Monday, February 28, 2011

Near Death Experience

C.B. sent me an AMAZING email today that has made the hair on the hair on my back stick straight up. There is no way that I am not going to share it on my blog! It just may provide the proof that people straddling the fence may need to find sturdiness in their faith of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. The boy with the visions is from Imperial, Nebraska, USA.,0,201940.story


Joyce Boulware--Scott City, Goodland and Colby

(January 12, 1928 - February 26, 2011)

Joyce Boulware, age 83, passed away on Saturday, February 26, 2011 at the Scott County Hospital in Scott City, Kansas. She was born on January 12, 1928 in Colby, Kansas, the daughter of Walter Lesley and Lureta Louetta Cayton Johnson. A resident of Modoc, Kansas since 1964 moving from Colby, Kansas, she was a homemaker.

She was a member of the Community Christian Church of Scott City, Kansas and the American Legion Ladies Auxiliary.

On April 26, 1964 she married Richard T. “Dick” Boulware in New Mexico. He passed away on January 27, 2004 in Kearny County, Kansas.

Survivors Include her Two Sons - Rick Holmes of Goodland, Kansas, Lonnie Holmes of Colby, Kansas, One Brother - Bud Johnson of Colby, Kansas, Several grandchildren, great grandchildren and great great grandchildren.

She was preceded in death by her Parents, and Husband.

Funeral Services will be held at the Community Christian Church in Scott City, Kansas at 10:00 a.m. Thursday, March 3, 2011 with Bill Geurin & American Legion Ladies Auxiliary presiding.

Interment will be in the Modoc Cemetery in Modoc, Kansas.

Memorials may be given to the Community Christian Church of Scott City, Kansas % of Price & Son Funeral Home in Scott City, Kansas.

Visitation will be from 2:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. Tuesday, 9:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. Wednesday and 3:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. Wednesday at Price & Sons Funeral Home in Scott City, Kansas.

Obituary courtesy of Price and Sons Funeral Homes of Garden City, Scott City, Leoti and Tribune.


Leoti Basketball Games

Tonight, the Wichita County High School Boys Basketball game is at 7:00. The Lady Indians will be playing tomorrow, Tuesday, at 7:00. Both games are in Leoti. There will be only ONE game each evening.

There will NOT be a concession stand available for either of those 2 evenings.


CORRECTION!!! New Start Time for Wichita County Schools

Due to the fact that we have used up more than our alotted days set aside for snow storms, etc, we now need to make up the school time lost. The school officials had three options:

1. No Spring Break

2. Go to school longer in the month of May than originally scheduled

3. Go to school for an additional 10 minutes every day for the rest of the school year

Our officials decided to go with the extra 10 minutes every day. (As far as our family is concerned, we are very happy that that is the route they decided on!) So, starting tomorrow, Tuesday, March 1st, school will start at 8:20 a.m. instead of at 8:30 as before. Students will be dismissed at regular time.

THIS SCHEDULE CHANGE ONLY AFFECTS JUNIOR AND SENIOR HIGH STUDENTS!!! This is because their school year ends one day earlier than the grade school students.


GAP's March Schedule

All 6th through 12th graders are always invited to Christ Covenant Church in Leoti on Wednesdays during the school year to come together to learn how to be a better Christian and to learn more about God. That group is known as GAP. The younger students meet at 5:30. They share dinner with the older kids before going home. The older kids then stay after dinner for their meeting. Here is the March calendar:

Wednesday, March 2nd: Small Group Night

Friday, March 4th: Silly Supper Fundraiser at Christ Covenant Church at 6:00

Saturday, March 5th: Barefoot-in-the-Park Concert in Garden City at 6:30 p.m.

Wednesday, March 9th: College Ready Seniors of GAP: Why we pray

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, March 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th: Ski Trip

Wednesday, March 16th: NO GAP because of Spring Vacation

Wednesday, March 23rd: College Ready Seniors of GAP: How to pray

Friday, March 25th: "I'm 3rd Concert" at WCJ/SHS Auditorium at 7:00 p.m.

Wednesday, March 30th: College Ready Seniors GAP: Prayer of Jesus


Bacteria on Fruits and Vegetables

Run water over your fresh fruits and vegetables before you cut into or peel them. Using a clean vegetable scrub brush is a good idea also. It is usually NOT necessary to use soaps or detergents to do this cleansing. Bacteria is alive and well on the exterior of these foods. When we take a knife and cut through the fruit or vegetable, our knife drags the bacteria from one side of the food clear through to the other side.

I got this information from the NBC TV show, THE DOCTORS.


Anti-Bacterial Soaps and Cleansers

It seems that wherever you look, there is a surplus of hand and body soaps and lotions for you and supplies to kill germs around your home. Sounds like you should invest money in these items and bring them home so that you can keep your family healthy. Right? Wrong!

Here's why. The development of a healthy immune system depends on our exposure to a wide variety of microbes--especially during childhood. Many experts fear that children raised in super-sterile environments will end up with weak, immature immune systems that leave them susceptible to diseases.

The results of several studies suggest that kids living in homes that are "too clean" are more likely to develop asthma, allergies and eczema. Studies also showed that children who grow up on farms that are far from being sterile, stand a greater chance of NOT developing allergies!

Scientests have also learned that people who use antibacterial hand and body soaps and lotions, stand a really good chance of contracting eczema because the chemicals involved cause the skin to dry out and sores develop. Bacteria then lodges in these sores and are transmitted to other people through touching. Many experts believe that it is better to just use regular soap and water to cleanse our hands and bodies. It is important to know that we all should scrub our hands with soap and water for the time that it takes to sing the Happy Birthday song. Then, of course, it is important to dry our hands and bodies with clean towels. In most cases, our towels do not need to be STERILE! Regular everyday soap is usally safer for our bodies, our families and our environments. It is vitally important that we use antibacterial soaps if that is what our doctors tell us to do!!! They are trained to know what is best.

I am one of those people who believed that it was best to do our housecleaning with germ-killing cleansers. I also thought that it was a great idea to wash our white towels and underthings with chlorine bleach. I was wrong on both counts! Using hot, soapy water is usually best for most cleaning. We use very little bleach at our home now. We purchased a new washing machine and dryer a month ago. We are now able to sanitize our laundry without the usage of any bleach or other antibacterial agents. We use that cycle on our sheets, towels and undergarments.

We have a herd of dogs who live in the house most of the time. Because of that, Stan and I decided to purchase a floor steamer last Summer. It is great! I just pour a little hot water into the machine. The machine keeps the water very hot which when released, comes out as steam. The steam immediately kills allergens and bacteria that it comes into contact with. There is no need for any cleansers to be added to the water, which is better for us and our environment. You may want to invest in a steam cleaner and washing machine and dryer such as ours that use steam in both machines to kill germs.

Bottom line, it is usually a better idea to live in a not-perfectly-clean environment instead of in a sterile bubble.


Influenza in Our Area

This past week, several people who live in Wichita County were diagnosed with Influenza by doctors. This is done simply by various tests that are conducted in clinics and hospitals around the world. Once it is diagnosed, the patient and people who live with the patient, are often treated with the drug, Tamiflu. I also learned that even people who took the Flu Vaccine have and are coming down with the flu this time around. The main vaccinated people who need to worry about this are the people who received their vaccinations earlier in the season. Here are things that we all can do to protect ourselves and others from getting sick with the flu:

1. Avoid close contact with people who are sick. When YOU are sick, keep as far away from others as possible.

2. Whenever possible, DO NOT go to work, school or run any errands when you are sick. This will protect others from getting sick.

3. When you need to cough or sneeze, COVER YOUR MOUTH WITH A KLEENEX!

4. WASH YOUR HANDS OFTEN to protect yourself and others from germs. If you do not have access to soap and water, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

5. Try not to touch your eyes, nose or mouth. If you touch someone or something that has influenza germs on it, you stand risk of transmitting those germs into your system by touching these parts of your body.

6. Get PLENTY of sleep, physical activity, manage your stress, drink plenty of fluids to flush toxins out of your system and to keep your body well-hydrated. Eat nutritious food.

Hopefully, by following these tips, you will stay healthy.



First of all, I just want to tell all of you who attended last night's movie, THE GREEN HORNET, in Tribune, that it was great getting to see all of you come in and have so much fun at the Star! It is proof positive that this small town theater serves a vital place in our part of the world. Our family ran the theater last night and spoke to various people about the many reasons why this theatre attracts so many people to the movies every weekend.

1. People love the ambiance that this recently renovated theatre produces for the moviegoers.

2. The ticket prices cannot be beaten.

3. Refreshments are priced better than most, if not all, other theatres around here.

4. This is a theatre where parents of children can feel secure in leaving their children at the movies without being concerned about danger.

We so agree with all of the above reasons.

This weekend, March 5th and 6th, Justin Bieber's NEVER SAY NEVER will be playing. It is also known as JUSTIN BIEBER 3D. This Documentary/Musical/Performing Arts/Biopic is rated G for all audiences. This movie release of February 11th, lasts for 1 hour and 45 minutes. During the movie, you will get to know Justin, Usher, Miley Cyrus, Boys 11 Men and Sean Kingston better.

Synopsis: This documentary is an exclusive, 1 week limited release with 40 minutes of new Bieber footage! Director Jon Chu spent several months editing the process by spending dozens of hours with Bieber's fans on Twitter and Facebook to learn more about what they were most interested in learning about this favorite of theirs. Some scenes contained in the new cut include:

1. Seeing more of Justin's friends and hometown life.
2. New songs and performances.
3. Special footage shot at fan premiers across the country.

Adults 13 and older: $5.00
4 through 12-year-olds: $4.00
Everyone under 4 get in F--R--E--E!

Refreshments that include both, Coke and Pepsi products, popcorn, candy, etc are very fairly priced also.

The movie that will be playing on Saturday and Sunday, March 12th and 13th, is THE KING'S SPEECH. It is a Biography/Drama/History that tells the story of King George VI of Britain and his impromptu ascension to the throne and the speech therapist who helped the unsure monarch become worthy of it.

All movies begin at 7:30 CST.


Margaret E. Snow--Scott City

(March 5, 1914 - February 26, 2011)

Margaret E. Snow, age 96, passed away on Saturday, February 26, 2011 at the Park Lane Nursing Home in Scott City, Kansas. She was born on March 5, 1914 in Iantha, Missouri, the daughter of Jerry B. and Mary Eliza McMillian Ambler. A resident of Scott City, Kansas since 1950 moving from Odessa, Missouri, she was a homemaker.

She was a member of the Christian faith.

On Aril 11, 1936 she married Forest O. Snow in Lamar, Missouri. He passed away on February 19, 1999 in Scott City, Kansas.

Survivors Include her Two Sons - Jerry & Irene Snow of Scott City, Kansas, Kenneth & Jacque Snow of Scott City, Kansas, Six Grandchildren, Fourteen Great Grandchildren and Eleven Great Great Grandchildren.

She was preceded in death by her Parents, Husband and One Great Grandson – Devin Andrew.

Funeral Services will be held at Price & Sons Funeral Home in Scott City, Kansas at 2:00 p.m. Wednesday, March 2, 2011 with the Rev. Dennis Carter presiding.

