Thursday, August 30, 2012


Several of you have asked me how I am doing since my VNS surgery that was done in February.  I am grr-eat!  I am doing so well that I have been asked to be an ambassador for this treatment of epilepsy.  People with epilepsy or their family and friends can call me directly to learn more about this treatment directly from "someone who has been there."

I no longer have seizures nor the symptoms that I used to have just before a seizure occured.  Praise the Lord!  Though that is wonderful in itself, something even greater has happened, my depression has been lifted and swept away!  This is the first time in several years.  My family and friends have commented on how fantastic this is not only for myself but for the people around me.

I am once again able to drive.  Until now, I had taken driving for granted.  I don't plan on that happening again.

My energy level is up and my weight is down.  Great combination!

I thank the Lord for allowing this surgery and medications to be developed by mortal man for those of us who would not have the quality of life that I now have.


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