Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Drug to Help Out

We know that the common flu is caused by a virus--not a bacteria. That means that there is no cure-all medicine that you can take to make it just go away. Right now, it has been going around our area for what seems like a L--O--N--G time. Our family began having it last Monday. Stan came down with it late last Friday night. It just wouldn't let go of him. So I made him a doctor's appointment yesterday morning. The doctor determined that he was dehydrated so something needed to be done immediately to stop his vomiting. He prescribed an anti-nausea drug for him. Practically immediately, the vomiting came to an end and he began making his progress to feeling like himself again. If you are having bouts with this nasty stuff, please see your doctor and find out if he/she can prescribe something for you, too. Stan was able to return to work dark and early this morning.

Another thing that helps flu victims immensely is the BRAT diet which needs to be eaten during the entire sick period. It consists of Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast. Remember that you need to stay as far away from dairy products as possible during this time. Sugar also makes you sicker. Look for low-calorie Gatorade to re-hydrate yourself.


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