Memorials may be given to the Park Lane Nursing Home, First Christian Church or United Methodist Church % of Price & Son Funeral Home in Scott City, Kansas.

Interment will be in the Scott County Cemetery in Scott City, Kansas.

Visitation will be from 10:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. Tuesday and 9:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. Wednesday At Price & Sons Funeral Home in Scott City, Kansas.

Obituary courtesy of Price and Sons Funeral Homes of Garden City, Scott City, Leoti and Tribune.


Sub State Basketball

Don't forget that the Wichita County Boys Basketball game begins tonight at 7:00 in the gym in Leoti. For more information, please call the high school at 375-2213.

The Lady Indians play their first sub state game tomorrow.

These teams are doing an exceptional job of representing Wichita County!


Cellphone Messages

Good morning!

Last evening, Sunday, Stan, the girls and I worked at the Star Theatre in Tribune. I forgot to take my cellphone with us. While we were gone, people whose phone numbers I did not recognize, tried to call me. I have messages on my phone now but for some reason, I am not able to get them to come up. If you were the callers, please call me today at 620-376-8922 or at home, 620-375-4584. If it is vitally important that you talk to me sooner than later, please call my cellphone because I will be doing my court reporting at the Wichita County Courthouse all day.

Thank you!!!


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Movie Correction

I was incorrect on the movie playing this weekend in Tribune. I posted that THE GREEN LANTERN would be playing. WRONG!!! THE GREEN HORNET is playing tonight and tomorrow at 7:30 CST each evening. I am SOOOOOOOO SORRY for this inconvenience that I may have caused any of you!!!


March Movies

Wow!!! Can any of you believe that March is just a few days away??? I cannot.

Anyway, Catherine has sent me the schedule for the next movies coming to Tribune. Here they are!

Saturday and Sunday, March 5th and 6th: NEVER SAY NEVER starring Justin Bieber

Saturday, March 12th and 13th: THE KING'S SPEECH.

At this time, this is all that we know. Remember that all shows begin at 7:30 CST. This weekend's movie is THE GREEN LANTERN. Stan and I are looking forward to running the theater tomorrow, Sunday!

Adults, 13-years-old and over: $5.00 each
Children, 4-years-old through 12: $4.00 each
Birth through 3-years-old: F--R--E--E

Refreshments are also very fairly priced.

See you at the movies!


New Wichita County Schools Superintendant!

As most of us already knew, Dr. James Hardy chose to leave Leoti and take a new job in Eastern Kansas. I had assumed that there would be a long, drawn-out search for his replacement. I was wrong! Instead, I discovered yesterday that the school board has chosen Mr. Keith Higgins for the job. I am sooo happy about their decision! Mr. Higgins has been the principal of the WCJR/SRHS for the past couple of years. He came to Leoti at the same time as Dr. Hardy and has done an exceptional job at the school. I am quite confident that he will do the same at the top of the totem pole. His position as principal will not be vacated as he will continue his duties there also.

Mr. Higgins has a lovely wife named Bev. She is a secretary at the grade school. They purchased a home in Marienthal. The Higgins are empty nesters.

Welcome aboard, Mr. Higgins!!!


Friday, February 25, 2011

More Ice???

Yesterday, much of Western Kansas was plagued with ice. By noon yesterday, at least 8 serious car accidents were reported between Scott City and Garden City which is just a 35-mile stretch. Another accident happened in Scott City. Some of the vehicles involved were rolled over. It was definitely one of those days when people who did not have to be out and about, should have stayed at home.

Leighlyn was one of several junior high kids who were to go to Sublette for Quiz Bowl yesterday afternoon. You may think that I was bad for this but I called the principal and told him that I had decided not to let Leighlyn go to Sublette yesterday. He completely understood. A little while later, he decided to cancel the Sublette Quiz Bowl for all Wichita County students. I am sure that the other involved parents were quite happy with his decision also! Thank you, Mr. Higgins!!!

I took a quick gander at our weather forecast for tomorrow, Saturday. Freezing rain is predicted for us again. I have been told that streets in Leoti are slick right now. The current temperature is 16. The temperature is to get above 32 today so that will get rid of the ice. If you need to get something for tomorrow, you may want to get it today.

Be careful out there!!!



My sister, Lori, was admitted into the Wichita County Hospital (Leoti) yesterday afternoon. Tests revealed that has infection in her blood now. I ASSUME that it was caused by the other problems that she has been having since before July.

The doctor here will be talking to her surgeon in Hays this morning so that they can both decide what to do now. They may decide to leave her here for awhile longer or they may send her right to Hays. Once I know, I will try to let you know.

Here is her current address:

Wichita County Hospital
211 East Earl Street
Leoti, Ks. 67861
Attn: Lori Elder-Christensen (Room 1)

Thank you for your prayers!!!


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Easy Enchilada Casserole

1 cup chopped tomatoes (3 mediums)

1-11 ounce can of mexicorn (whole kernel corn with chopped red and green peppers)

1-10 ounce can of your favorite red enchilada sauce

1-18 ounce jar taco sauce of your choice

1/2 to 1 pound ground beef

4 cups small corn tortilla chips--chopped

2 cups (8 ounces) shredded cheddar cheese

1/4 cup sliced green onions ( 4 mediums) (optional)

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

Spray an 8" square (2 quart) baking dish with PAM. In medium bowl, mix the tomatoes, corn, taco sauce and enchilada sauce while you are browning the ground beef.

In the baking dish, layer half of the sauce mixture followed by 1 1/2 cups of the chips, one half of the cheese and the remaining corn mixture. Top with the remainer of the taco-hamburger sauce, 1 1/2 cups chips, 1/2 cup cheese and remaining sauce mixture.

Sprinkle with the remainder of the cheese and green onions.

Arrange whole corn tortilla chips around the outer edges of the casserole.

Bake at 375 degrees for 35-40 minutes until the casserole is hot and bubbly.


Waneta H. Puckett--Garden City

(May 8, 1912 - February 23, 2011)

Waneta H. Puckett, age 98, died Wednesday, February 23, 2011 at the Homestead Health & Rehabilitation Center in Garden City, Kansas. She was born on May 8, 1912 at Ingalls, Kansas the daughter of Bert & Minnie Withers Cessna. A lifetime area resident, Waneta assisted in the daily operations at the Buffalo Mills Supply Company for many years.

She was a member of the First United Methodist Church of Garden City.

On June 1, 1930, she married Fred Flowers at Ingalls, Kansas. He died February 22, 1938 at Ingalls, Kansas. Then in 1945 she married Lee Puckett at Garden City, Kansas. He died in 1970 at Garden City, Kansas.

Survivors Include: One Daughter, Darlene Johnson of Pierce City, Missouri; One Daughter-In-Law, Shirley Saloga of Garden City, Kansas; Eight Grandchildren, Twenty Great-Grandchildren and Twelve Great-Great-Grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her parents, two husbands, two sons, Jack & Bill Flowers, two brothers and two sisters.

Funeral Services will be held at 10:30am on Saturday, February 26, 2011 at the Price & Sons Funeral Home in Garden City, Kansas.

Friends may call from Noon-6:00pm Friday @ the Price & Sons Funeral Home in Garden City, Kansas.

Interment will be in the Valley View Cemetery in Garden City, Kansas.

The family requests memorials be given to the Waneta Puckett Memorial Fund in care of Price & Sons Funeral Home of Garden City, Kansas.

Obituary courtesy of Price and Sons Funeral Homes of Garden City, Scott City, Leoti and Tribune.



THE GREEN HORNET arrives in Tribune on Saturday and Sunday, February 26th and 27th. Each showing is at 7:30 CST.

This Action, Adventure, Crime/Gangster and Adaptation is rated PG-13 for sequences of violent action, language, sensuality and drug content.

Synopsis: A rich, spoiled playboy who has been very happy to maintain his direction-less existence, steps out from the shadow of his recently deceased father who owned the largest newspaper in Los Angeles to help devise the Black Beauty--the ultimate weapon...

Stars include:
Cameron Diaz
Christoph Waltz
Seth Rogan
Jay Chou
Edward James Olmos
David Harbour
Tom Wilkinson

Adults, 13-years-old and older: $5.00 each
4 through 12-year-olds: $4.00
Birth through 3-years-old: FREE

Refreshments are also very fairly priced.


Examplery Awards Given

Last Friday, the following Wichita County Senior and Junior High students received their examplery awards at the basketball game. These awards were given for very high scores in Math, Reading and Science. The scores were on their Kansas State Assessment Tests. Those students were

Layton Tankersley
Jacob Schumacher
Evan Ridder
Dylon Niswonger
Shyla Mason
Dorian Martinez
Brie Koops
Hunter Hassell
Ezekiel Castillo
Bethany McLaughlin
Leighlyn Blau
Linda Rempel
Karla Romero
Parker Hassell
Anthony Lobmeyer
Skyler Hembree
Jonathan Kiser
Jacob Clark
Rachel Busch
Kelsey Bangerter
Mason Lobmeyer
Joshua Clark
Zane Ward
Tayler Seaton
Anna Leigh Whitham
Emma Williams
Moises Mora
Austin Miller
Joshua Mehl
Brice Mason
Alec Horton
Kadon Chidester
Kayla Graff
Hanna Mehl
Makenna Clark
Lindsay Schumacher
Kelton Bangerter
Kyler Berning
Jantz Budde
Armando Castillo
Alley Harp
Xochilt Lopez
Shayrhea Loy
Matthew Mastel
Bailey Preedy
Lance Rapier
Joe Salinas
Dylan Schneider
Autumn Smades
Collin Wittig


Headed to State

Lone Indian, Joe Salinas, is off to the State Wrestling Tournament this weekend.


Frazzle Ice, Anyone???

This is so cool and interesting! Go to



KMEA Music Festival

The high school music students who are participating in this festival will be performing today, tomorrow and Saturday in Wichita.


Junior High Wrestling

The wrestlers will be in action beginning at 2:00 today unless it is cancelled because of ice.


Junior High Quiz Bowl

Quiz Bowl is in Sublette today and begins at 4:00 unless it is cancelled because of ice.


My Computer

By now, you may have noticed that I have been writing less on my blog. There is a good reason for that. For some unknown reason, our computer is locking up more and more which translates into locking me out more and more. For example, I wrote about 3 or 4 posts before 8:00 yesterday morning. After that, I was unable to get the dog gone computer to work again until this morning. I don't know what is causing the problem(s). Maybe Stan can think of something. In the meantime, I'll get on whenever possible.

Thank you!!!


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wichita County Junior High School Quiz Bowl Team

The Indians traveled to Hugoton to compete in the Quiz Bowl yesterday. They won 3 out of 5 games there. Tomorrow, Thursday, they will be heading to Sublette for their Quiz Bowl..

Their coach is Gwen Wiles-Wells.

8th graders who will be participating tomorrow are:
Skyler Hembree
Haley Williams
Alley Harp
Austin Miller

7th graders are
Evan Ridder
Leighlyn Blau
Jacob Schumacher


Wichita County High School Boys Basketball Game

Last night was an absolute heartbreaker. The Syracuse Bulldogs bit the Leoti Indians' rearends. Our boys gave it their all and it showed. They lost their game by just 8 points. The final score was 57-49. Had Trae Bremer been able to play, I am sure that Leoti would have provided Syracuse with their second loss of the season. Our boys played an excellent game but Syracuse' team is just totally exceptional. In the entire basketball season, they have only lost one game.

