Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Something Kinda Cool!

You know that one of my all-time pet peeves is people exceeding the 20 mph speed limit in school zones. And, honestly, I think that 20 mph is too dog-gone fast. You just never know when a child is going to dart out in front of you. I am sure that it is like this everywhere not just in Leoti but high school kids drive way too fast when they get out of school, enter their vehicles and turn the key to ON position. Over and over, I have heard complaints of how fast these jugheads drive in the school zones, etc. It just terrifies me and other parents of school-age kids!

Well, Scott County is no longer satisfied with just posting their school zone speed limit in Scott City. No, they have now erected a sign on the highway there that tells you exactly how fast you are driving! I've noticed that it seems to be making a difference. I parked a block away from the sign just so that I could see if it appears to be helping. My "research" tells me that it is! I don't know how many vehicles I saw, hit their brakes as soon as they saw that they were driving over the limit. Even people who were just going 21 or 22, backed their speed down.

I don't know if anyone is considering using these signs in Leoti but I personally think that it might be worth a try. Something else that I think might not be a bad idea in Leoti is this. In many towns that I have been in, the speed zone is 20 mph everyday, 24 hours per day, in school zones. I agree with that. Drivers are more prone to drive that speed if they know that it is required every time that they enter that particular area in town. That is how it is in Scott City. In Leoti, we have signs with flashing lights that are automatically turned on every day in the mornings when students are on their way to school and in the afternoons when they are exiting school. I like that a lot! But, it is easy to see that not all drivers slow down for the flashing lights (unless they happen to be the red lights on top of the Wichita County Sheriff's vehicles when they fail to slow down for the signs, lol! I have no idea what the cost is on one of those signs which tell you immediately how fast you are driving but I think that this just may be an avenue that other towns should explore. It just may save the life of some child whom YOU love!

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