Friday, February 11, 2011

Be VERY Careful!!!

The downtown Main and Broadway Streets look great now. Both lanes are wide open. Something else that I am happy to see is that the City crew removed the tall row of snow from the middle of these main streets in Leoti. By doing that, the snow will not begin to melt during the day and it's water turn to ice at night. Of course, they are still a little slick so don't drive as fast as you normally would and slow down BEFORE you normally would to make any stops.

However, the curbside Broadway and Main are very treachorous. To get from your vehicle to the curb at those business locations, you have no other choice but to either jump on and off of the curb to escape the snow drift (LOL) or walk through it which my family and I did last night. It is not fun and you need to remember that these areas are extremely slick. I just about fell a couple of times last night on Main Street in front of a business that I had to be.



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