Don't miss their game next week in sub-state. They will be playing at 7:00 on Monday, February 28th, in Leoti.

Our very capable players include:

Bryce Nickelson
Casey Day
Jantz Budde
Blake Nickelson
Chris Kreutzer
Gabe Martinez
Alberto Gallegos
Alec Horton
Drew Smith
Tyler Kiser
Neil Fletcher
Trae Bremer

Junior Varsity Team Members areasey DaAustin Hernandez
Lane Ridder
Joshua Mehl
Jordan Fisher
Tyler Kiser
Chris Wilson
Brock Sheppard

Head coach is Matt Crist. Assistant coach is Jared Bauck.


Wichita County Girls Basketball Game

Again, the Leoti girls played superbly! I am totally shocked at the number of them who make several 3-pointers every game! They easily defeated the Syracuse Bulldogs with a score of 70-30.

The girls will be playing next Tuesday night, 03/01, at 7:00 in Sub-State. This game will be in Leoti.

Here is the list of the players:

Katie Bailey
Makenna Clark
Lindsey Estes
Lindsay Schumacher
Nicole Huber
Hannah Mehl
Paige Wells
Riley Matteson
Javen Zellner
Tailar Bremer
Ashley Waldren

Head coach is Jason Wells. Assistant coach is Heather Biermann-Price.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Make a Difference Week

This week, February 20th through the 26th, is Make a Difference Week. The students of the Robert B. Stewart Elementary School are going to try to help provide students in an elementary school in Afghanistan with school supplies. What better gift could we give than new school supplies for the children? The collection boxes are set up at the school until Friday, February 25th. Donated school supplies should be placed in them.

Here is a list of suggested donations:

pencil sharpeners
colored pencils

You do NOT have to purchase all items listed. Just donate whatever you want to. All items will be greatly appreciated and in the end, the people who donate will be making a difference. If you have children who go to school there, send the supplies with them. If you do not, send the supplies with someone who does go to school there, teachers, etc or you can drop them off at the school's office which is located on the south side of the school.

For more information or to ask questions, please call 620-375-2314.

Thank you for doing this!!!


G and D of Leoti

Well, today is the day that the Wichita County Junior High Quiz Bowl team goes to compete in Hugoton. Leighlyn is one of the kids going. She needed various supplies and cash to take with her. (They stop off for dinner at McDonalds on their way home.) Since we did not take care of the business last night, we needed to leave before 8:00 to get everything done.

I went outside to start the Buick so that it would be toasty warm before we left home. The car started without a glitch. As I was walking around the started vehicle, I could hear a strange gurgling sound. Leighlyn saw me trying to look underneath the car so she came out to help me. She discovered that there was fluid falling out of the engine area. Now, Daddy and Danley always took care of such things so I never had any desire to know how to take care of these problems. Hmmm... We called Danley. He assumed that it was either oil, brake fluid or transmission fluids that were leaking out. Since we were running out of time, we decided to drive it to take care of these fast errands and get the girls to school. Well, Folks, the problem was the automatic transmission fluid. Turning the car was for the birds! My right shoulder is sure hurting now! LOL!!!

Fortunately, we made it to the bank, K Store, RBSES and the high school without any more difficulty than making the necessary turns. I then drove the car straight to G and D Service which is located on the northwest corner of Wheatland Electric's block. They are going to have to replace the pump more-than-likely.

G and D has been doing our work since they opened approximately 2 years ago. They are very dependable and their charges are very sensible. We recommend them all the way! So, if you need mechanical work done, oil changed, tire sales or service, give Gonzalo a call at 620-874-0696. Gonzalo speaks excellent English and Spanish. You'll be glad that you did!


Cave of the Winds

Here's a great destination for people to take in! It is located just west of Colorado Springs. While you are having a good time, you're also being educated! Click on

While you are on the website, you will see pictures along with admission prices, etc.

Just one of those things that I want you to consider in case you are interested in heading to the mountains for Spring Vacation. In Leoti, S.V. runs from after school on Thursday, March 10th, through Sunday, March 20th.


Drug to Help Out

We know that the common flu is caused by a virus--not a bacteria. That means that there is no cure-all medicine that you can take to make it just go away. Right now, it has been going around our area for what seems like a L--O--N--G time. Our family began having it last Monday. Stan came down with it late last Friday night. It just wouldn't let go of him. So I made him a doctor's appointment yesterday morning. The doctor determined that he was dehydrated so something needed to be done immediately to stop his vomiting. He prescribed an anti-nausea drug for him. Practically immediately, the vomiting came to an end and he began making his progress to feeling like himself again. If you are having bouts with this nasty stuff, please see your doctor and find out if he/she can prescribe something for you, too. Stan was able to return to work dark and early this morning.

Another thing that helps flu victims immensely is the BRAT diet which needs to be eaten during the entire sick period. It consists of Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast. Remember that you need to stay as far away from dairy products as possible during this time. Sugar also makes you sicker. Look for low-calorie Gatorade to re-hydrate yourself.


LadyBug Flower Shop

For all of your floral needs, please call the girls at the LadyBug. Their phone number is 620-375-2172. And, yes, they deliver their fine products! You'll also be very pleased with their prices! Phone orders are also much appreciated. They accept CASH, Checks, VISA and MASTERCARD.


High School League Music Festival

High school music students will be heading out for Southwestern Heights tomorrow morning. Due to the fact that we have an EXCELLENT group of musicians, I expect great things from them in all of the next music festivals! They also perform in Wichita on Thursday, Friday and Saturday for the KMEA Festival.

High school music instructors in Leoti include Mr. Allen Brockmeier, band, and Mrs. Torie Graff-Koehn, vocal music instructor.


Junior High Quiz Bowl

The Wichita County Junior High Quiz Bowl team travels to Hugoton this afternoon. Our daughter, Leighlyn, is on that team.


Tonight's Wichita County High School Basketball Games

The Syracuse Bulldogs travel to Leoti today to take on the Wichita County Indians. The first game begins at 5:00 p.m., CST. If you haven't seen these young men and women play ball yet this season, you owe it to yourself to see them tonight. They're just great!

Part of the boys halftime show will include the grade school girls who took Cheer Camp last week. Those girls worked hard to put on a few numbers for us tonight. Sheri Oberheim-Loy of Leoti is their instructor. All of the high school cheerleaders guided the girls in their cheers and dance numbers. One of the little cheerleaders is our daughter, Abigayle.

As with every game night, dinner and snacks will be served during the game with good prices.

Go Indians!!!


Darlene Marie Graff--Leoti

(August 23, 1937 - February 20, 2011)

Darlene Marie Graff, 73, died Sunday, February 20, 2011, at Scott County Hospital in Scott City, Kansas. She was born August 23, 1937, in Garden City, Kansas, to John and Rachel (Marcotte) Strasser.

She was a secretary for the Scott Coop Association at Marienthal for 22 years and a homemaker. She belonged to the St. Mary’s Catholic Church Altar Society. Over the years, she taught religion classes and played the organ for numerous church masses, weddings, and funerals. She loved playing the piano and gave piano lessons to several individuals. In her limited spare time, Darlene enjoyed working in her flower garden.

On December 27, 1956, she married Theodore John Graff in Garden City, Kansas. He survives.

Other survivors include four daughters, Meleesa Louder and husband, Samuel of Lubbock, Texas, Carla Geyer and husband, Daniel of Leoti, Linda Klatt and husband, Eugene of Canton, and Jennifer Rack and husband, Marvin of Hays; three sons, Timothy Graff and wife, Cathy of Scott City, Kurt Graff and wife, Tammy of Leoti, and Loren Graff and wife, Kristen of Salina; fourteen grandchildren; three step-grandchildren; three great-grandchildren; and three step-great-grandchildren.

She was preceded in death by her parents and an infant brother, Laverne Duane.

Vigil service will be held on Thursday, February 24, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Marienthal.

Funeral will begin at 10:30 a.m. Friday, February 25, 2011 at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Marienthal with Fr. Benjamin Martin, Fr. Warren Stecklein, and Fr. John Strasser presiding. Interment will be at St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery.

Visitation hours are Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Thursday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Price & Sons Funeral Home in Scott City. In lieu of flowers, memorials are suggested to the Leoti EMT, John and Rachel Strasser Seminarian Burse, or Catholic masses, all in care of the funeral home.

Obituary courtesy of Price and Sons Funeral Homes of Garden Citym Scott City, Leoti and Tribune.


Monday, February 21, 2011

Leoti's Newest Business on Main Street

The florescent sign advertising Nextech(cellphones) went up in the window in the former Marcy Shoe Shop yesterday. The building is located in the small building just to the south of the post office.

For the past month or so, people had noticed activity there but no one seemed to know what was happening. Last weekend, I saw a boy carrying out mops, cleaning supplies, etc.

Anyway, I would like to welcome the new business to Leoti!!!

I have seen a lady of Leoti working in the former DeLissa Law Office on Broadway. Already, she has managed to make the building's front windows look very attractive by adding large vases of flowers to them. I THINK that I might know what business is going in there but at this time, I will not mention it here until I know for sure what is happening there.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kansas Sub-State Basketball Tournament

The tournament will be held Monday through Saturday, February 28th through March 5th.


Kansas State Basketball Tournament

Kansas State Tournament is scheduled for Wednesday through Saturday, March 9th through the 12th. I'd say that Wichita County has a great chance of going all the way!


Fire Weather Watch

Due to gusty winds and low humidity, most of Western Kansas, including Greeley, Wichita and Scott Counties, must be aware that fires could break out easily and quickly. The Watch expires at 6:00 p.m., CST today.


14 Ways to Save $$$ on Groceries

14 Ways to Save Money on Groceries
by Country Living, on Wed Feb 2, 2011

1. Line the bottom of your refrigerator’s crisper drawer with paper towels. They’ll absorb the excess moisture that causes vegetables to rot.

2. To keep herbs tasting fresh for up to a month, store whole bunches, washed and sealed in plastic bags, in the freezer. When you need them, they’ll be easier to chop, and they’ll defrost the minute they hit a hot pan.

3. A bay leaf slipped into a container of flour, pasta, or rice will help repel bugs.

4. Stop cheese from drying out by spreading butter or margarine on the cut sides to seal in moisture. This is most effective with hard cheeses sealed in wax.

5. When radishes, celery, or carrots have lost their crunch, simply pop them in a bowl of iced water along with a slice of raw potato and watch the limp vegetables freshen up right before your eyes.

6. Avoid separating bananas until you plan to eat them – they spoil less quickly in a bunch.

7. Put rice in your saltshaker to stop the salt from hardening. The rice absorbs condensation that can cause clumps.

8. Stock up on butter when it’s on sale – you can store it in the freezer for up to six months. Pack the butter in an airtight container, so it doesn’t take on the flavor of whatever else you’re freezing.

9. In order to make cottage cheese or sour cream last longer, place the container upside down in the fridge. Inverting the tub creates a vacuum that inhibits the growth of bacteria that causes food to spoil.

