Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Good morning!

Today is the Day of Love! It is also the first day of the rest of your life! We are obligated to make the most of it.

My blog has been called many things throughout it's lifetime. You either like it or you don't. There is no in between. But today, I believe that God is speaking through it. This morning, I awakened with some people on my mind and in my heart. They have had some difficulty accepting a close family member because of things that happened YEARS ago. It has literally torn their family apart. They do not speak to one another in any circumstances. I believe that unless they bridge their gap very soon, they will not even attend the funerals of any of the people concerned.

To the people out there who have repeatedly scorned my blog, I can already hear you. You're laughing and wanting to know if I possess a crystal ball that is telling me this. No, of course not. My heart is feeling very heavy right now. I need to write what is in it and on my mind right now.

Close to 2 decades ago, a loved one who was very dear to me, discovered that he was dying. He was admitted into a hospital immediately. During the few days that he was there, all of his brothers came to be with him. He had been estranged to a couple of them off and on in his adulthood. One of these men and the person I am referring to, had not spoken to one another for many years. All of a sudden, the rift that had kept them apart for so long, just disappeared never to reappear again.

He told me that he was so very sorry that it took them so many years to reconnect. They missed out on so many wonderful times in each others lives. Fortunately in their case, they were able to completely patch the holes and enjoyed a few more years with one another. Both men, at different times, told me that they were selfish and ridiculous for allowing this barrier to form between them. Both men had many regrets.

These two people were very blessed that God gave them the opportunity to reunite. They ended up being closer than they probably had ever been. But, there is no guarantee that you and I will have the chance to start all over. Many of us die very unexpectedly every day. There is no prognosis from doctors that the end is near. One second you are totally healthy and strong. The next second, your heart beats for the last time.

None of us know what will happen in our individual case. We may suffer for years. We may die in a split second. Only God knows. He wants us to take advantage of the time NOW that He has blessed us with.

Bottom line. If there is a family member, friend, neighbor, ex-love, etc whom you need to make amends with, do it soon. One of you may not live to see tomorrow. And what better day is there to come together than on Valentine's Day?

Wishing you much love,



  1. Hello, Girlie! Great to hear from you!!! Things are starting to slow down around here. I'm gonna try to give u a call today. Happy Valentine's Day! Love you!!! VLE-B


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