left to lay in Leighlyn's room then he'll move into Abigayle's bedroom.  Once their bedrooms are finished, he will lay the floor in the small part of the 2nd hallway.  After that, he can straighten his back once again.  We hope it'll be finished this weekend.

After that, we have to tear out the old bathtub and shower from the main bathroom so we can bring in the new beautiful set.

My new project is about ready to be started.  I can hardly wait!  I'll be ready to sand down our kitchen cabinet doors readying them for a new facelift.  Right now, they are dull and have a bunch of scratches in them.  None of this is surpising considering the fact that they are about 40 years old.  The surprising part is that the cabinets are still in really good shape.  Stan has moved two other cabinets into the kitchen after he took out one of the doorways to the kitchen.  We now love how our kitchen is shaping up.  We have the new floor, new paint on the walls and new appliances.  Once I finish the cabinets, it'll be just like we want it.

Speaking of our kitchen appliances, you might remember we have had lots of problems with the dishwasher that we purchased from an appliance store on July 3rd.  Of course, we contacted the store and the company that built it.  The repairman has had to be here 4 times now.  No matter what the poor man did, it would wash dishes for a few days and then break down again.  Finally, the company told him to replace all of the pumps, motors, computers, etc.  There was a short somewhere.  He did this a couple of days ago.  The only part of the machine left that is original is the door and the box that surrounds everything.  We'll see how it does now.  I think it'll be great!

So anyway, we are rapidly finishing up on the interior.  The weather has cooled off considerably so we can now begin our landscaping.  More rain is headed our way.  From what I understand, the entire state of Kansas should be receiving good amounts of the much-needed moisture.  This would be a good time to get things planted.

Well, work is calling out to me so I better let you go for now.

Have a great day!


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