10. Believe it or not, honey is the only nonperishable food substance, so don’t get rid of the stuff if it crystallizes or becomes cloudy. Microwave on medium heat, in 30-second increments, to make honey clear again.

11. Prevent extra cooked pasta from hardening by stashing it in a sealed plastic bag and refrigerating. When you’re ready to serve, throw the pasta in boiling water for a few seconds to heat and restore moisture.

12. Keeping brown sugar in the freezer will stop it from hardening. But if you already have hardened sugar on your shelf, soften it by sealing in a bag with a slice of bread – or by microwaving on high for 30 seconds.

13. If you only need a few drops of lemon juice, avoid cutting the lemon in half – it will dry out quickly. Instead, puncture the fruit with a metal skewer and squeeze out exactly what you require.

14. If you’re unsure of an egg’s freshness, see how it behaves in a cup of water: Fresh eggs sink; bad ones float.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cellphone Directories

I received this via email and thought that I should post it here so that we can all be better protected in the future. VLE-B

A lady has changed her habit of how she lists her names in her cell phone directory after her handbag was stolen.

Her handbag, which contained her cell phone, credit card, purse, etc.., was stolen.
Twenty minutes later she called her husband, from a pay telephone telling him what had happened.

Her husband said, 'I have just received your text message asking about our pin number and I have replied a little while ago.'

When they rushed down to the bank, the staff told them all the money was already withdrawn.

The thief had actually used the stolen cell phone to text her husband listed in the directory and got hold of their pin number.

Within twenty minutes he had withdrawn all the money from their bank account.

Moral of the story:

Do not disclose the relationship between you and the people on your call list.

Avoid using names like Home, Honey, Hubby, Sweetheart, Mom, Dad, etc..,
And very importantly, when sensitive information is being asked for through text messages, CONFIRM by calling back.

Also, when you are being text messaged by friends or family to meet them somewhere, be sure to call back to confirm whether that message came from them..
If you do not reach them, be very careful about going places to meet 'family and friends' who text you.


I never thought about THAT!

As of right now, do you have 'home' listed in your cell phone directorY?



You have got to go to

Believe me, they are anything but wimpy! LOL!!! It looks like so very much fun to make these but it would take a great deal of practice to make these look the way that they do!

I would definitely love to have a few of these works of arts in our home...


Wichita County Band

I just have to tell you that Mr. Allen Brockmeier is doing an AMAZING job of conducting our RBSES and WCJSHS instramentalists! All that you have to do is attend any of the music programs in Wichita County or attend local ballgames and you will be able to hear unbelievable performances. Last night, the high school and junior high band students who were not involved in basketball, performed at the ballgame. Honestly, my hair stood up on the back of my neck as I listened to their music. It was just amazing...

The KMEA (Kansas Music Educators Association) Music Festival will be next Thursday, Friday and Saturday in Wichita. I expect to hear that Wichita County receives great honors there.

Wichita County can boast of all three of its music instructors! They are all just out-of-this-world! It is a priviledge to get to listen to their students at music programs. The vocal instructors are Mrs. Jayme Brown-Bishop at RBSES and Mrs. Tori Graff-Koehn at the WCJSHS.


Wichita County School Schedule

Monday, February 21st
Presidents Day--NO SCHOOL

Tuesday, February 22nd
1. Junior High Quiz Bowl in Hugoton at 4:00

2. High School Basketball against Syracuse at home starting at 5:00

Wednesday, February 23rd
8:30 a.m. High School League Music Contest at Southwestern Heights

Thursday, February 24th
1. 2:00 Junior High Wrestling at Holly, Colorado

2. 4:00 Junior High Quiz Bowl at Sublette

3. KMEA Music at Wichita

Friday, February 25th
1. 5:00 p.m. High School Basketball at Elkhart

2. KMEA Music at Wichita

3. State Wrestling

Saturday, February 26th
1. KMEA Music at Wichita

2. State Wrestling

Monday, February 28th
1. First Day of Spring Sports Practices

2. Sub-State


WCHS Basketball Teams

If you have not made it out to watch our current basketball teams in motion, you ought to. They are doing an outstanding job of representing our school!

We had not gone to any of their games until last night. The only reason that we were there then was because our daughter, Leighlyn, was being recognized for her scholastic acheivment in Reading. We did not leave right after the awards had been given to the proper students. We stayed and watched the games. I sooo enjoyed them! We have great kids giving superb performances. It is quite disappointing that Trae Bremor is unable to play this year because of injuries. He has always been a true fan favorite and such a wonderful guy. Many of us are disappointed that he cannot be out there on the floor too!

Next week's ballgames will be in Leoti against Syracuse on Tuesday and at Elkhart starting at 5:00 cst on Friday.

Way to go, Indians! We're proud of you!!!


I just Wanna Say One Little Thing

If you live in Wichita County, you are quite aware of the fact that the townspeople are quite a-buzz of discussing the fact that Dr. James Hardy has resigned his position as Superintendant of the Wichita County Schools. I've sat back and heard many things about his leaving. I've also given my opinions of various things being said. NOW, I find it difficult to keep my mouth closed anymore about the new school issue.

People are up in arms over the fact that Wichita County taxpayers are being left with paying higher taxes because of the new school. They are aggravated because they feel that "we did not need a new school". Folks, that cannot be any further from the truth!!! Dr. Hardy was quite aware of the fact that our grade school was in a bad state of disrepair BEFORE he signed his name on his contract. He simply put things into motion such as having contractors come in and see what, if anything, they could do to repair the many problems on the existing building. He also compiled a list of the charges that would be necessary to redo the building.

After that, he had companies give him many estimates on how much it would cost to build a new building. NOT ONCE did he try to scam the taxpayers. He laid everything out on the table for anyone interested to look through. As we all know, it didn't take long for the majority of the citizens to vote in favor of the buildings. All seemed fine and dandy for quite sometime. Many people commented on how impressed they were with the looks and structures of the new buildings and the remodelling of the old junior-senior high school so that students could once again have school there. The work is almost finished now on all of the projects. As we speak, the major job of opening up the new kitchen and lunchroom is underway this week. Next week, the cooks in the new kitchen will serve sack lunches to the students while the kitchen appliances, etc are put into place.

But now since Dr. Hardy has decided to move on, people are discussing that there was never anything wrong with the RBSES building. Folks, do yourself a favor once and for all. Go to the school and ask to tour it. Once you are taking your trip through the building, you'll be taken into vacated classrooms where school can not be held because of VERY large holes that exist in the floors. You can see straight down to the ground beneath. Ask a few teachers and students and see what they think about the whole deal. You'll find out that they are literally sick and tired of the abrupt temperature changes from hot to cold that most of the classrooms are putting up with each and every day. It has gotten to the point that the students might want to wear t-shirts with shorts with a heavy shirt and jeans over those plus have heavier sweaters and coats on hand to accomodate the student whenever the temperature changes several times a day in some cases. How can we expect the kids to properly learn when they do not have level temperatures in their classromms???

We need to face the facts that our school buildings have served us well for a good many years. But we have squeezed just about every last drop out of the RBSES building.

Thank you for listening to this--just another of my many opinions.



Please do not give up on me yet! I am sick right now and am just not up to doing much yet. First of all, I fell onto our ceramic tile kitchen floor on Wednesday and hurt my back pretty bad. Then on Thursday, I began having symptoms of the flu. I am sure that I will be feeling better soon and can resume my duties on the blog.

Thank you!


Friday, February 18, 2011

Duane A. "Pete" Roemer--Healy, Ks.

(February 24, 1923 - February 16, 2011)

Duane A. “Pete” Roemer, age 87, passed away on Wednesday, February 16, 2011 at the Park Lane Nursing Home in Scott City, Kansas. He was born on February 24, 1923 in Gove County, Kansas, the son of George & Mabel Lilia Roemer. A lifetime resident of Healy, Kansas, he was a farmer & rancher.

His memberships include the Healy Methodist Church of Healy, Kansas and also the Odd Fellows Lodge.

On August 25, 1947 he married Elaine Harper in Healy, Kansas. She survives.

Survivors include his Wife - Elaine Roemer of Healy, Kansas, Four Sons - Randy & Beverly Roemer of Healy, Kansas, Royce Roemer of Garden City, Kansas, Rick & Sharon Roemer of Scott City, Kansas, Roger & Shannon Roemer of Mission, Kansas, One Daughter - Reva Roemer of Garden City, Kansas, One Brother - Reece & Delores Roemer of Healy, Kansas, One Sister - Ethelyn Settles of Scott City, Kansas, One Sister in Law - Luella Roemer of Overland Park, Kansas, Eight Grandchildren and Four Great Grandchildren.

He was preceded in death by his Parents, One Brother – Elmer Roemer & One Brother In Law – Vince Settles.

Graveside Services will be held at the Healy Cemetery in Healy, Kansas at 3:00 p.m. Saturday, February 19, 2011 with Pastor Keith Schadel presiding.

Interment will be in the Healy Cemetery in Healy, Kansas.

Memorial may be given to the Healy EMT’s % Price & Sons Funeral Home in Scott City.

Visitation will be at Price & Sons Funeral Home in Scott City from 2:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. Friday and 9:00 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. Saturday.

Obituary courtesy of Price and Sons Funeral Homes of Garden City, Scott City, Leoti and Tribune.


Amazing Sale!!!

Here in Leoti, we have had an amazing pre-Spring week! It was hard to believe that Winter is still here! Having these beautiful temperatures, many of us have caught "Spring Fever". If you are one of us with this condition, go to . For 72 hours ONLY, you can order $50.00 worth of plants and only pay $25.00 for them! Pay just $50.00 for $100.00 worth of goods! Spend just a $100.00 bill and get $200.00 worth of plants! Amazing!!!

While you're going through the lists of plants available, remember that in our area, we live in Zone 5B. If you are unsure of what zone you should be purchasing flowers, shrubs, trees, etc., a map is available that will spell it out for you. The plants will be shipped when it is time to plant them.

Happy shopping!!!


High School Basketball

Wichita County takes on Sublette in Leoti tonight. Games begin at 4:00. Don't forget to be at the high school at 6:00 this evening. The junior and high school students who scored Exemplary Status on their state tests will be recognized.


High School Wrestling Regionals

These will be held today and tomorrow at Goodland. Wrestlers from Leoti are Collin Wittig, grandson of Virgil and Harriet Wittig, and Skyler Mason, son of Justin and Tammy Mason.

Go Indians!!!



YOGI THE BEAR will be playing at the Star Theatre on Saturday and Sunday, February 19th and 20th. Each showing will be at 7:30 CST.

Children 3 and under: F--R--E--E

4 through 12-year-olds: $4.00

Everyone else: $5.00

Refreshments are also very fairly priced.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

About My "Disappearance"

Good evening, Everyone!

I just wanted to let you know that I am still here. I have been doing "out-of-the-ordinary" things. Once I have more time, I will begin posting more information. In the meantime, you can count on me to publish the really important things such as obituaries.


The LadyBug Flower Shoppe

For all of your floral needs, please call the girls at the LadyBug. Their phone number is 620-375-2172. They deliver. CASH, personal checks, VISA and MASTERCARD are readily accepted.


