Tuesday, February 22, 2011

G and D of Leoti

Well, today is the day that the Wichita County Junior High Quiz Bowl team goes to compete in Hugoton. Leighlyn is one of the kids going. She needed various supplies and cash to take with her. (They stop off for dinner at McDonalds on their way home.) Since we did not take care of the business last night, we needed to leave before 8:00 to get everything done.

I went outside to start the Buick so that it would be toasty warm before we left home. The car started without a glitch. As I was walking around the started vehicle, I could hear a strange gurgling sound. Leighlyn saw me trying to look underneath the car so she came out to help me. She discovered that there was fluid falling out of the engine area. Now, Daddy and Danley always took care of such things so I never had any desire to know how to take care of these problems. Hmmm... We called Danley. He assumed that it was either oil, brake fluid or transmission fluids that were leaking out. Since we were running out of time, we decided to drive it to take care of these fast errands and get the girls to school. Well, Folks, the problem was the automatic transmission fluid. Turning the car was for the birds! My right shoulder is sure hurting now! LOL!!!

Fortunately, we made it to the bank, K Store, RBSES and the high school without any more difficulty than making the necessary turns. I then drove the car straight to G and D Service which is located on the northwest corner of Wheatland Electric's block. They are going to have to replace the pump more-than-likely.

G and D has been doing our work since they opened approximately 2 years ago. They are very dependable and their charges are very sensible. We recommend them all the way! So, if you need mechanical work done, oil changed, tire sales or service, give Gonzalo a call at 620-874-0696. Gonzalo speaks excellent English and Spanish. You'll be glad that you did!


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