Friday, February 25, 2011

More Ice???

Yesterday, much of Western Kansas was plagued with ice. By noon yesterday, at least 8 serious car accidents were reported between Scott City and Garden City which is just a 35-mile stretch. Another accident happened in Scott City. Some of the vehicles involved were rolled over. It was definitely one of those days when people who did not have to be out and about, should have stayed at home.

Leighlyn was one of several junior high kids who were to go to Sublette for Quiz Bowl yesterday afternoon. You may think that I was bad for this but I called the principal and told him that I had decided not to let Leighlyn go to Sublette yesterday. He completely understood. A little while later, he decided to cancel the Sublette Quiz Bowl for all Wichita County students. I am sure that the other involved parents were quite happy with his decision also! Thank you, Mr. Higgins!!!

I took a quick gander at our weather forecast for tomorrow, Saturday. Freezing rain is predicted for us again. I have been told that streets in Leoti are slick right now. The current temperature is 16. The temperature is to get above 32 today so that will get rid of the ice. If you need to get something for tomorrow, you may want to get it today.

Be careful out there!!!


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