Mary Marcy--Leoti

(June 20, 1913 - February 15, 2011)

Mary Marcy, age 97, passed away on Tuesday, February 15, 2011 at the Wichita County Long Term Care Center in Leoti, Kansas. Mary was born June 20, 1913 at Leader, Saskatchewan, Canada, the daughter of John Henry & Eva Elizebeth Kraft Stricker. Mary was a homemaker and had been a Leoti, Kansas resident since 1944. A 1931 graduate of Ransom High School in Ransom, Kansas, Mary married Willis H. Marcy on October 15, 1933 at Wakeeney, Kansas. He passed away on May 25, 1973 at Leoti, Kansas. Mary was a member of the United Methodist Church in Leoti, Kansas and assisted in organizing the Wichita County Senior Citizen Association. She was a past member of the Mothers Come First Club, Omega Sunday School Class, Methodist Quilting Club, Better Homemakers E.H.U., a 4-H food leader and a volunteer at the Golden Acres Nursing Home, all in Leoti, Kansas.

Mary’s surviving family includes A daughter- Oneita L. Buller- Scottsbluff, Nebraska A daughter- in- law Marion Marcy- Leoti, Kansas Eight grandchildren- Belinda & Scott Oldham- Leoti, Kansas Debbie Williams- Wichita, Kansas Mike & Christy Marcy- Leoti, Kansas Cathy & Russ Wiegers- Leoti, Kansas Kari & Rodney Vogt- Manhattan, Kansas Mark & Jackie Buller- Goodland, Kansas Kip & Shannon Buller- Torrington, Wyoming Kacy & Kerry Buller- Scotts Bluff, Nebraska Nineteen great grandchildren and eight great great grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her parents, her husband and two sons; Marlyn L. Marcy on October 28, 1956 and M. Wayne Marcy on March 23, 2006.

Funeral Services will be held at 10:30 am Saturday, February 19, 2011 at the United Methodist Church in Leoti, Kansas with the Reverend Mike Howard officiating.

Burial will be in Leoti Cemetery in Leoti, Kansas.

Friends may call from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm Thursday and from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm Friday at Price & Sons Funeral Home in Leoti, Kansas.

Memorials may be given to the Leoti E.M.T.’s, United Methodist Church or the Wichita County Long Term Care Center in care of the funeral home.

Obituary courtesy of Price and Sons Funeral Homes of Garden City, Scott City, Leoti and Tribune.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Margaret Irene Bauck--Leoti

(April 10, 1921 - February 14, 2011)

Margaret Irene Bauck, age 89, passed away on Monday, February 14, 2011 at the Wichita County Long Term Care Center in Leoti, Kansas. Margaret was born April 10, 1921 in Leoti, Kansas, the daughter of George Jeff & Minnie Robison Gilmore. She graduated from Wichita County High School in 1939 and on October 1, 1941 married George Bauck at St. Theresa Catholic Church in northwest Wichita County, Kansas. She became a farm wife/homemaker, enjoyed membership in the Wichita County H.D.U. and served as a cook at High Plains School for many years. Margaret later became a member of St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church in Leoti, Kansas where she served on many of the different outreach committees. She also enjoyed playing with her weekly bridge club.

Margaret’s surviving family includes- Her husband George Bauck- Leoti, Kansas One son and his wife Tom & Michelle Bauck- Hutchinson, Kansas One daughter and her husband- Marie & Scott Harper- Olathe, Kansas Five grandchildren- Leslie Schwartz, Karen Jimison, Jolie Price, Angie Schleuning & Tisha Funk Two great grandchildren- Payton Jimison and Kendall McNeal

A sister, Ruth Asmussen, and four brothers, Carl Gilmore, Lloyd Gilmore, Melvin Gilmore and Junior Gilmore, preceded her in death.

Vigil services will be held at 7:00 p.m. Thursday, February 17, 2011 at St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church in Leoti, Kansas.

Funeral Mass will be held at 10:30 a.m. Friday, February 18, 2011 at St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church in Leoti, Kansas with Father Benjamin Martin officiating.

Burial will be in St. Theresa Cemetery in Northwest Wichita County, Kansas.

Friends may call from 5:00 p.m to 8:00 p.m. Wednesday and from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Thursday at Price & Sons Funeral Home in Leoti, Kansas.

Memorials may be given to St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church or the Leoti E.M.T.’s in care of the funeral home.

Obituary courtesy of Price and Sons Funeral Homes of Garden City, Scott City, Leoti and Tribune.


Latest Theft Problem

> > You've no doubt heard about people who have been abducted and had
> > Their kidneys removed by black-market organ thieves.
> >
> > My thighs were stolen from me during the night a few years
> > Ago. I went to sleep and woke up with someone else's thighs.
> > It was just that quick. The replacements had the texture of
> > Cooked oatmeal. Whose thighs were these and what happened to
> > Mine? I spent the entire summer looking for my thighs.
> > Finally, hurt and angry, I resigned myself to living out my
> > Life in jeans. And then the thieves struck again.
> >
> > My rear-end was next. I knew it was the same gang, because they
> > Took pains to match my new rear-end to the thighs they had
> > Stuck me with earlier. But my new r-e was attached at least
> > Three inches lower than my original! I realized I'd have to
> > Give up my jeans in favor of long skirts.
> >
> > Two years ago, I realized my arms had been switched. One
> > Morning I was fixing my hair and was horrified to see the
> > Flesh of my upper arm swing to and fro with the motion of
> > The hairbrush. This was really getting scary - my body was
> > Being replaced one section at a time. What could they do to
> > Me next?
> >
> > When my poor neck suddenly disappeared and was replaced with
> > A turkey neck, I decided to tell my story. Women of the
> > World wake up and smell the coffee! Those 'plastic' surgeons
> > Are using REAL replacement body parts - stolen from you and
> > Me! The next time someone you know has something 'lifted',
> > Look again - was it lifted from you?
> >
> > THIS IS NOT A HOAX. This is happening to women everywhere
> > Every night.
> >
> >
> > P. S. Last year I thought someone had stolen my Bustline. I was
> > Lying in bed and they were gone! But when I jumped out of
> > Bed, I was relieved to see that they had just been hiding in
> > My armpits as I slept. Now I keep them hidden in my
> > Waistband.
> >
> > I thought this was too 'important' not to pass on. Have a
> > Wonderful day - with a joy filled heart. Always remember to
> > Laugh!! Helps the heart AND the wrinkles!!
> >
> > P.P.S. Those same thieves just came into my closet and shrank my
> > clothes!
> >
> > How do they do that????



Skyler Mason and Collin Wittig Head for Regional Wrestling

High School Wrestlers, Skyler Mason and Collin Wittig, will be going to Goodland, Ks this Friday and Saturday, February 18th and 19th. Both took first place last weekend in Larned, Ks.


School Board Resignation

Dr. James Hardy has officially resigned from his position as USD 467 School Superintendant. He made his resignation during the Wichita County School Board Meeting last evening. He has been hired to be the Superintendant of Schools in Chanute, Kansas.


Margaret Irene Bauck--Leoti

Margaret I. Bauck, 89, died Feb. 14, 2011, at Wichita County Long Term Care Center, Leoti.

Once I receive the official obituary from Price and Sons Funeral Homes, I will post it here.


Something Kinda Cool!

You know that one of my all-time pet peeves is people exceeding the 20 mph speed limit in school zones. And, honestly, I think that 20 mph is too dog-gone fast. You just never know when a child is going to dart out in front of you. I am sure that it is like this everywhere not just in Leoti but high school kids drive way too fast when they get out of school, enter their vehicles and turn the key to ON position. Over and over, I have heard complaints of how fast these jugheads drive in the school zones, etc. It just terrifies me and other parents of school-age kids!

Well, Scott County is no longer satisfied with just posting their school zone speed limit in Scott City. No, they have now erected a sign on the highway there that tells you exactly how fast you are driving! I've noticed that it seems to be making a difference. I parked a block away from the sign just so that I could see if it appears to be helping. My "research" tells me that it is! I don't know how many vehicles I saw, hit their brakes as soon as they saw that they were driving over the limit. Even people who were just going 21 or 22, backed their speed down.

I don't know if anyone is considering using these signs in Leoti but I personally think that it might be worth a try. Something else that I think might not be a bad idea in Leoti is this. In many towns that I have been in, the speed zone is 20 mph everyday, 24 hours per day, in school zones. I agree with that. Drivers are more prone to drive that speed if they know that it is required every time that they enter that particular area in town. That is how it is in Scott City. In Leoti, we have signs with flashing lights that are automatically turned on every day in the mornings when students are on their way to school and in the afternoons when they are exiting school. I like that a lot! But, it is easy to see that not all drivers slow down for the flashing lights (unless they happen to be the red lights on top of the Wichita County Sheriff's vehicles when they fail to slow down for the signs, lol! I have no idea what the cost is on one of those signs which tell you immediately how fast you are driving but I think that this just may be an avenue that other towns should explore. It just may save the life of some child whom YOU love!

Just another of my many opinions...


Wichita County School Update for February 15th

The high school basketball game will be played at Wakeeney today. Games begin at 4:45.

This is Employee Pay Day also.

Ballet practice begins today after school at the Wichita County Rec Center.

Today's scheduled lunch is Hot Hamburger Sandwich with veggie sticks, pears and a cookie.

Tomorrow is the FFA District Selection Day at the Garden City Community College starting at 2:00.

Don't forget God Squad, Catholic Religious Class and GAP tomorrow evening!


The LadyBug Flower Shop

As you have probably noticed, I always mention the LadyBug on here whenever a local person has passed away or on special holidays, etc. I've never failed to tell you that this flower shop is just grand. Their flowers and plants are superb and are priced very affordably. They last for a good long time also which is something that you expect when you give them as a gift or purchase them for your own home or office.

Anyway, we received one of the most beautiful blooming plants yesterday! It was purchased and delivered from the LB. This plant was basically a big puff of pink because of the already bloomed flowers and the multitude of unopened blooms just waiting for their turn to take over the spotlight!

Anyway, I just wanted to remind all of you that we are sooooo very fortunate to have the girls at the LadyBug!!! They're just awesome!!!

You can reach them at 620-375-2172. They accept CASH, personal checks, VISA and MASTERCARD. Believe me, your gift recipient will be THRILLED to receive one of their plants or flowers from the LB!!!


Valentine's Day

We were all ill over the weekend and never were able to make it anywhere to purchase gifts for V.D. Thank goodness for Mama!!! She saved the day yesterday when she delivered sweet goodies to our family!!! We got everything from chocolate covered marshmallow hearts to Stan's black licorice! The girls got a couple of cute teddy bears also! We are so blessed to have Mama (Nonny) in our lives! You just can't beat her!!!

All of my life, Mama has given great gifts to us and Daddy always left it up to her to do that as he didn't enjoy shopping that much. Except for one year when I was still in grade school. I'll never forget it. I suppose that that is because he found and purchased it all by himself.

Anyway, Peppers Grocery Store was still open. (It was located on the corner just to the south of Associated Services Insurance Office.) Today, it is just an empty lot. Anyway, Daddy came home that evening with a newfangled Polaroid Camera that he had bought at Peppers. We were all thrilled with it!!! It was the first camera that spit the developed picture out of it. Awesome back then.

Thank you, Mama!!! I hope that all of you felt special yesterday!!!


Thank you!!!

As you all know, Valentine's Day was yesterday. We were thrilled when Pastor Bob Everest delivered a GORGEOUS blooming plant in a wicker basket with three beautiful balloons attached to it. It was absolutely one of the most beautiful plants that I have EVER seen!!! I am one of those people who prefers plants versus fresh flowers. Both are awesome but I prefer the plants because they last a long time. Then, I can think of who gave them to me every time that I look at the plant.

Thank you soooooooo very much, Chris and Peter!!! You really made our day complete!!!


Monday, February 14, 2011

Fire Watch

This is in effect until 6:00 p.m., CST on Wednesday, February 16th. It is vitally important that people in the following counties are especially careful with the usage of fire. Don't throw cigarette butts on the ground, etc. Major fires have and can start from just a glimmer of a fire.

Scott, Lane, Hamilton, Kearny, Finney, Stanton, Grant, Haskell, Gary, Ford, Morton, Stevens, Seward, Meade and Clark.


A Note for Wichita County Parents of Students

This note was sent home with RBSES students on Friday afternoon. Just in case you never received it, I am printing it here.

"Anytime you are not sure if we are having school due to weather, you can check on the TV on KAKE, online at, or, if you have a cellphone, you can use TextCaster. If you sign up, TextCaster will send you a text message to let you know if school is canceled or if we will be having a late start. To sign up for TextCaster, go to

Click on the WHITE BOX that says Indian Alerts

Follow the instructions.

When we have a 10:00 late start, classes start at 10:00 a.m. NOT 10:30. Students are allowed to go to the gym at 9:30 and they will be dismissed to their classrooms at 9:50. No breakfast or morning milk will be given on these days.

On days that we start late, morning preschool will ALWAYS be canceled. Afternoon preschool will start at regular time."


Work Wanted in the Wichita County Area

Need your house cleaned? Need someone to take care of your loved ones at home in doing such things as cleaning, shopping, etc? Then get ahold of Shonda Harp-Taylor.

You can email her at the following address:


call her at 432-208-4742.

Shonda is willing to work any day of the week and is available immediately!


Valentine's Day

Good morning!

Today is the Day of Love! It is also the first day of the rest of your life! We are obligated to make the most of it.

My blog has been called many things throughout it's lifetime. You either like it or you don't. There is no in between. But today, I believe that God is speaking through it. This morning, I awakened with some people on my mind and in my heart. They have had some difficulty accepting a close family member because of things that happened YEARS ago. It has literally torn their family apart. They do not speak to one another in any circumstances. I believe that unless they bridge their gap very soon, they will not even attend the funerals of any of the people concerned.

To the people out there who have repeatedly scorned my blog, I can already hear you. You're laughing and wanting to know if I possess a crystal ball that is telling me this. No, of course not. My heart is feeling very heavy right now. I need to write what is in it and on my mind right now.

Close to 2 decades ago, a loved one who was very dear to me, discovered that he was dying. He was admitted into a hospital immediately. During the few days that he was there, all of his brothers came to be with him. He had been estranged to a couple of them off and on in his adulthood. One of these men and the person I am referring to, had not spoken to one another for many years. All of a sudden, the rift that had kept them apart for so long, just disappeared never to reappear again.

He told me that he was so very sorry that it took them so many years to reconnect. They missed out on so many wonderful times in each others lives. Fortunately in their case, they were able to completely patch the holes and enjoyed a few more years with one another. Both men, at different times, told me that they were selfish and ridiculous for allowing this barrier to form between them. Both men had many regrets.

These two people were very blessed that God gave them the opportunity to reunite. They ended up being closer than they probably had ever been. But, there is no guarantee that you and I will have the chance to start all over. Many of us die very unexpectedly every day. There is no prognosis from doctors that the end is near. One second you are totally healthy and strong. The next second, your heart beats for the last time.

None of us know what will happen in our individual case. We may suffer for years. We may die in a split second. Only God knows. He wants us to take advantage of the time NOW that He has blessed us with.

Bottom line. If there is a family member, friend, neighbor, ex-love, etc whom you need to make amends with, do it soon. One of you may not live to see tomorrow. And what better day is there to come together than on Valentine's Day?

Wishing you much love,


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Western Kansas Weekly Weather Forecast

Monday Highs 50/50 Lows 26/24

Tuesday Highs 51/61 Lows 26/27

Wednesday Highs 62/64 Lows 29/34

Thursday Highs 67/64 Lows 32/36

Friday Highs 72/74 Lows 32/37

Saturday Highs 58/64 Lows N/A


Beautiful Day!!!

Earlier this week, we had a winter storm that produced several inches of snow in our area. Yesterday, the temperature got up into the upper 50s. Right now at approximately 4:00, it is a balmy 73 degrees outside. Just beautiful!!!

Abigayle was invited to a birthday party at the golf course today. Most of the snow and ice are completely gone downtown except for where it was piled up during the clean-up. The gutters are full of much-needed water. We should all be thankful for that!!! Here at home, there is still quite a bit of snow left. As it melts, it will just give our yard a good drink which it really needs.

I am really happy that the City of Leoti Employees took time out to move all of the snow out of the middle of Main and Broadway last week! Because of that, there was no excess snow left there to melt and then freeze up during the night.

The streets that I drove on were in great shape also. Even the dirt roads were much better than they normally would have been after a heavy snowfall.

Again, I thank God for each and every drop and flake of moisture that He sent to us...


Student and School Awards

Parents of students who received Exemplary status on the 2009-2010 Kansas State Assessment Tests will be honored on Friday, February 18th, at the Leoti vs. Sublette basketball game in the high school gym. These awards will be given BEFORE the Girls Varsity game at approximately 6:00 p.m.

The school district received numerous Standards of Excellence Awards. These awards are given to the class and/or building when students earn a certain percentage in the highest category (Exemplary) and less than a certain percentage in the lowest category (Academic Warning). The percentage depends on the grade level. Standards of Excellence awards were earned in the following areas:

Math Grade 4

Reading Grades 3,4,6,7 and 11. RBSES and WCJSHS Buildings

Science Grade 7 and WCJSHS Building

You may have noticed that none of these awards were given to Kindergarten, 1st or 2nd grades. That is because these tests are not given to these classes. Parents of students in the Wichita County School District should be very proud of their students who received the awards and should be very appreciative of the teachers, pricipals, etc who have taught our students so very well that they are able to acheive these high standard awards! Not all schools receive awards such as these!


Monday, February 14th

Valentine's Day!!!

RBSES Valentine's Day parties

7:00 p.m. Board of Education Meeting


Wichita County School Menu for USD #467

Stew, Breadsticks, Pears and Chocolate Cake

Hot hamburger sandwich, Veggie Sticks, Pears, Cookie

Chicken enchilada, Salad, Brownie, Banana

Pig in a Blanket, Buttered potatoes, Peppers, Rosy applesauce

Sack Lunch

02/19, 02/20, 02/21***
No school in observance of Presidents Day

Chicken patty in a bun, French fries, Oranges, Green beans

Tacos, Refried beans, Cinnamon Stick, Pears

Sausage gravy on biscuits, Green beans, Celery with Peanut butter

Chicken fry, Mashed potatoes and gravy, Corn, Peaches, Roll

02/26 and 02/27***
No School

Macho nachos, Veggie Sticks, Pineapple, Oatmeal cookie

All menus are subject to change.


Sunday Events in Wichita County, etc.

Booster Club meets at the Fire Barn at 2:00.

TRUE GRIT is playing at the Star Theatre in Tribune tonight at 7:30 CST.


Brian Spiker--Leoti and Denton, Texas

Word was received last Thursday that Brian Spiker, son of Edith Spiker and the late Bob Spiker, of Leoti, has passed away. So far, this is the only information that I have right now. If I hear of anything else, I will post it here.

Visitation will be held at DeBerry's Funeral Home at 2025 W. University Drive in Denton, Texas. The date will be Thursday, February 17th, from 6-8:00. His celebration of life will be at 11:00 on Friday, the 18th, at the DeBerry's Funeral Home. Rumor has it that he will be buried in Kansas but I do not know that for sure.


Ruby M. Eikenberry--Leoti

LEOTI - Ruby M. Eikenberry, 89, died Feb. 11, 2011. She was born July 29, 1921, to Rice T. and Olive Mae Baker Johnston.

On May 24, 1941, she married Kenneth Eikenberry. He survives. Other survivors include: sons, Kenneth G. (Jerry) Eikenberry and Donald Eikenberry; sister-in-law, Louise Brothers; brother-in-law, Reed Eikenberry; five grandchildren; and 14 great-grandchildren.

Funeral will be at 2 p.m. Tuesday at United Methodist Church, Leoti. Friends may call from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday at Price and Sons Funeral Home, Leoti. Burial will be in Leoti Cemetery, Leoti. Memorials may be given to the Leoti E.M.T.'s, United Methodist Church or Wichita County Amusement Association in care of the funeral home.

Obituary courtesy of The Hutch News of Hutchinson, Kansas.


Saturday, February 12, 2011

The History of Valentine's Day Worldwide

Every year, the fourteenth day of the month of February has millions across the world presenting their loved ones with candy, flowers, chocolates and other lovely gifts. In many countries, restaurants and eateries are seen to be filled with couples who are eager to celebrate their relationship and the joy of their togetherness through delicious cuisines. There hardly seems to be a young man or woman who is not keen to make the most of the day.

The reason behind all of this is a kindly cleric named Valentine who died more than a thousand years ago.

It is not exactly known why the 14th of February is known as Valentine's Day or if the noble Valentine really had any relation to this day. The history of Valentine's Day is impossible to be obtained from any archive and the veil of centuries gone by has made the origin behind this day more difficult to trace. It is only some legends that are our source for the history of Valentine's Day.

The modern St. Valentine's Day celebrations are said to have been derived from both ancient Christian and Roman tradition. As per one legend, the holiday has originated from the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalis/Lupercalia, a fertility celebration that used to observed annually on February 15. But the rise of Christianity in Europe saw many pagan holidays being renamed for and dedicated to the early Christian martyrs. Lupercalia was no exception. In 496 AD, Pope Gelasius turned Lupercalia into a Christian feast day and set its observance a day earlier, on February 14. He proclaimed February 14 to be the feast day in honor of Saint Valentine, a Roman martyr who lived in the 3rd century. It is this St. Valentine whom the modern Valentine's Day honors.

According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, there were at least three early Christian saints by the name of Valentine. While one was a priest in Rome, another was a bishop in Terni. Nothing is known about the third St. Valentine except that he met his end in Africa. Surprisingly, all three of them were said to have been martyred on 14th February.

It is clear that Pope Gelasius intended to honor the first of these three aforementioned men. Most scholars believe that this St. Valentine was a priest who lived around 270 AD in Rome and attracted the disfavor of Roman emperor Claudius II who ruled during this time.

The story of St. Valentine has two different versions - the Protestant and the Catholic one. Both versions agree upon Saint Valentine being a bishop who held secret marriage ceremonies of soldiers in opposition to Claudius II who had prohibited marriage for young men and was executed by the latter. During the lifetime of Valentine, the golden era of Roman empire had almost come to an end. Lack of quality administrators led to frequent civil strife. Education declined, taxation increased and trade witnessed a very bad time. The Roman empire faced crisis from all sides, from the Gauls, Slavs, Huns, Turks and Mongolians from Northern Europe and Asia. The empire had grown too large to be shielded from external aggression and internal chaos with existing forces. Naturally, more and more capable men were required to be recruited as soldiers and officers to protect the nation from takeover. When Claudius became the emperor, he felt that married men were more emotionally attached to their families, and thus, will not make good soldiers. He believed that marriage made the men weak. So he issued an edict forbidding marriage to assure quality soldiers.

The ban on marriage was a great shock for the Romans. But they dared not voice their protest against the mighty emperor. The kindly bishop Valentine also realized the injustice of the decree. He saw the trauma of young lovers who gave up all hopes of being united in marriage. He planned to counter the monarch's orders in secrecy. Whenever lovers thought of marrying, they went to Valentine who met them afterwards in a secret place, and joined them in the sacrament of matrimony. And thus he secretly performed many marriages for young lovers. But such things cannot remain hidden for long. It was only a matter of time before Claudius came to know of this "friend of lovers," and had him arrested.

While awaiting his sentence in prison, Valentine was approached by his jailor, Asterius. It was said that Valentine had some saintly abilities and one of them granted him the power to heal people. Asterius had a blind daughter and knowing of the miraculous powers of Valentine he requested the latter to restore the sight of his blind daughter. The Catholic legend has it that Valentine did this through the vehicle of his strong faith, a phenomenon refuted by the Protestant version which agrees otherwise with the Catholic one. Whatever the fact, it appears that Valentine in some way did succeed to help Asterius' blind daughter.

When Claudius II met Valentine, he was said to have been impressed by the dignity and conviction of the latter. However, Valentine refused to agree with the emperor regarding the ban on marriage. It is also said that the emperor tried to convert Valentine to the Roman gods but was unsuccesful in his efforts. Valentine refused to recognize Roman Gods and even attempted to convert the emperor, knowing the consequences fully. This angered Claudius II who gave the order of execution of Valentine.

Meanwhile, a deep friendship had been formed between Valentine and Asterius' daughter. It caused great grief to the young girl to hear of her friend's imminent death. It is said that just before his execution, Valentine asked for a pen and paper from his jailor, and signed a farewell message to her "From Your Valentine," a phrase that lived ever after. As per another legend, Valentine fell in love with the daughter of his jailer during his imprisonment. However, this legend is not given much importance by historians. The most plausible story surrounding St. Valentine is one not centered on Eros (passionate love) but on agape (Christian love): he was martyred for refusing to renounce his religion. Valentine is believed to have been executed on February 14, 270 AD.

Thus 14th February became a day for all lovers and Valentine became its Patron Saint. It began to be annually observed by young Romans who offered handwritten greetings of affection, known as Valentines, on this day to the women they admired. With the coming of Christianity, the day came to be known as St. Valentine's Day.

But it was only during the 14th century that St. Valentine's Day became definitively associated with love. UCLA medieval scholar Henry Ansgar Kelly, author of "Chaucer and the Cult of Saint Valentine", credits Chaucer as the one who first linked St. Valentine's Day with romance. In medieval France and England it was believed that birds mated on February 14. Hence, Chaucer used the image of birds as the symbol of lovers in poems dedicated to the day. In Chaucer's "The Parliament of Fowls," the royal engagement, the mating season of birds, and St. Valentine's Day are related:

"For this was on St. Valentine's Day, When every fowl cometh there to choose his mate."

By the Middle Ages, Valentine became as popular as to become one of the most popular saints in England and France. Despite attempts by the Christian church to sanctify the holiday, the association of Valentine’s Day with romance and courtship continued through the Middle Ages. The holiday evolved over the centuries. By the 18th century, gift-giving and exchanging hand-made cards on Valentine's Day had become common in England. Hand-made valentine cards made of lace, ribbons, and featuring cupids and hearts began to be created on this day and handed over to the man or woman one loved. This tradition eventually spread to the American colonies. It was not until the 1840s that Valentine's Day greeting cards began to be commercially produced in the U.S. The first American Valentine's Day greeting cards were created by Esther A. Howlanda Mount Holyoke, a graduate and native of Worcester. Mass. Howland, known as the Mother of the Valentine, made elaborate creations with real lace, ribbons and colorful pictures known as "scrap". It was when Howland began Valentine's cards in a large scale that the tradition really caught on in the United States.

Today, Valentine's Day is one of the major holidays in the U.S. and has become a booming commercial success. According to the Greeting Card Association, 25% of all cards sent each year are "valentine"s. The "valentines", as Valentine's Day cards are better known as, are often designed with hearts to symbolize love. The Valentine's Day card spread with Christianity, and is now celebrated all over the world. One of the earliest valentines was sent in 1415 AD by Charles, Duke of Orleans, to his wife during his imprisonment in the Tower of London. The card is now preserved in the British Museum.

There may be doubts regarding the actual identity of Valentine, but we know that he really existed because archaeologists have recently unearthed a Roman catacomb and an ancient church dedicated to a Saint Valentine.


How to Implement Your Very Own Bed Bug Detector at Home

Upon further research of bed bugs, I discovered a way that we at home can detect bed bugs. VLE-B

Spotting bed bugs early can make removal efforts much easier.
In the January 16, 2010 issue of Science News, Susan Milius wrote a story about a new low-cost, homemade bed bug detector. According to the article, researchers tried nearly 50 arrangements of household objects before Wan-Tien Tsai of Rutgers University found the combination that worked.

Tsai added about a kilogram (2.2 pounds) of dry ice pellets into an insulated, 1/3 gallon jug, such as the type found at sports or camping stores. She left the pour hole open slightly, enough to release a tantalizing leak of carbon dioxide to attract the bed bugs.

She then stood the jug in a cat food dish onto which she taped a piece of paper to serve as a ramp for the bugs. The food dish was dusted on the inside with talcum powder to create a slippery surface that the bugs could not crawl out of once they were lured in.

As good or better than heat or chemical attractants

Placing about kilogram of dry ice into a jug like this one can create a carbon dioxide plume to attract bed bugs.
According to Tsai, apartment tests showed that the home-made device “detected bed bugs as well, or better, than did two brands of professional exterminating equipment.” Her colleague, Changlu Wang, assisted in the experiment with previous studies of dry ice in travel mugs. The bed bugs are attracted to the plumes of carbon dioxide which indicate that a live host is somewhere nearby. In six months of tests at Rutgers, the team determined from lab tests that “carbon dioxide beat heat and several chemical attractants in drawing the bugs out of hiding.”

After performing well in lap tests, Tsai placed the detectors in apartments where there were no visual indicaitons of bed bugs. According to the Science News article, “She set either her homemade detector or a commercial one in each apartment near a typical bug haven, such as the sofa.”

New studies for old problem
Tsai’s work has been praised by entomologists (scientests who study bugs). “During decades of low bed-bug infestations, scientists didn’t study them much,” says Stephen Kells of the University of Minnesota in St. Paul. “We have literally skipped a generation of knowledge with this pest.”

The work will replace studies from early in the last century when bed bug infestations were common. The bed bugs weren’t resistant to pesticides and lived in environments without central heating. Although the new generation of bed bugs are increasingly pesticide-resistant, entomologist Andrea Polanco-Pinzón of Virginia Tech in Blacksburg offers good news from her survival tests of the critters: a pesticide-resistant strain she collected lived at most two months without feeding, far less than the year and a half reported in old literature.

The bed bugs get from one city to another town or city this way. The bugs travel on host clothing, in suitcases, and on the seats of busses, planes and trains. Several online resources state that catching the bed bugs early can help with erradication efforts. If the bugs are allowed to live undetected in an environment, a difficult to remove infestation can occur.

Don’t let the bed bugs bite!


Everything You Always (or Never) Wanted to Know About Bed Bugs

Recently, I received an email from a reader who was concerned about bed bugs. I had done research over a year ago but decided that it might be a good idea to get the latest information on the topic. I received most of my information from Wikipedia. One thing that I learned was that our vaccuum cleaners might be one of the best ways to rid bed bugs from homes, motels, etc. You might find the midsection of this report to be just a bit on the boring side. Stick with it though, Folks, There is additional information after that that you may find to be very interesting. Bottom line is that bed bugs are making a major leap back into the lives of the American people...Ugghh!!! VLE-B

Cimicidae or bedbugs, are small parasitic insects. The most common type is Cimex lectularius. The term usually refers to species that prefer to feed on human blood. All insects in this family live by feeding exclusively on the blood of warm-blooded animals.

A number of health effects may occur due to bed bugs including skin rashes, psychological effects and allergic symptoms. Diagnosis involves both finding bed bugs and the occurrence of compatible symptoms. Treatment is otherwise symptomatic.

In the developed world, bedbugs were largely eradicated as pests in the early 1940s, however they have increased in prevalence since about 1995. Because infestation of human habitats has been on the increase, bedbug bites and related conditions have been on the rise as well. The exact causes of this resurgence remain unclear; it is variously ascribed to greater foreign travel, more frequent exchange of second-hand furnishings among homes, a greater focus on control of other pests resulting in neglect of bedbug countermeasures, and increasing resistance to pesticides. Bedbugs have been known human parasites for thousands of years.

The name "bedbug" is derived from the insect's preferred habitat of houses and especially beds or other areas where people sleep. Bedbugs, though not strictly nocturnal, are mainly active at night and are capable of feeding unnoticed on their hosts. They have however been known by a variety of names including wall louse, mahogany flat, crimson rambler, heavy dragoon, chinche and redcoat.

Adult bedbugs are reddish-brown, flattened, oval and wingless. Bedbugs have microscopic hairs that give them a banded appearance. Adults grow to 4–5 mm in length and 1.5–3 mm wide. Newly hatched nymphs are translucent, lighter in color and become browner as they moult and reach maturity. Bedbugs may be mistaken for other insects such as booklice and carpet beetles, or vice-versa.

Bedbugs use pheromones and kairomones to communicate regarding nesting locations, feeding and reproduction.

The life span of bedbugs varies by species and is also dependent on feeding.

Bedbugs can survive a wide range of temperatures and atmospheric compositions. Below 16.1 °C (61.0 °F), adults enter semi-hibernation and can survive longer. Bedbugs can survive for at least five days at −10 °C (14.0 °F) but will die after 15 minutes of exposure to −32 °C (−26 °F). They show high desiccation tolerance, surviving low humidity and a 35–40 °C range even with loss of one-third of body weight; earlier life stages are more susceptible to drying out than later ones. The thermal death point for C. lectularius is high: 45 °C (113 °F), and all stages of life are killed by 7 minutes of exposure to 46 °C (115 °F). Bedbugs apparently cannot survive high concentrations of carbon dioxide for very long; exposure to nearly-pure nitrogen atmospheres, however, appears to have relatively little effect even after 72 hours.

Scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of Cimex lectularius, digitally colorized with the insect’s skin-piercing mouthparts highlighted in purple and red. Bedbugs are obligatory hematophagous (bloodsucking) insects. Most species feed on humans only when other prey are unavailable. Bedbugs are attracted to their hosts primarily by carbon dioxide, secondarily by warmth, and also by certain chemicals.

A bedbug pierces the skin of its host with two hollow feeding tubes shaped like tongues. With one tube it injects its saliva, which contains anticoagulants and anesthetics, while with the other it withdraws the blood of its host. After feeding for about five minutes, the bug returns to its hiding place. It takes between five to ten minutes for a bedbug to become completely engorged with blood.”

Although bedbugs can live for a year without feeding, they normally try to feed every five to ten days. In cold weather, bedbugs can live for about a year; at temperatures more conducive to activity and feeding, about 5 months.

At the 57th Annual Meeting of the Entomological Society of America in 2009, newer generations of pesticide-resistant bedbugs in Virginia were reported to survive only two months without feeding.

DNA from human blood meals from bedbugs can be recovered for up to 90 days, which may allow them to be used for forensic purposes for identifying on whom the bedbugs have been feeding.

A bedbug (Cimex lectularius) traumatically inseminates another. All bedbugs mate by traumatic insemination. Female bedbugs possess a reproductive tract that functions during oviposition, but the male doesn't use this tract for sperm insemination. Instead, the male pierces the female's abdomen with his hypodermic genitalia and ejaculates into the body cavity. In all bedbug species except Primicimex cavernis, sperm are injected into the mesospermalege, a component of the spermalege, a secondary genital structure that reduces the wounding and immunological costs of traumatic insemination. Injected sperm travel via the haemolymph (blood) to sperm storage structures called seminal conceptacles, with fertilisation eventually taking place at the ovaries.

Male bedbugs sometimes attempt to mate with other males and pierce the latter in the abdomen. This behaviour occurs because sexual attraction in bedbugs is based primarily on size, and males will mount any freshly-fed partner regardless of sex. The "bedbug alarm pheromone" consists of (E)-2-octenal and (E)-2-hexenal. It is released when a bedbug is disturbed, as during an attack by a predator. A 2009 study demonstrated that the alarm pheromone is also released by male bedbugs to repel other males who attempt to mate with them.

C. lectularius and C. hemipterus will mate with each other given the opportunity, but the eggs then produced are usually sterile. In a 1988 study, 1 egg out of 479 was fertile and resulted in a hybrid, C. hemipterus × lectularius.

Life stages: Bedbugs have six life stages (five immature and an adult stage). They will shed their skins through a molting process (ecdysis) throughout multiple stages of their lives. The discarded outer shells look like clear, empty exoskeletons of the bugs themselves. Bedbugs must molt six times before becoming fertile adults.

Bedbug (4 mm length; 2.5 mm width), shown in a film roll plastic container, on the right is the recently sloughed skin from its nymph stage

A number of health effects may occur due to bedbugs including skin rashes, psychological effects and allergic symptoms. Although bed bugs are able to be infected by at least 28 human pathogens, no study has ever found that the insect is able to transmit the pathogen to a human being. Bedbug bites or cimicosis may lead to a range of skin manifestations from no visible effects to prominent blisters. Diagnosis involves both finding bedbugs and the occurrence of compatible symptoms. Treatment involves the elimination of the insect but is otherwise symptomatic.

Dwellings can become infested with bedbugs in a variety of ways, from:

Bugs and eggs that "hitchhiked in" on pets, or on clothing and luggage
Infested items (such as furniture or clothing) brought in
Nearby dwellings or infested items, if there are easy routes (through duct work or false ceilings)
Wild animals (such as bats or birds)
People visiting from a source of infestation; bedbugs, like roaches, are transferred by clothing, luggage, or a person's body.

An engorged female bedbug (Cimex lectularius) with eggs, discovered in the screw hole of a wooden bed frameBedbugs are elusive and usually nocturnal, which can make them hard to spot. They often lodge unnoticed in dark crevices, and eggs can be nestled in fabric seams. Aside from bite symptoms, signs include fecal spots, blood smears on sheets, and molts.

Bedbugs can be found singly, but often congregate once established. They usually remain close to hosts, commonly in or near beds or couches. Nesting locations can vary greatly, however, including luggage, vehicles, furniture and bedside clutter. Bedbugs may also nest near animals that have nested within a dwelling, such as bats, birds, or rodents. The eggs of bedbugs are found in similar places where the bedbugs themselves are found, and are attached to surfaces by a sticky substance.

Attractant devices for detection use heat and/or carbon dioxide.

Bedbugs can be detected by their characteristic smell of almonds or over-ripe raspberries. Bedbug detection dogs are trained to pinpoint infestations, with a possible accuracy rate of 97.5%, based upon tests conducted under controlled conditions by researchers. The success rates in these tests may not reflect real world success rates of a pest companies’ dogs, operating with many more variables in the field. Dog detection can often occur in minutes where a pest control practitioner might need an hour. In the United States, about 100 dogs are used to find bedbugs as of mid-2009. A few companies are experimenting with high speed gas chromatography to detect bedbugs and other insect vermin.

ManagementEradication of bedbugs frequently requires a combination of pesticide and non-pesticide approaches. Pesticides that have historically been found to be effective include: pyrethroids, dichlorvos and malathion. Resistance to pesticides has increased significantly over time and there are concerns of negative health effects from their use. Mechanical approaches such as vacuuming up the insects and heat treating or wrapping mattresses have been recommended.

The carbamate insecticide propoxur is highly toxic to bedbugs, but the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been reluctant to approve such an indoor use because of its potential toxicity to children after chronic exposure.

Pesticide resistanceBedbugs are developing resistance to various pesticides including DDT and organophosphates.

Some populations have developed a resistance to pyrethroid insecticides. Although now often ineffective, the resistance to pyrethroid allows for new chemicals that work in different ways to be investigated, so chemical management can continue to be one part in the resolving of bed bug infestations. There is growing interest in both synthetic pyrethroid and the pyrrole insecticide, chlorfenapyr. Insect growth regulators, such as hydroprene (Gentrol), are also sometimes used.

Populations in Arkansas have been found to be highly resistant to DDT, with an LD50 of more than 100,000 ppm. DDT was seen to make bedbugs more active in studies conducted in Africa.

Bedbug pesticide-resistance appears to be increasing dramatically. Bedbug populations sampled across the U.S. showed a tolerance for pyrethroids several thousands of times greater than laboratory bedbugs. New York City bedbugs have been found to be 264 times more resistant to deltamethrin than Florida bedbugs due to nerve cell mutations.

A population genetics study of bedbugs in the United States, Canada, and Australia using a mitochondrial DNA marker found high levels of genetic variation. This suggests the studied bedbug populations did not undergo a genetic bottleneck as one would expect from insecticide control during the 1940s and 1950s, but instead, that populations may have been maintained on other hosts such as birds and bats. In contrast to the high amount of genetic variation observed with the mitochondrial DNA marker, no genetic variation in a nuclear RNA marker was observed. This suggests increased gene flow of previously isolated bedbug populations, and given the absence of barriers to gene flow, the spread of insecticide resistance may be rapid.

PredatorsNatural enemies of bedbugs include the masked hunter (also known as "masked bedbug hunter"), cockroaches, ants, spiders (particularly Thanatus flavidus), mites and centipedes. The Pharaoh ant's (Monomorium pharaonis) venom is lethal to bedbugs. Biological pest control is not very practical for eliminating bedbugs from human dwellings.

Epidemiology of bedbugs
Bedbugs are found every where in the whole world . Rates of infestations in developed countries, while decreasing from the 1930s to the 1980s, have increased dramatically since the 1980s. Previously, they were common in the developing world, but rare in the developed world. The increase in the developed world may have been caused by increased international travel, resistance to insecticides, and the use of new pest-control methods that do not affect bedbugs. The fall in bedbug populations after the 1930s in the developed world is believed to be partly due to the use of DDT to kill cockroaches. The invention of the vacuum cleaner and simplification of furniture design may have also played a role. Others believe it might simply be the cyclical nature of the organism.

The common bedbug (Cimex lectularius) is the species best adapted to human environments. It is found in temperate climates throughout the world. Other species include Cimex hemipterus, found in tropical regions, which also infests poultry and bats, and Leptocimex boueti, found in the tropics of West Africa and South America, which infests bats and humans. Cimex pilosellus and Cimex pipistrella primarily infest bats, while Haematosiphon inodora, a species of North America, primarily infests poultry.


Bedbugs were mentioned in ancient Greece as early as 400 BC, and were later mentioned by Aristotle. Pliny's Natural History, first published circa 77 AD in Rome, claimed bedbugs had medicinal value in treating ailments such as snake bites and ear infections. (Belief in the medicinal use of bedbugs persisted until at least the 18th century, when Guettard recommended their use in the treatment of hysteria. Bedbugs were first mentioned in Germany in the 11th century, in France in the 13th century and in England in 1583, though they remained rare in England until 1670. Some in the 18th century believed bedbugs had been brought to London with supplies of wood to rebuild the city after the Great Fire of London (1666). Giovanni Antonio Scopoli noted their presence in Carniola (roughly equivalent to present-day Slovenia) in the 18th century.

Traditional methods of repelling and/or killing bedbugs include the use of plants, fungi, and insects (or their extracts), such as black pepper, black cohosh (Actaea racemosa), Pseudarthria hookeri, Laggera alata (Chinese yángmáo cǎo), Eucalyptus saligna oil, henna (Lawsonia inermis or camphire), "infused oil of Melolontha vulgaris" (presumably cockchafer), fly agaric (Amanita muscaria), Actaea spp. (e.g. black cohosh), tobacco, "heated oil of Terebinthina" (i.e. true turpentine), wild mint (Mentha arvensis), narrow-leaved pepperwort (Lepidium ruderale), Myrica spp. (e.g. bayberry), Robert geranium (Geranium robertianum), bugbane (Cimicifuga spp.), "herb and seeds of Cannabis", "opulus" berries (possibly maple or European cranberrybush), masked hunter bugs (Reduvius personatus), "and many others."

In the mid-19th century, smoke from peat fires was recommended.

Dusts have been used to ward off insects from grain storage for centuries, including "plant ash, lime, dolomite, certain types of soil, and diatomaceous earth or Kieselguhr". Of these, diatomaceous earth in particular has seen a revival as a nontoxic (when in amorphous form) residual pesticide for bedbug abatement. Insects exposed to diatomaceous earth may take several days to die.

Basket-work panels were put around beds and shaken out in the morning, in the UK and in France in the 19th century. Scattering leaves of plants with microscopic hooked hairs around a bed at night, then sweeping them up in the morning and burning them, was a technique reportedly used in southern Rhodesia and in the Balkans.

Prior to the mid-twentieth century, bedbugs were very common. According to a report by the UK Ministry of Health, in 1933 there were many areas where all the houses had some degree of bedbug infestation.

Bedbugs were a serious problem during World War II. General MacArthur commented that bedbugs are the "greatest nuisance insect problem ... at bases in the U.S.

With the arrival of potent pesticides, famously DDT in the 1940s, bedbugs almost disappeared in western countries. However, bedbug infestations have resurged in recent years, for reasons which are not clear, but contributing factors may be complacency, increased resistance and increased international travel. The current wave of bedbug infestations across America has spawned an industry for bedbug prevention, eradication and the reporting of infestations.

Hopefully, this information will help you to understand the bed bug a bit more.